Alarmist PIK Refuted, New Published Papers Call Claim Mass Migration Is Climate-Related “Misleading”…”Simplistic”

PIK under fire: Concept of a climate-caused mass migration not tenable


(German text translated/edited by P Gosselin)

We keep hearing again and again how climate change is one of the main causes of migration. But when you ask those affected whether the climate in their home country was the cause of flight, they usually look at you in awe and shake their heads violently: “There’s war, and you can no longer live there” is the recurring answer. “And the war is NOT caused by climate”.

In the propaganda battle, every means is justified. In 2018 the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) proudly reported that its employee Jacob Schewe was co-author of this World Bank report. After reading the opening thesis “Climate change has become one of the main drivers of emigration…,” the matter was settled.

Or was it really? Two recent papers show that this is not the case at all.

On November 26, 2019, a paper by Ingrid Boas from Wageningen University (Netherlands) and her colleagues appeared in “Nature Climate Change”. It clarifies that all such “myths” have been spread without any science so far. In the article, they call for the facts to be dealt with scientifically, and make it clear at the end:

Instead of having policy dictate the priorities of science, resulting in self-perpetuating false claims about climate-induced migration, the science policy process needs to allow careful and critical evidence-seeking research to indicate the main challenges ahead.”

Also another paper dismissing climate change causes mass migration has been published – by Nature. Abstract by Boas et al. in 2019 nature climate change:

Climate migration myths

Misleading claims about mass migration induced by climate change continue to surface in both academia and policy. This requires a new research agenda on ‘climate mobilities’ that moves beyond simplistic assumptions and more accurately advances knowledge of the nexus between human mobility and climate change.”

7 responses to “Alarmist PIK Refuted, New Published Papers Call Claim Mass Migration Is Climate-Related “Misleading”…”Simplistic””

  1. Mike

    This is good to see yet somehow it is merley stating the obvious. The strange thing concerns how such nonesense came to be accepted by anyone in the first place, and we already know that it is part of the process for creating alarm about the climate.

    If anyone is going to spend time and money refuting nonesense, can it be done with an isolated issue? What is the conclusion anyway? Simply that climate change is not the reason for people migrating from war torn countries?

    Is it really worth the effort of debunking all the garbage from the alarmists? Isn’t it just the same distraction as usied by magicians? Keep our eyes focused on something whilst the real action is somewhere else.

    I don’t suppose many here ever saw the illustration by Ken Ham, since he is a controversial creationist, but the illustration of the two islands each with a castle, at war with each other, fits this battle too.

    Whilst the climate realists are shooting down all the floating balloons with names like migration, polar bears, sea level rise etc, the enemy is destroying the island, the foundations of science and reason.

    Unfortunatley, this same process is also changing our culture and our values, replacing our moral compass, not with a science based one which would be virtually impossible since science doesn’t deal with morals, but with a new religious one based on baseless fear and hatred of anyone who disagrees.

    1. Chris Hanley

      Exactly, seemingly gone is the pursuit of truth and deep cynicism is creeping in as for instance when papers even on unrelated topics gratuitously genuflect to the CC™ or blatant data adjustments to agree with climate models are accepted without demur; it must sap the morale of young scientists who can recognise what’s going on but are too afraid to speak up.

    2. Chris Hanley

      On Mike’s last paragraph, CC™ is a quasi-religious belief system in that it claims that mankind has corrupted the climate — changed it from what was meant to be — and in that respect it is a teleological belief similar to creationism and intelligent design.

  2. Yonason

    Poor migrants. They mustn’t have enough solar panels.

    I bet they wouldn’t have so many wars if they gave more of their money to “green” “charities,” and had more windmills and solar panels. //s//

  3. Brian James

    Dec 1, 2019 Estes Park Climate Crisis

    The global warming is brutal in Estes Park this weekend.

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