Black Lives Matter – But Sadly Only With Lots And Lots Of Exceptions Among Those Pointing Fingers At USA

Hypocrisy, selective anger by domestic and foreign inciters who cast stones at US.

Black lives matter only rarely to those claiming they matter.

Not oppressed!” Outspoken US black woman, immigrant, tells protesters and rioters to go home, get a job. Image: Breitbart

It’s not surprising the biggest sinners are usually those first in line to cast stones. The killing of George Floyd reveals how there are so many among us who hypocritically fancy themselves as being morally superior when in fact they are morally bankrupt.

Sadly, black lives matter only when there are political dividends to be gained

When it comes to the centuries old racial problems and disparities, which we not only have seen in USA, but worldwide, there’s plenty of blame to go around. Yet we see so many righteously pointing the finger at everyone else but themselves.

Black Lives Matter, except…

Black lives of course definitely do matter, but in many cases it seems they really don’t. The next time you hear some pompous, leftist blowhard screaming to the USA: “Black Lives Matter!”, ask them why they always keep their eyes closed and barely lift a finger everywhere else. Examples:

Black Lives Matter,
…except the hundreds of African refugees who pompous Europeans let drown in the Mediterranean each year. Why no riots?

Black Lives Matter,
…except the millions who have been killed by Planned Parenthood abortion camps.

Black Lives Matter,
…except those who see their businesses destroyed by BLM rioters.

Black Lives Matter,
…except those who try to prevent looting.

Black Lives Matter,
…except the hundreds killed by other blacks each month, in places like Chicago.

Black Lives Matter,
…except the thousands who die from drugs trafficked in over porous borders.

Black Lives Matter,
…except those dying of poverty due to 5 decades of failed leftist welfare policies.

Black Lives Matter,
…except the millions worldwide who will die prematurely from the increased poverty due to the economic hardship brought on by the  overzealous COVID-19 lockdowns.

Black Lives Matter,
…except the thousands killed in Africa from incompetent UN policies.

Black Lives Matter,
…except the thousands of Christian blacks dying in Sudan, or Nigeria.

Black Lives Matter,
…except those who refuse to serve as a dump for our toxic garbage.

Black Lives Matter,
…except the “over 100 [African] women, girls and boys” raped by UN peacekeepers.

Black Lives Matter,
…except when it’s not an election year, when Democrats don’t need the black votes.

Black Lives Matter,
…but only when a black issue serves the media/politics in their efforts to stir civil unrest and hatred against a President.

Black Lives Matter,
…except those who think for themselves. or who tell fellow rioters to stop whining and to get a job.

Black Lives Matter,
…except for those saved day after day by the many many good, compassionate law enforcement officers. They get ignored by the media and leftists.

But there are a few media-mentioned examples, to end on a positive note:



They should all matter, and not only just those who yield immediate political dividends. And 99+% of the police officers who selflessly do good should not be tarnished because of the actions of a few bad ones.

Have a calm weekend, everybody.

33 responses to “Black Lives Matter – But Sadly Only With Lots And Lots Of Exceptions Among Those Pointing Fingers At USA”

  1. Kevin a
  2. Georg Thomas

    “… which race should be afraid of the other?

    My answer to that question is simple. Neither one should be afraid of the other. Here’s why.

    For every black person killed by a white person, ELEVEN black people are killed by another black person. Which way does the danger lie?

    The same is true for white people. For every white person killed by a black person, FIVE white people are killed by other white people.

    … the real danger to everyone isn’t from the police. The real danger to white people is, yep, from other white people … and the real danger to black people is, yep, from other black people. Not the cops. Other white people. Other black people.”


  3. Yonason

    Excellent article, Pierre!

  4. Kevin a
  5. Climate Heretic

    Now this is what is called a ‘smack down article”. Brilliant article.

    Climate Heretic

  6. William Astley

    If Black lives did matter ….. If Science and Evidence matter. Our Vitamin D deficiency would have been addressed. The ‘Vitamin’ D deficiency issue is one of the most interesting issues in science. Vitamin D is a protohormone that our body produces.

    The ‘Vitamin’ D research was started by a women’s group, Grassroots who cloud source funding. They found that breast cancer can be reduced by more 70% by correcting the populations Vitamin D deficiency.

    This is chart, is produce by the women’s group and shows the average Vitamin D level for the US population, compared to serum level of Vitamin D in their tests and the diseases the higher levels of Vitamin D, reduces the incidence of.

    For Covid it was discovered that..

    Regardless of sex or age, those who are ‘Vitamin’ D deficient, have a 20 times greater chance of dying from Covid or having serious Covid symptoms.

    82% of the US Black population and 42% of the US general population, are Vitamin D deficient.

    Patterns of COVID-19 Mortality and Vitamin D: An Indonesian Study

    Vitamin D Insufficient Patients 12.55 times more likely to die

    Vitamin D Deficient Patients 19.12 times more likely to die

    Black people are more than two times more likely to die from Covid than white people in the US and in the UK. The death rate for covid correlates with how dark the person’s skin is. Latino’s in the US have a 60% higher chance of dying than white people.

