International Trial Lawyer Takes Aim At Big Pharma, Big Tech: COVID Lockdown “Crime Against Humanity”

Recently I wrote a post about Reiner Fuellmich, a German trial lawyer who is certified to practice in both Germany and California.

PCR test is a fraud

Over the years, Fuellmich has landed some awfully impressive trophies, among them Deutsche Bank and VW. Now he’s taking aim at Big Pharma and tech companies for what he considers to be crimes against humanity, mainly that the PCR test is a fraud. .

Designed to make people panic, submit to Big Tech

In a recent video he talks about how all the COVID-19 measures imposed, such as social distancing, wearing a mask, lockdown and quarantine are designed to “make people panic so that they believe without asking questions that their lives are in danger so that in the end the pharmaceutical and tech industries can generate huge profits from the sale of PCR tests, antigen and antibody tests and vaccines, as well as the harvesting of our genetic fingerprint.”

Hat-tip: Reader Sommer

Fuellmich sees nothing less than attempted crimes against humanity taking place.

What follows is his video on the subject, and well worth viewing.

It’s terrible what’s going on. People are made to believe that we are now bearers of dangerous pathogens and that we need to be continuously tested, drugged, covered up and controlled. We’re on the brink of what was once thought to be an unimaginable dystopia.

21 responses to “International Trial Lawyer Takes Aim At Big Pharma, Big Tech: COVID Lockdown “Crime Against Humanity””

  1. John F Hultquist

    Reporting “cases” without context ought to be a crime.
    I’m not sure enough “context” can be reported to make “cases”
    a useful piece of information. False positives are relatively high, but unknown.
    I live in the Left Coast State of Washington USA.
    The virus was killing people and spreading before anyone knew what it was, or that it was here. A sad situation.
    Then authorities panicked. They still don’t have a clue.
    Panic2020 is still in progress, destroying society collectively and individually.

  2. M E

    Well you can believe him or you can read FREE medical education on the Covid 19 NOVEL virus.and other viruses. Also we can learn some this about the way the virus replicates in the blood vessels.
    Just as you like end and probably up in hospital

  3. M E

    Text corrupted! “end up in hospital” . Best wishes. even to your trial lawyer .. see Thomas Sowell on experts in one field and their ignorance in other fields. look on Youtube Stanford University.:-)

    1. Don Keiller

      So why haven’t my two posts about problems with COVID testing an treatment appeared?
      Looks like I’m being censored here too.

    2. Yonason

      Thanks. I haven’t found the YouTube, but here’s an article of his on the subject.

      1. M E

        Thomas Sowell. Try this. 10 years ago on release of his book
        “Intellectuals and Society” .

        1. Yonason

          That will do nicely, M.E. Thank you. 🙂

  4. John Levett

    Thanks for providing space for this, Pierre. Given the vested interests involved, Reiner Fuellmich faces an uphill struggle; he deserves the support of all who care about freedom and democracy.

  5. Don Keiller

    There is something sinister going on. I’ve been suspended from Twitter for posting up a link to a peer-reviewed paper.

    According to the Twitter Thought Police this is “misinformation”.

    Please feel free to tweet it as much as you want.

  6. Don Keiller

    As a (recently retired) research scientist, I have run the kind if PCRs tests used for testing for COVID.
    Typically we ran 33-35 amplification cycles. Anything above that risked generating false positives.
    Covid test are running at 45 amplification cycles.
    Go figure.

  7. tom0mason

    Meanwhile in the UK it’s all scare tactics by the PM and Government agencies including the BBC.
    At (from The Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine develops, promotes and disseminates better evidence for healthcare) — There is a most informative graphic (COVID-19 – Florence Nightingale Diagram’s of UK Deaths) showing death rates from 2016 to September 18, 2020.
    It shows that current death rate is right in line with what is usual for this time of year. No more no less!
    Cases are NOT necessarily people with an infection — NOBODY in the UK NHS has assessed what is the optimum PCR ‘cycle threshold’ (see ). Also false positives are NOT factored into the figures because NOBODY retests the PCR positives, therefore the PCR positive but ‘assumed’ asymptomatic patient can never truly know if they have the virus, or any infectivity unless other clinical symptom show up later. Effectively with UK NHS numbers, ALL the positive ‘cases’ count is a batch of number over a period of time. This time period is quite variable in length, with batches of totals PCR positives for 1 week or any other time period the NHS and government find suitable for frightening people.
    These batched-up running totals of people who maybe are, or might have been infected are no more useful than that — a running total. However through some mysterious alchemy of tangled emotional sophistry, the MSM can divine vast amounts of meaning from these numbers but without recourse to rationality, or scientific and mathematical methods — this excites yet more screeching headlines for PROJECT COVID FEAR.

