Smoke And Deception Blanket Australia: NASA GISS Fudges Data, Cooling Turns Into Warming

By Kirye

and P Gosselin

We’ve been hearing much fake news about the Australian bush fires supposedly having been caused by man-made climate change. Yet it has emerged that Australian authorities were warned years ago that poor land management practices were in fact escalating the risk of devastating fires, according to an expert.

Forest fuel level highest in 1000 years

In 2015, bush fire scientist David Packham warned of a “huge blaze threat” and urged an “increase in fuel reduction burns”.

“Forest fuel levels had climbed to their most dangerous level in thousands of years,” wrote Darren Gray here in 2015. Today the public is being misled by climate alarmists and the media on the real causes of the devastating bush fires now taking place.

In fact NASA data shows that the area burned by global wildfires dropped by 25% since 2003, according to the Global Warming Policy Forum (GWPF)

Misleading temperature trends

Unfortunately, deception is not only taking place in the communication of Australian bush fires, but also authorities (NASA GISS) are grossly misleading the public in terms of temperature trends in Australia.

What follows are the curves of six Australian station that go back to the late 19th century. The comparator shows the plots of GISS “unadjusted data compared to the “homogenized” data:


Before the homogenization, the unadjusted data from 4 of the 6 stations showed cooling.

But after NASA changed the data, the cooling disappeared and all 6 stations showed warming!

Looking at the three stations Yamba. Moruya and Darwin, here we see that NASA dropped the early part of the temperature record (because they showed warm temperatures?). The result of course is a greater warming trend.

Look at NASA GISS data plots for Darwin Airport for example. See the huge differences between the versions:

So whenever people claim warming is man-made, they are right. But it’s not so much because of the CO2 emitted by man, but rather it is because of the statistical fudging of data at NASA GISS.

16 responses to “Smoke And Deception Blanket Australia: NASA GISS Fudges Data, Cooling Turns Into Warming”

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  2. Chris Hanley

    The purported reason for homogenisation is to make data from a site more consistent with a neighbouring site or sites.
    Even if one accepts that odd reasoning, the weather stations listed were isolated hundreds of kms from others.
    Lighthouses for instance would be ideal for collecting uncontaminated temperature data.

    Arson has been a major factor in the recent fires and although the arson appears uncoordinated by unconnected individuals, the Greens politicians being very early off-the-mark blaming CC™ (and the PM), together with the recent doom-laden publicity, may have been a stimulus.

  3. Brian James

    I have this from 2014 as confirmation.

    June 24, 2014 The Scandal Of Fiddled Global Warming Data

    When future generations try to understand how the world got carried away around the end of the 20th century by the panic over global warming, few things will amaze them more than the part played in stoking up the scare by the fiddling of official temperature data.

  4. RickWill

    CO2 has contributed to the fire risk. Trees grow faster now than 100 years ago. That means that fire risk management needs to change. I no longer consider it economic to undertake cool fuel reduction burns unless it is intended to provide a manageable fire break.

    One of the risk factors is state legislation that has dramatically reduced logging. That means there are fewer commercial enterprises having an interest in managing the fire risk.

    Controlling fires with water bombing is simply delaying the inevitable and adds to the fire intensity when it does eventually burn.

    If insurance companies stop insuring properties that are built in forests then that will reduce the risk of property loss.

    Local councillors who regulate clearing of growth from private property should be prosecuted. Give a year warning to remove such regulations and leave it to individuals and their insurers to manage the fire risk on their property.

  5. richard

    How the Aborigines ket the big fires in check-

    “Before Aboriginal people populated the Australian continent some 40,000 to 60,000 years ago, the major cause of fires would have been lightning. Aboriginal people learnt to harness the naturally recurring fire caused by lightning and other sources to their advantage, which resulted in skilful burning of landscapes for many different purposes.

    Fire was used to:

    make access easier through thick and prickly vegetation
    maintain a pattern of vegetation to encourage new growth and attract game for hunting
    encourage the development of useful food plants, for cooking, warmth, signalling and spiritual reasons.
    Early European explorers and settlers commented on the Aboriginal people’s familiarity with fire, and the presence of fire in the landscape continually throughout the year. Most of the fires were relatively low intensity and did not burn large areas”

    This constant use of fire by Aboriginal people as they went about their daily lives most likely resulted in a fine grained mosaic of different vegetation and fuel ages across the landscape.

    As a result, large intense bushfires were uncommon.

    Fire is a significant part of Aboriginal culture and the knowledge of its use has been retained by many Aboriginal families as their culture and values are shared between generations. Karla Wongi – Fire Talk is an interesting article that provides additional information.

    The plants and animals themselves provide clues to the ubiquitous presence of fire.

  6. dennisambler

    This is a continuation of the Amazon style of reporting, although with much more serious consequences because of the nature of Australian population concentration around the coasts.

  7. drumphish

    I’d bet a good number of Australians who have been burned out aren’t very happy with the Australian gov’s lamebrained policies in forest and grass biome management. It’s not funny. The fires continue to burn, has to be bad.

    I burned some dry grass one spring day a couple of years ago, just wanted to burn one section of overgrown grass. The wind was from the north at 3 mph, the grass can’t burn to the north, so I thought. After everything was said and done I looked like a chimney sweep and the rural fire department was called to the scene. Sure felt foolish, a hay bale burned, a straw bale burned and another five acres of grass. Once it begins to burn, you aren’t going to be able to control the burn.

    New green growth for the hay season on the burned ground, made good hay for the rancher next door.

  8. MJ

    It’s unbelievable how data are being manipulated in order to make them fit into the great narrative. I used to think that the so-called hard sciences are immune to corruption. Not any more. It seems that science and especially it’s credibility will pay a huge price for all that.

  9. Georg Thomas

    The alarmist reading of the Australian fires is another example of the destruction of ecological competence by green mythology. I call it Ökoverblödung (dumbing down by pseudo-ecological green magical thinking).

    Instead of appreciating that ecological competence requires careful and patient study (and close and long-standing personal knowledge of the specific habitat/phenomenon under consideration), people have been conditioned to regurgitate easy-to-grasp green fairy tale stereotypes – simplistic religious tenets and graphic stories whose authority derives from a constant stream of demagoguery and firmness of faith but not from a desire to know the facts underlying the complex working of ecological phenomena.

    Insight into the fallibility of our judgement and the defence of intellectual pluralism and competition are essential if we are to do justice to complex ecological phenomena.

    Instead, what green Ökoverblödung has achieved is that people view the complex ecological relationship between man and nature as a simple story of egregious abuse by humans laden with original sin in the form of an irrepressible passion for destroying nature.

    Greens can only be stopped when we insist on (1) demonstrating that during human history the relationship between man and nature has become increasingly benign and effective — especially since the harnessing of fossil fuels, and (2) claiming back the dignity of ecological thinking and research from its usurpation by a political agenda whose effectiveness depends on keeping the population scared and dirigible by false alarms.

    Julian Simon is a good starting point to appreciate the fundamental fact that man has evolved to become a fantastically successful, ever improving steward of (his relationship with) nature, entirely contrary to the chimeric green paradigm.

    Paul Homewood has useful background information on the Australian fires:

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