New Documentary Reveals How Corrupt And Destructive Green Energies Are: “This Is A Broken System”

The green energy future is not green at all, a stunning new documentary shows how corrupt and destructive it is to our environment.

A former KPMG employee in London realizes that the green energy movement is corrupt throughout.

The whole time things started feeling funny. It was like a glitch. It’s like, this doesn’t feel right. These people are doing these big projects, making lots of money. But they’re not sustainable. You know, these are some of the most ego-driven monsters. There is a lot of dark stuff in these companies’ supply chains. It’s all about money, and they’re using the sustainability agenda as just another tool, another stick to beat their suppliers with.” – Alexander Pohl, former employee, KPMG London. “These people are everywhere. it’s a systemic corruption.”

The Green Movement is based on lies: Man has not become the biggest climate driver, and green energies are not rescuing the environment. The opposite is what’s real.

Marijn Poels latest film, Headwind, shows us that much of the green energies now being installed are irreversibly ravaging the environment and how it’s about corporations making tonnes of money.

What we are told are solutions today will be the environmental disasters of tomorrow.

Greta is in for rude awakening.

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15 responses to “New Documentary Reveals How Corrupt And Destructive Green Energies Are: “This Is A Broken System””

  1. wazz

    Would appreciate your summary comments on German Election.
    Thanks from downunder.
    I realise it may take a while for all negotiations to play out.

  2. William Astley

    Will countries destroy their economies for zero benefit? Installing wind turbines and solar cells has not and will not change the climate.

    The world will never get to absolute zero emissions because the Western countries will collapse and all of high energy industries will move to the countries that the lowest cost energy and no groups sabotaging the country/legislation/legal system/country infrastructure.

    The UK and Germany are starting to have shortages because they have passed legislation and are making changes to their electrical grids and forcing a change to EV vehicles, which are ‘designed’ to cause ‘fossil’ fuel shortages and electrical grid brownouts.

    In the UK there is now a shortage of petrol. There is a shortage of CO2 gas. There is a shortage of natural gas. There is worry about running out of local produced fertilizer. The Left are talking about the need to ration energy, as shortages start to happen. Lineups at fuelling stations.

    Production stoppage is now starting to occur in the UK, because energy is too expensive.

    One of the key issues, which the public is not aware of, is the Green Scam Legislation is trying, to force heating, manufacturing, transportation, and so on ….

    Which are currently powered by burning hydrocarbons to be forced, to be powered by electricity. That legislation change, will force the electrical grid to be expanded by a factor of three or there will be massive shortages of electricity.

    “The UK electrical grid power supply output would be required to INCREASE by a factor of THREE (with zero emissions) as all heating, manufacturing, and transportation, is going to be powered from electricity”

    Cement cannot be made with zero emissions and there is no solution. Same for how to power ships or airplanes. There is no solution as to how to construct buildings or what is going to replace plastics.

    There is no solution for how to mine with zero emissions or how to smelt steel. The solution is more recycling.

    1. Adam Gallon

      There’s no shortage of petrol or diesel in the UK.
      What we’ve seen, is panic buying after a leaked BP report that they’re short of delivery drivers, which lead to 20 of their 1200 stations, running out.
      This lead to the public rushing to fill their cars up, so rather than their usual “I’ll put £20 in the tank” it’s been a full tank, say £60.
      Natural gas prices have soared, due to global demand, so our major fertiliser factory, owned by a US corporation, announced they were suspending production.
      They produce Ammonia from natural gas, with CO2 as a byproduct.
      This CO2 is sold to industry and used in food production & packaging, etc.
      Government naturally shits itself & offers a subsidy for the company to keep the factory open.
      So, no shortages, just high demand & thus high prices.

  3. tom0mason

    CO2 whether human or naturally derived is NOT a great driver of the climate. If it were to exist it would be lost in the normal everyday noise of weather effects that naturally happen.
    Without the stupid models hyping-up ‘global warming’ via the evidence-free ‘enhance greenhouse effect’, the advocates and IPCC have nothing, zero, zip!
    CO2 is only 0.04% of the gases in the atmosphere, any fool that believes that it is a major player has not rationally looked at climatic history.

    1. stewartpid

      Tom / others …. re the CO2 is not a great driver of climate – I got Steve Koonin’s Unsettled and I think his review & treatment of CO2 is appalling.
      Has anyone seen a review of this portion of his book pointing out his errors and oversites regarding CO2.
      I would rate the book fair except for the CO2 section which seems about 1/10 of what it should be and very uncritical.
      Thanks folks.

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  6. Stephen Wilde

    Pretty much what some of us have been saying for years.

  7. mikewaite

    Preliminary results from the German election suggest that the Greens will be part of the ruling coalition so that the policies which have brought so many problems will be extended and accelerated.

  8. Nick Schroeder

    By reflecting away 30% of the incoming solar energy the albedo makes the Earth cooler than it would be without the atmosphere much like that reflective panel behind a car’s windshield.

    The non-radiative heat transfer processes of the contiguous atmospheric molecules render “extra” energy upwelling from the surface radiating as a Long Wave InfraRed Black Body impossible.
    For example, the 396 W/m^2 upwelling from the surface as in the referenced graphic is a “What if?” theoretical calculation without physical reality. (refer to: TFK_bams09)

    Without the 396 W/m^2 upwelling there is no 333 W/m^2 GHG energy up/down/”back” LWIR greenhouse gas loop to not “warm” the terrestrial surface.

    The greenhouse theory and man caused climate change are negated by any one of these three points.

    Hysterical speculations over sea levels, ice caps, glaciers, extreme weather, etc. are irrelevant noise.

    Zero greenhouse effect, Zero CO2 global warming and Zero man caused climate change.

    Version 1.0 092721

  9. benazzi

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  12. Neue Dokumentation enthüllt, wie korrupt und destruktiv „Grüne Energie“ ist: „Das ist ein kaputtes System“ | EIKE - Europäisches Institut für Klima & Energie
  13. benazzi

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