    So wannabe Reichsführer Boris Johnson, Obergruppenführer und General der Waffen-NHS Matt Hancock et al., stop all the propaganda and scaremongering!


  8. Donald Keiller

    Sorry about this post:
    “So why haven’t my two posts about problems with COVID testing an treatment appeared?
    Looks like I’m being censored here too.”

    It took an age for my other posts to get through moderation.

  9. John F Hultquist

    Don K writes: “Go figure.”

    Okay. Say there is a 1% rate of false positives.
    Test 1 M people.
    Get 10,000 “cases”. Plus a few more that are true positives.

    Enough new cases every day to continue the Panic.
    And folks wonder why I am angry.

  10. richard

    Not looking good – World Health Organisation are in for a tough time in Court as their own , supposed, experts knew that the PCR test could not provide any information about infections but they told the public over and over again that they could.

  11. George Lawson

    Mr. Gosselin, why do you not provide a facility for forwarding you excellent articles to other readers which I can do with all the other sceptic sites I use. I would have thought that widening your readership to other readers would have been of benefit to your site?

  12. M E

    Mischievous thought!
    Mr Trump goes to hospital with the virus. Commenters on news sites have been telling us it is just like flu..complain of shocking restrictions on daily life for nothing
    . As soon as he gets out of hospital and reportedly claims it’s just like flu there is an uproar among the media commentators and news site commenters . Odd,that!

  13. Yonason

    Comments on the lockdown

    Worldwide incompetence. Worldwide mismanagement. Worldwide disaster.

  14. Peter

    Hi, Fuellmichs video “Crimes Against Humanity” (which he uploaded to his channel the 3rd of October 2020) was deleted yesterday 21 October. It used to be in Fuellmichs channel here As you can see from my first post, it is not there anymore. Now another video is up on his channel the link is below called “crímenes contra la humanidad – en español” (in english with subtitles in spanish). In case this new video is also deleted, several channels have reuploaded the video, and this video also exists in other video platforms, you should be able to find it by his name and video title: “Reiner Fuellmich” “Crimes Against Humanity”. The new video of Reiner Fuellmich can be found here:

    Some people seem to be going through allot of effort to hide this case and its important details from the general population. The maintream media is not mentioning the case, there not enough people know about it, and think it is a crazy idea when I speak about it. This is such an important case.

    These are the three main promoters of the “corona panic” that are being sued for “Crimes Against Humanity” by lawyer Fuellmich – and these people and their networks, are the people that our governments are basing their lockdown decisions on!

    – Dr Christian Drosten, the inventor of the PCR test (corona test) — PCR tests are not approved for diagnostic purposes, as is correctly noted on leaflets coming with these tests. Even the United States CDC agrees with this. Even Drosten himself declared in an interview in 2014, that these PCR tests are so highly sensitive that even very healthy and non-infectious people may test positive. Dr Yeadon in his piece: ‘Lies, Damned Lies and Health Statistics – the Deadly Danger of False Positives’ explains the complete unsuitability of the test for the detection of infectious diseases, covid 19 has tested positive in goats, sheep, papayas and even chicken wings — Also note that previously, during the swine flu in 2009 Drosten was one of those who stirred up panic in the population; repeating over and over again that the swine flu would claim many hundreds of thousands, even millions of deaths, all over the world. This panic-inducing prognosis proved to be catastrophically false.

    – Mr Tedros Adhanom, head of WHO or World Health Organisation — Drosten used the PCR test, to test in Wuhan China, it came positive, this was enough for WHO to sound the pandemic alarm and to recommend the worldwide use of the Drosten PCR test for the detection of infections — Note also that previously, 12 years earlier the WHO changed the definition of “pandemic” (to “just a worldwide disease”, which not necessarily led to many serious illnesses and deaths) and that due to this change was able to declare the swine flu pandemic in 2009, with the result that vaccines were produced and sold worldwide. The panic prognosis of WHO proved to be catastrophically false.