    Correcting our populations Vitamin D deficiency would also reduce the incidence of type 2 diabetes by more than 50% and reduce the incidence of common cancers by 60%.

    Incidence rate of type 2 diabetes is >50% lower in Grassroots Health cohort with median serum 25–hydroxyvitamin D of 41 ng/ml than in NHANES cohort with median of 22 ng/ml

    Prevalence and correlates of vitamin D deficiency in US adults.

    1. Lasse

      “Black Lives Fatter”
      I believe in D vitamin and fat as a risk factor.

  7. toorightmate

    You are way off topic Pierre, BUT well and truly on the ball.

  8. Bob in Castlemaine

    How’d those positive police stories ever make it thru the “fact checkers” at CNN and ABC?

  9. George Lawon

    What the black rioters fail to realise is that the police officer who committed this crime would, I am sure have committed the same over-reaction if it had been a white man. One can list many white people who have, over the years, been killed by over zealous police officers. What the rioters should realise is that the officer, quite rightly, has been accused of murder, even though it is very likely that murder was far from his mind at the time of the incident. Additionally, he has been dismissed from his employment and is likely to spend the rest of his life in prison. If the officer had been seen to have been let off the charge of murder, then I can see why the black community would have cause to riot. In the circumstances, it is difficult to see what more could be done by the authorities as a result of this terrible incident.

  10. drumphish

    Rome’s population was 40 percent slaves in ancient Rome. Alaric the Visigoth sacked Rome because enough was enough.

    Racism comes in all colors. A friend who is white and doesn’t have poor rapport with black people at all once said, “I don’t like Indians.” I grew up in a neighborhood with the red man, you knew who your friends were and you knew who weren’t.

    One policeman’s actions has cost the US more than money, the policeman ignited a day of reckoning in America.

    All lives matter. White farmers in Zimbabwe have had a tough go of it, they were expropriated from their land.

    During the War between the States, Irishmen and German men (immigrants) were drafted into the US military while other more well-heeled Americans could buy their way out of the draft.

    Nobody wants to go to war to fight. The Irish and German immigrants did riot because they were unfairly targeted as draftees. For five days in New York City in 1863 riots in New York became deadly and ugly. Blacks were targeted because they were not citizens and were not eligible to be drafted.

    Wealthy people in New York City did own slaves themselves before the Civil War. The first non-native born in my state was the child of a married slave couple. I am a long ways from the Antebellum South.

    New York Draft Riots

    The Cree Indians did capture members of the Sioux tribe to sell them into slavery, the Sioux were in the Caribbean chopping sugarcane. The slave trade in the seventeenth century was a huge market. The Choctaw hunted down runaway slaves and returned them to their owners. Montreal was the hub of the slave trade at the time.

    The Cherokee were forced to march the Trail of Tears, they also took with them more than 20 thousand African slaves. After arriving in Oklahoma, slaves began to run away.

    In fact, more slaves were shipped to South America than to North America.

    African tribes captured other members of African tribes and sold them into slavery.

    William Wilberforce campaigned hard in England to end slavery. John Newton, a slave trader, and Wilberforce were friends.

    John Newton wrote the hymn ‘Amazing Grace’.

    The Chinese coolies worked the guano deposits of the coasts of South America. Dutch slave traders emptied Easter Island of the men and those men worked the guano mines too. That’s what happened to the inhabitants of Easter Island, they became slaves.

    W.R. Grace became a known name in the business world, supplied the tools of the trade to guano miners, The Guano Act passed by the US Congress made sure the job got done.

    African Americans do have a good life in the US, some bad actors just make it miserable for everybody.

    Every black professional athlete is paid good money in the US.

    Not just the ‘white man’s burden’, everybody’s burden.

    “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

  11. bonbon

    Yet again a British Gang-Counter Gang operation in full swing.
    Soon after the death of Michael Brown, BLM was quickly funded to the tune of $30 million from well known billionaire George Soros, and $100 million from the Ford Foundation.
    Add to that the transformation of policing since 9/11 into something very like an occupying force where minorities and poor are to be contained in the Palestine model. Ferguson was put under siege with military police tactics, and the police chief Fitch was quickly found to have had training with 15 other police chiefs in Israel. The Anti Defamation League, ADL, awarded Fitch rubbing salt in the wounds.

    Sadly the article mentions none of this.

  12. bonbon

    What would House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who called the Hong Kong riots and beatings “a beautiful sight”, say of all this?

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I’ll say!
    Except there may be a beam in the British empire’s Cyclopean single eye!

    Ex-Governor Patten is relishing the Hog Kong situation, and no doubt his Chatham House fellow travelers gloat at the old Colony, the USA, in flames, again.

  13. bonbon

    The WEF Has Launched 2021 “The Great Reset” with Prince Charles and
    Other Luminaries
    The environmentalist blueprint for genocide with Prince Charles running the show. The Forum will be preceded by the “Great Reset Dialogues.” At the launch of the “Great Reset,” Charles said, “Unless we take the action necessary, and build in a greener and more inclusive and sustainable way, then we will have more and more pandemics.”

