Skipping Summer…Fall-Like Weather Sweeps Across Europe…”Super-Cooled Europe”…Snow Forecast

Cool and wet weather expected to plague Europe into August

The previous three hot and dry European summers of 2018, 2019 and 2020 led “experts” to declare  this was all the new normal for future – unless we surrender our freedom to regulatory masterminds.

But no sooner was the ink of that declaration dry, did the weather turn and deliver just the opposite this summer. Across much of Europe it’s been wet and cool. The warnings of permanent summer droughts have evaporated.

Now the latest GFS 10-day forecast for Hamburg area shows rainy weather with high temps mostly in the range of only the mid to upper 60s (18-20°C) as Atlantic lows continue to sweep across northern Europe.

Chart: WX Charts

10-day temperature forecast for Hamburg:

Chart: WX Charts

10-day forecast for Glasgow area:

Chart: WX Charts

10-day forecast for Amsterdam:

Chart: WX Charts

10-day forecast, Paris:

Chart: WX Charts

Snow forecast in Austria, August 1, 2021

So cool the weather will be in the days ahead that SNOW is forecast in Austria tomorrow, August 1st:

Chart source: Hat-tip: Snowfan.

Snowfan looks ahead for the remainder of August:

The CFSv2 has continued to gradually cool the month of August in recent weeks and is now projecting a significantly supercooled and wet August 2021 in Central Europe.”

8 responses to “Skipping Summer…Fall-Like Weather Sweeps Across Europe…”Super-Cooled Europe”…Snow Forecast”

  1. John F Hultquist

    Is it too much to ask that you share a bit of that cool and moist air?

    Central Washington State saw 103+°F [~40°C] on 7/30, but only 100 the day before. For today also.

    A quite typical summer for us.

    1. Tony

      I would love to have 100+ °F here.Had it before on a few occasions in the summer and i loved it.I can handle those temps.Sure beats the crappy cool wet weather we been having for way too long in Europe.

  2. Yonason

    Just a hunch

    When I was about 10, the entire summer was cool and wet. Several years later we had a hotter than usual summer-long drought. So, maybe Europe will have a hot drought in a few years, just in time for warmists to scream that the sky is falling, just as they predicted.

  3. Ulric Lyons

    2019 and 2020 summers were much wetter than average for the UK.

    My solar based forecast for UK farmers was for a cooler-wetter signal from around 29th July. I can predict such detail years ahead. 2025 will be a great summer, but there are two very wet and cool summers occurring before then.

  4. tom0mason

    Over at GavsWeatherVids YoutUbe channel, the models are still forecasting a cool start to August, warming mid August. See
    Earlier seasonal weather video put a high possibility on a late September warm/dry period.
    And as for Autumn/Fall currently the WEATHER models are all over the place, see

  5. oebele bruinsma

    “The previous three hot and dry European summers of 2018, 2019 and 2020 led “experts” to declare this was all the new normal for future – unless we surrender our freedom to regulatory masterminds.” Short memories are the unique properties of the modern “climate experts”. You see nothing evolves in straight lines called trends for more than the arbitrarily chosen period of time. As we say in politics (which resembles climate “science”) things happen!!!

  6. stewartpid

    There is no new normal and due to climate change every summer is now the hottest, coolest, wettest or driest. Like Elvis, normal has left the building.

  7. drumphish

    Wet and cool is not the best of conditions for growing. Corn needs warm weather, cucumber seed needs warm soil to germinate. The sun provides the cure, call it sun efficacy.

    This is the driest summer I have ever witnessed. It is now about 35 days with little to no precipitation. Some crops have been spared from the heat and lack of rain, really not in too bad of shape, received rain in amounts at the right time, it is not all gloom and doom. Other crops with no rain are stressed and won’t make a yield of much if any at all.

    Always enough topsoil moisture and ground water to provide growth, just limited by lack of rain, still will make a crop of some kind, even if just silage.

    The smoke from the fires in the western states of the US and provinces of Canada has been lingering for several weeks.

    One cool evening, the air cleared for a few hours, the next morning, the haze returned.

    Still not record setting temperatures, but the relentless heat in the 80’s and 90’s have been devastating for some land areas.

    In the Red River Valley of the North, you will be able to grow a crop with no rain, the water table will provide the necessary moisture to mature wheat and barley. Three feet and more of black fertile topsoil never ceases to amaze.

    There will always be some rain, sometimes more, sometimes less.

    You’ll always get potatoes.

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