    – Mr Lothar Wieler, head of the RKI (German Center for Disease Control and Prevention) and author of “the “panic paper” — “the “panic paper” that was leaked which was written by the German Department of the Interior. Its classified content shows beyond a shadow of a doubt that in fact the population was deliberately driven to panic by politicians and mainstream media. The accompanying irresponsible statements of the head of the RKI, remember the CDC, Mr Wieler who repeatedly and excitedly announced that the corona measures must be followed unconditionally by the population, without them asking any question shows that he followed the script verbatim. In his public statements he kept announcing that the situation was very grave and threatening although the figures compiled by his own institute proved the exact opposite.

    You might find this PDF transcript useful, is indexed and resumed, and the link has ben updated. Please share this information with others.

  15. Ben Michael Wilton

    The video was censored by You Tube.

    Go figure. You can find it in bits and pieces elsewhere.

  16. Peter

    Lawyer Fuellmichs video wich he uploaded to his channel was deleted by Youtube. “Crimes Against Humanity” (which he uploaded to his channel the 3rd of October 2020) was deleted 21 October. It used to be in Fuellmichs channel here That means that now many people that have used this video, have a blank, and cant hear what he has to say. However, now another video is up on his channel the link is below called “crímenes contra la humanidad – en español” (in english with subtitles in spanish). You can keep yourself updated at Fuellmichs youtube channel here

  17. Peter

    This case is so important, and yet I dont hear the mainstream media mentioning it! – Lawyer Fuellmich is suing the promoters of the “corona panic” for “Crimes Against Humanity”, the video presentation of his case has been online 20 days now – but politicians and mainstream media still follows the “National Center for Disease Control and Prevention”, which as it says “bases its authority on WHOs dangerous pandemic prognosis”. The WHO, which as lawyer Fuellmich has stated in his video (3rd October 2020) is being sued for promoting “the corona panic” on false grounds, and is are sued for no less than “Crimes Against Humanity” Yet mainstream media has not mentioned the case, and is calling experts that disagree “conspiracy theorists” – most people don’t even know of the existence of the case. This Case is Really Happening!

    I am talking about the misinformation on corona virus, covid-19. Many Doctors, Scientists, Experts, Layers, disagree with WHO, the danger and spread of corona are greatly exaggerated, the lockdown is disproportionate – they are called “conspiracy theorists” by the media. Even Politicians that disagree are called “conspiracy theorists” – as lawyer Fuellmich explains, David Sieber (member of the German Green Party) who suggested they should listen to these other scientist that disagreed with WHO – was called a conspiracy theorist, without ever having considered the content of his information and then Sieber was stripped him of his mandates!

    On Mr. Fuellmichs Youtube Channel, youtube has deleted his English video “Crimes Against Humanity” once, then it has been reuploaded with the title “crímenes contra la humanidad – en español” (in english with subtitles in spanish), and now also in French. Why censor, specially when this is an international corruption case of the what you might call “Legendary Level”, this will be written about in history books. This commes as shoking news for many!

    The Media, used to be the Forth Pillar of Democracy! What has happened! — Truth & Justice, and the people that fought for them in our history, they brought us our wisdom and our human rights! Justice is the axis of human civilization, it is what made it possible for us to survive as a group from the beginning of time . We have passed “The Technological Singularity Point” predicted by Futurologists. The people that fought for Truth & Justice in our history, these people brought us our human rights, these people are our real Heroes! Our sense of Truth and Justice needs an urgent update from within!

    Documentary: The Social Dilemma — The subtle bu strong influence of social media. Interesting documentary about “social media and relation to this case”: The Social Dilemma (premiered 26 january 2020 on Netflix)” – gives some insight into the influence of social media in our lives and society.

    Update to lawyer Reiner Fuellmichs case suing the promoters of the corona panic for Crimes Against Humanity. With new videos, links, and events! You might find this PDF transcript useful, is indexed and resumed. Easy to share the basic facts with friends.


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