NoTricksZone Twitter Account Sent To The Gulag…Dissent, Criticism Of Authorities Unwelcome

For the third time in about 2 weeks, our NoTrickZone Twitter account has been sent to the social media gulag – this time for seven days. An outright suspension appears to be closing in.

The future for dissenters is looking like the dark days of past tyrannies. Photo – 1930, public domain.

Unwelcome dissent

The latest claimed “violation” was: spreading “false information” about COVID 19 vaccinations. The tweet that violated Twitter rules was me retweeting a link to an interview with Dr. Peter McCollough, who warned that there are risks involved with the COVID vaccines. That’s all it takes nowadays: A little dissent, and you’re out in the cold. All you need to do is express doubts about effectiveness and safety of the new, trial skipping vaccines.

Though my account can be accessed and is fully intact, I’ve had a number “privilege’s” revoked, such as retweeting, tweeting and liking.

Appeal gets denied

The second time Twitter blocked the NTZ account, just a few days earlier, I was able to successfully appeal it and all privileges were reinstated within 6 hours. This time though, the 3rd time, they refused.

The first time NTZ account was blocked, some 2 weeks ago, I called the vaccines “experimental”:

Twitter got really upset about this tweet, and sent me to the social media gulag for 12 hours.

Today it seems we are not allowed to challenge the authorities. Sound familiar? If it doesn’t, then you need to read a little history.

Is climate dissent next?

So what’s next? Are they going to move their censorship to other fields like climate change and renewable energies? It’s very well possible, and at this point I’d say likely. It won’t be allowed to challenge the climate authorities during “times of crisis and instability”.

Moving to suspend dissent

Twitter guidelines and rules state that those who repeatedly commit “violations” risk being permanently suspended. This is probably what’s behind it all. Count every little thing has a violation and then they can claim they have grounds to suspend all the pesky dissenters.

In today’s technological world, dissenters without social media are as good as silenced. We’ve entered really dangerous territory.

Totalitarian shut down of free expression

What kind of society do we live in where dissent and other views are banished from the public forum? The only ones I can think of are totalitarian regimes like the former USSR, former communist German “Democratic” Republic, a.k.a East Germany, North Korea and the likes.

The right to challenge authority is what made and keeps our western democracies so great. That essential right is being undermined.

The real threat to democracy

We often here about disinformation being “a threat to our democracy”, yet the very people who go around stifling information, open discussion, dissent and freedom of expression are the ones who are the real threat to what’s left of our democracy.

Something needs to be done about the Big Tech communication platforms because they are clearly abusing their power. If you aren’t allowed to retweet a link to an interview with a renowned medical expert, then you know things really have gotten off the rails.

“Gain of function” scandal? Shocking findings?

There really does seem to be something really desperate taking place. Why so touchy about COVID-19 and vaccines? Some are suggesting there’s a real scandal behind it all.

One doctor recently came out and characterized the mRNA vaccines as a toxin that can potentially do great harm instead of good.

27 responses to “NoTricksZone Twitter Account Sent To The Gulag…Dissent, Criticism Of Authorities Unwelcome”

  1. pochas94

    Somehow these tech titans feel they are uniquely qualified to rule the world. I think they’re just stupid rich people. Luckily, I don’t use twitter.

  2. Cees

    I know what you are going through, it happened to me many times. About two years ago I was suspended, I deleted my account, and never looked back.
    I am following the blog of Martin Armstrong: for many years now. He is not afraid to blog about everything that is verboten by twitter, facebook and Mainstream Media. He also has is own thoughts about climate change. All of nature has its own cycle. Recently he had the complete interview with Dr. Peter McCollough on his site and a few days ago the founder of Moderna who is also banned from twitter for speaking out the truth. For people interested in interview with Dr. Peter McCollough:

  3. Richard Greene

    They will analyze every future thought looking for an excuse to get rid of you permanently. You will not be able to speak freely.

    You are a prime target for a good reason — you have the best climate
    science website in 2021, of over one dozen I visit daily, in five nations.

    But not for an article complaining about Twitter.
    — To prevent another article complaining about Twitter — DUMP THEM NOW
    Use any time saved to keep this website at its peak.
    Or drink booze and chase women — whatever you prefer.
    You will have a happier life without Twitter.

    I don’t use Twitter. Never have. Never will.
    Same with Facebook.

  4. tygrus

    The risks have to be put into perspective and look at the broader picture.
    1) The vaccines available in UK, USA, Australia and many other countries, have all gone through clinical trials. The side-effects & clinical effectiveness are still being monitored & reported. Some are getting 12 month data & no red flags have been hidden. Those with a 1 in 200’000 risk have been alerted & offered alternative. The risk of illness without vaccine is high with active community transmissions, the risk of death is 1in1000 or higher for a large part of the population. Even if your death risk was 1 in 20’000 infections, you’re still better off with the vaccine than not.