    In other words those putting the colonies in flames are the very same as the climate fruit-and-nuts.

    So, not OT at all!

    1. Sommer

      Millie Weaver has released a video exposing the intersectionality of various groups discovered in a two year undercover investigation.

  14. MrGrimNasty

    The fact is all lives matter.

    There may be an issue with US cops using too much careless force, but there is no evidence that this incident was racist or that there is a general problem with racist cops. The Tony Timpa incident was very similar (except he wasn’t being arrested for a criminal offence) – but both he and Floyd suffered cardio problems probably originating in drug use, that meant they died whilst being held down albeit inappropriately/excessively, where perhaps a normal person would have been OK.

  15. M E

    A very strange account of Alaric the Goth. !
    Freedom for slaves was not in anyone’s minds . Territory and resources.. more like.
    The Goths were quite civilised peoples with Arian Christian clergy long before this. In touch with Constantinople.
    Slaves were of any colour and any race ,supplied by slavetraders.
    Africans mentioned in classical history were people of North Africa like Berbers.
    Slaves in E and W Africa were sold to Arabian countries by traders who were African until 19th century. Britain was unpopular because of sending forces to breakup the slave trade.
    as it did in the China.

  16. richard

    White lives matter-


    The casualties from the use of pepper spray by the French police during Yellow Vest protests has risen, local media reported Friday.

    According to French Mediapart website, 11 people were killed, five lost their hands due to use of grenades and 23 lost their eyesight.

    Some 2,000 people were injured at the demonstrations. Of them 268 people suffered head injuries, 15 hand injuries, 64 body injuries, 26 back injuries and 106 leg injuries.

    In addition, 95 journalists, 40 high school students and 30 volunteer health officers were injured in the demonstrations and 145 acts of insult and violation of press freedom by French police were recorded.

    French Interior Minister Christophe Castaner said the National Police Investigation Unit (IGPN) launched 220 criminal investigations on suspicion of police violence against the demonstrations”

  17. Josh

    It’s approaching ten years since I first came across this site, and I have been reading the content on here almost every day since. Pierre I want to thank you once again, not only for this badly needed post, but also for attempting to bring some sanity and reason back into discussions regarding our climate, our interaction with it and formulating sound energy policies.

  18. Stephen Way

    Would there be riots if a black police man did the same thing to a white person?
    Aside from that..more blacks are killed by blacks than blacks that are killed by whites !
    PS I don’t care what colour anyones skin is.

    1. Yonason

      “Would there be riots if a black police man did the same thing to a white person?”

      Nope. But, guess what. The current mob is demanding the release of the Somali cop who murdered an Aussie woman who called police for help!

  19. Yonason

    An important point to keep in mind about the specific case that was used as justification to begin the rioting – it was not “murder.” Why? It appears that what the officers did was to follow approved department policy.

    The Minneapolis Police Dept., is blaming their incompetence on the officers involved.

    What if the officers hadn’t followed that policy? Mr. Floyd would probably not have died, and the officers would have been written up for not following protocol. That would have resulted in disciplinary action, which would have impacted their career advancement. And the clock would have kept ticking until someone eventually did die from the procedure. But, even then, had it been a white man, we never would have heard of it.

    It’s bad enough police in “liberal” areas have to worry about criminals, they also have to worry about the politicians setting policy, who don’t care at all about either the police or the people they arrest.

  20. netprophet

    Except for the blacks residing in nursing homes who died from COVID after positive tested COVID patients were forced in those nursing homes in states governed by Democrats such as NY, PA, NJ, MN and MI.

  21. bonbon

    The World Food Program director David Beasley has screamed as loudly as he is able that in a matter of only weeks or at most months, Africa will be facing a possible death rate of 300,000 {PER DAY}, due not only to the coronavirus, but also to the food supply chains being broken by the economic crisis, together with one of the worst locust infestations in modern history.

    Do these Black lives matter?

  22. George Lawson

    I wonder whether these black people ever stop to think that life in the 17th century was pretty awful for most people in Europe and across the world. Even King Charles 1st and Mary Queen of Scots had their heads chopped off just for wanting to follow their religious beliefs. And kings and queens across the world were responsible for the execution of thousands of their citizens on the whim of the establishment. Perhaps more importantly, black people of today might not have been in a position to rebel today if their ancestors had not been brought to Europe and America as slaves !

  23. Steve Borodin

    Could it be that the organizers of recent riots did not know about the pandemic?

    Could it be that they didn’t know that social distancing is to reduce deaths?

    Could it be that they don’t know that people with dark skin are more vulnerable?

    Could it be that they have no sense of irony?

  24. tom0mason

    This American police chief know that law breaking is wrong and try as he might the interviewer can not hear his message!

  25. Steve

    I have travelled to many many places.
    I’ve worked in intensive care.
    All lives matter.
    Skin colour does not matter

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