May Snowfall Surprises Swath Of Central Europe, Winter Road Crews Called Out! Freeze Expected Overnight!

At his Twitter site here, veteran Swiss meteorologist Jörg Kachelmann reported that many Europeans woke up to snow this morning as a blast of polar cold sweeps across the continent.


As the chart shows, snow also fell in Belgium. The snow comes as a surprise.

Also online German tabloid Bild here reported of a “winter outbreak” and “heavy snowfall” across Bavaria and Thuringia, causing disruptions on the A4, A9, A71 and A72 autobahns.

May snowfall “unusual”

Bild reports that freezing temperatures are expected overnight into Sunday morning. A spokesman for the German DWD national weather service in Munich said that may snowfall in the lowlands is “quite unusual”.

Also the online NTV reports of snowfall in the central German state of Hesse, and the cold and wet weather is expected to linger for a couple of more days.

Winter road crews deployed

The online Der Spiegel wrote: “Snow? In May?” and reported that in some areas winter road crews had to be put into operation.


11 responses to “May Snowfall Surprises Swath Of Central Europe, Winter Road Crews Called Out! Freeze Expected Overnight!”

  1. Adam Gallon

    Watched some of the endurance race from Spa, Belgium. Snow fell there for a short time too.

  2. Paul Aubrin

    It must be global-warming for sure. What else could cold a wintery cold spell in May ?

  3. sasquatch

    May snow showers bring June weeds. lol

    It is a slow warm up since late March all through April now into May, right here in the middle of North America. There will be a late Spring planting schedule.

    Much too cool and way too wet with overland flooding galore.

    There has been a day here and there of 67 degree F temps, but no 70 degree days yet. Not normal weather patterns, cooler, not warmer days.

    It is going to be cool for the next ten days.

  4. Petit_Barde

    Ya know, cool is just weather.

    Warm is catastrophic anthropogenic disruptive climate apocalypse.

  5. RickWill

    Some are forecasting it will be cooler for the next ten YEARS.

    When New York has year long ice cover it will be apparent to the vast majority that global warming has ended. Some religious zealots will never accept that while humans burn fossil based fuels.

    1. Yonason

      And that will help, how? They’ll only change their slogans, like…

      ”The world must submit to socialism because of warming cooling.”

      They are shameless liars, after all.

  6. Yonason

    Tony Heller enlightens is with a bit of weather history.

  7. Wie falsch ist die April-2019-Pressemeldung des DWD? – wobleibtdieglobaleerwaermung

    […] May Snowfall Surprises Swath Of Central Europe, Winter Road Crews Called Out! Freeze Expected Overni… […]

  8. Kurt in Switzerland

    A valley on the north slope of Mt. Pilatus (south of Lucerne, at 1,000 m elevation) received what looks like about 20 cm of fresh snow on the 5th of May.

    See the porch at a restaurant in Eigenthal (05 MAY)

    1. Yonason

      ”Die aussergewöhnlichsten, gewaltigsten, beeindruckendsten, farbenfrohsten, überraschendsten, apokalyptischsten (sic) Wetterbilder.”

      LOL – looks like an ability to spell correctly isn’t a qualification for sensationalist “journalists” anywhere.

      I remember a freak May snowstorm in MA years ago with about that much depth, that hit after trees put out their leaves. It did a lot more damage because the trees could hold more heavy wet snow. What a mess that was.

  9. Johannes Vermeer

    Higher elevations in the Netherlands (southern part of the province of Limburg) also had a few centimers of snow :

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