    2) The effects of 5% of the components that belong to a virus (a vaccine only has a snip of a part) has to be better than dealing with the 100% of a virus (a wild virus) with full weapons & machinery to go to war against the host.

    3) We still need to know the risks & benefits. By having younger people vaccinated reduces the potential to infect older or immunocompromised people. It’s not just about you but all the people you come into contact.

    4) We have used quarantine & masks/PPE with other influenza’s, colds including Spanish flu, swine flu, MERS, SARS. If it can be transferred with physical and airborne there are a range of risks so some people with close contact infect/not but by increasing locations, time & the number infected in public, the risk greatly increases. Guessing the roulette number is rare but if you spin enough times you can win a round (get infected) but you’ll still go home with less. Protections reduce the speed of spreading. The virus doesn’t know country boundaries, there’s no natural reason why Australia & New Zealand have done well. What makes the differences is how few are let into those countries, testing, quarantine, masks, PPE for Patient carers and recording location visits so contact tracing is easier. All the rules contribute, single actions are less effective than the whole combination.

    1. Richard Greene

      tygrus sez “Even if your death risk was 1 in 20,000 infections, you’re still better off with the vaccine than not”

      That statement if proof that you are clueless on the subject of vaccines, vaccine adverse side effects, and how COVID “deaths” are counted, when c2mpared with the methodology for counting deaths with flu, prior to 2020.

      There was ONLY two months of testing for side effects for Moderna and Pfizer medications before US emergency approval.

      On December 11, 2020, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued the first emergency use authorization (EUA). Add almost five months of use, so far, to the two months of testing pre-EUA, and the total is 7 months of testing for adverse effects. So where did you get “12 months”?

      There are no data on whether those two medications prevent death.
      Because no one who got the placebo injection pre-EUA died, and no one who got the real injection pre-EUA died. So how would anyone know? They can only assume.

      THE ABSOLUTE RISK REDUCTION is about 1%, meaning that it requires about 100 people taking the vaccine to eliminate ONE person from self-reporting any COVID-like respiratory symptoms, and not necessarily serious symptoms (symptoms identical to those caused by influenza or a common cold — there’s no sure no way to know the cause of those symptoms)

      That means 99 of 100 people taking the COVID vaccine are getting the risk of side effects, and nothing else.

      The reported side effects have been unprecedented in the history of vaccines (actually a COVID experimental medicine, not a conventional vaccine)

      The post-COVID adverse vaccine side effects reported to the US VAERS system (voluntary reporting, and side effects are usually not reported) are unprecedented in the 30 year history of the reporting system.

      As of May 28, VAERS contains 4,561 reports of post-Covid jab fatalitie.

      In the five months since the first COVID vaccine hit the market, there have already been almost as many reports of post-Covid vaccine deaths than for every other vaccine combined, in the VAERS database’s entire 30-year history:

      4,406 deaths
      14,986 hospitalizations
      34,474 urgent care visits
      45,006 doctor visits
      1,214 anaphylaxis
      1,411 bell’s palsy

      The very serious 1918 -1920 flu epidemic had one small death spike, two large death spikes, and then one minor death spike, before fading away … with no vaccine and no medications. I have to assume it mutated into a milder variant that didn’t kill many people.

      So if COVID mutates into a milder variant that doesn’t kill many people, will the vaccines get all the credit for that? But how much credit will they deserve. That is a question that can’t be answered now, or maybe never. I imagine you already have “the answer”?

  5. tygrus

    But free speech is giving others the same opportunity to disagree with ourself. It doesn’t matter what we think about how the world & biology should work, there are natural processes that prove us wrong.

  6. Alex

    Dear owners of No Tricks Zone. Transfer to Florida, get your residence permit, and you will be able to sue Twitter for a maximum $100,000 for each event. The Governor Ron DeSantis has just signed the law with a massive approval by the people.

    Of course the fake-journalists-traitors are all over their fake news media denouncing DeSantis for protecting the right to free speech, which is a basic constitutional right. Twitter are breaking the constitution and they need to be taken to court and then jail.

  7. drumphish

    Some people become sicker than a dog or can even die after receiving the second vaccine.

    Biden wants 70 percent of Americans to receive the vaccine, the goal.

    Hank Aaron died a couple of weeks after receiving the vaccine. Marvin Hagler, the boxer, died after he was vaccinated.

    If anything creates fear, it would be the possibility of dying after being injected with any of the vaccines.

    The VP of Oracle died after receiving the second vaccine, sad story.

    I never go to twitter and am better off because of it. I see something from there on occasion if it is of interest.

