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Former “Fridays For Future” Teen Activist Reveals “Cult-Like Control”, “Hostility”, “Leftist Infiltration

Share this… Facebook TwitterSina, aged 14, used to be active as a spokesperson for Fridays for Future in a city in the German state of North Rhine Westphalia. But she quickly became disenchanted by the movement’s “cult-like” structures which did not tolerate questions. Recently she revealed her story.  Hat-tip: EIKE Sina began her environmental activism by […]

German “Environmental Expert”/Activist Suggests Humans Need Draconian “Behavior Change”

Share this… Facebook TwitterToday I found an interview with an “environmental expert” by the German alarmist site Klimareporter here. It conveys to us the real aims of the radical climate movement. In a nutshell: To change, limit and dominantly control human behavior. In the Kilmareporter interview, Prof. Rainer Griesshammer says that changing light bulbs, riding […]

Longest-Ever S. Hemisphere Tree-Ring Reconstruction Finds The 1700s-1800s Were Warmer Than Today

Longest-Ever S. Hemisphere Tree-Ring Reconstruction Finds The 1700s-1800s Were Warmer Than Today

Share this… Facebook TwitterA new 5680-year tree-ring temperature reconstruction for southern South America (Lara et al., 2020) reveals (a) no clear warming trend in recent decades, and (b) the 18th and 19th centuries (and many centennial-scale periods from the last 5680 years) had much warmer temperatures than today. Image Source: Lara et al., 2020 In […]

More Hardship For German Consumers, Poor…Power Companies Announce More Rate Hikes Averaging 8.1%!

Share this… Facebook TwitterLeading dailies in Germany are reporting today that power companies across the country will be hiking electricity prices once again in the February to April period, affecting millions of households. This comes at the heels of a January price hike. “The wave of electricity price increases in Germany is not abating. According […]

German Weekly 'FOCUS': German Wind Energy On The Verge Of "Collapse"..."Protests Booming"

German Weekly ‘FOCUS’: German Wind Energy On The Verge Of “Collapse”…”Protests Booming”

Share this… Facebook TwitterDespite the German government’s renewed commitment to meeting its CO2 emissions target by expanding wind energy, online weekly FOCUS here reports that wind energy appears to be on the verge of collapse and that “German climate targets are in danger.” Bleak times for Germany’s wind industry. Photo. P. Gosselin Lowest activity since […]

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