    Deagle predicts a population reduction in the US by more than 200 million.

    The population in the US is 330 million, 70 percent of 330 million equals 231 million, 330-231=99 million.

    Pure conjecture, but the numbers kind of fit the scenario. Makes you see a red flag from a thousand miles away.

    Makes twitter suspect in the scheme of things. Twitter can take their selected censoring and stuff it.

    In February of 1977 I was given a flu shot, in November of 1977, I became ill with the flu worse than ever than before.

    ‘Vaxine Macht Frei’ is what it says at Rex research.

    Feel free? Feel lucky?

    Weather situation is improving, but the temperature on Friday reached 103 F and broke the record set in 1988 at 95 degrees F.

    Rain has finally arrived and hope it improves the crops, they’re suffering immensely with no emergence or the new green growth is maybe four inches in height.

    There are dust storms that are probably close to the Dust Bowl of the 1930’s. A dust storm so bad, that’s all you see. Can smell the dust.

    1. drumphish
  8. mwhite

    After years of telling everyone that they were just platforms and not responsible for the content.

  9. Ben Vorlich

    With everything in life you weigh the odds and make a decision. How can you make a decision without all the evidence?

    Personally having had a close encounter with the Grim Reaper as a child, and four months in an isolation hospital, I take every vaccination going. On the other hand I can understand people not wanting to take the risk. But how many take the birth control pill, smoke, drink to excess etc. all known to have detrimental effects on health and/or life expectancy

    BTW why are there no Isolation Hospitals these days? Could it be that smallpox,cholera, diphtheria, dysentery, measles, scarlet fever, typhoid fever, typhus and whooping cough, the diseases that meant a stay in these establishments, have disappeared as killer diseases thanks in no small part to innocualtion and antibiotics?

    1. mwhite

      whooping cough, about 9 minutes into the video

      1. bonbon

        Because of HMO’s, abandoning the Hill-Burton system. Obamacare would ration even further – leaving the US prostrate before a simple COVID. In other words WallStreet and the city of London want a health system for the healthy, and rich. Much cheaper than for all those sick people, what?

      2. Richard Greene

        Source of data below:

        COVID deaths per 100,000 population
        Taiwan 1
        Japan 11
        Norway 15
        Finland 19
        Denmark 46

        Sweden 151

        France 166
        US 195
        UK 199
        Italy 218

        China claims 0.5 but I don’t believe them

        1. Yonason
    2. drumphish

      Do no harm.

      You forgot tuberculosis. The San Haven Chuckle.

      You can immunize humans, but you will never eliminate infectious diseases, it cannot happen. No immunizations, every single infectious disease will return and become a health issue for all humans.

      One of my uncles died of diphtheria at age 11.

      The Cutter Incident, where it all began:

      When my second son was but a tyke, he thought it was the Green Ripper.

      About the same.

  10. oebele bruinsma

    Why use twitter, the sewage pipe of human communication?

    1. Ian

    2. Richard Greene

      Sewage pipes are useful, and don’t discriminate.
      How dare you insult sewage pipes!

  11. Luigi

    I’m a very plain person: vaccines are experimental until they have not completed the whole process to be certified and this will take some other yers from now.

    So where is the lie?

    Soon some sites like this one will become outlaw. Just 1o years ago I would have never believed that this sort of things could ever happen in the west. But the war generation has passed by and memories are lost. young people are easily manipulated and the generation after war generation, now around 70-809years old has grown very egoistic: “let me just go to the restaurant another time and after me the flood”.

    It’s a very sad situation

  12. bonbon

    Facebook is offering social media convict Trump the potential of parole in two years, conditioned on good behavior.
    Not sure how the Twitter Gulag rules.

    1. The Indomitable Snowman, Ph.D.

      He doesn’t need them. And he knows it.

      Let’s roll.

  13. mwhite

    Who got the science correct?


  14. patrick healy

    I am blue in the face asking why do grown ups insist on putting money in the pockets of these satanic Silly Conn Valley billionaires There are so many viable alternatives out there.

  15. tom0mason

    Pierre Gosselin said “…lining up our kids for these experimental vaccines”

    Not quite there Pierre, they are lining up the kids for injections of experimental GMO products.

    These experimental GMO products are designed to profoundly mess-up how any individual’s immune system operates. These are not vaccines as they do not suppress or eliminate infection or symptoms either immediately or during a future infection by COVID (original or variants), via normal immunological action, also these experimental GMO products do NOT prevent the injected individual from spreading the COVID virus (original or variants).

  16. Stew Green

    Meanwhile in the UK
    Ofcom the sole abiter of Broadcasting including online
    has been taking its facts from a flawed lefty fact-checking service Full Fact
    (article from the Telegraph, but Telegraph has a paywall(

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