Tis The Season To Be Hateful: Hanover Excludes Unvaccinated From Advent And Christmas Celebrations

A poster from Hanover, Germany has inspired me to start a new page at this site: My Corona Diaries, 2020s Germany. I don’t need to tell what it reminds me of.

I’ll be posting there from time to time to give readers some insight on the madness that’s sweeping across Austria and Germany. They’re talking about forced vaccination for adults now, I guess wanting to go back to the days before the Nuremberg Code.

Hopefully I won’t be seeing the same fate as Anne Frank, but already I’m already thinking about how to hide, or escape.

Here’s Germany’s latest move against the now very hated unvaccinated, in Hanover:

Madness, hate and ignorance pervade over Christmas this year. Unvaccinated persons are forbidden to order food or drink at the traditional outdoor Christmas market in Hanover. “Whoever wishes to consume food or drinks must first provide proof of being fully vaccinated (geimpft) or being recovered (genesen). Passing on food or drink to persons who are neither vaccinated nor recovered is not allowed.”

Can you believe it? How small-minded can you get?

That’s how it all started with the Jews and gypsies in the 1930s. Following Austria, Germany is beginning to loose its bloody mind once again.

All that bottled up brown just wants to come gushing out.

20 responses to “Tis The Season To Be Hateful: Hanover Excludes Unvaccinated From Advent And Christmas Celebrations”

  1. John Hultquist

    The Reference Frame has a related post.

  2. bonbon

    Christmas Markets, and especially Carnival, already have a bad reputation – at Aachen not long ago 6000 people became ill because of 1 kiosk’s hygiene, before COVID.

    The hospitals and healthcare people have been through this.

    Austria already sends a rescue bill to any skier injured off-piste, and that includes the helicopter fee. I think Switzerland also. Anyway skiing there is not an option now.

    Someone has suggested a COVID bill for unvaccinated who end up in a ICU. How long before health insurance refuse to pay in such cases?
    In the US 40 million have no health insurance – who pays the ICU fee?

  3. Sean

    The vaccines give temporary protection so people need boosters before the protection lapses. Instead of dealing with that in a straightforward way and admit the limits of their prescription, the powers that be blame increased infections on the unvaccinated. Since the disease is in an endemic phase in Europe those who want to be vaccinated should just focus on getting boosters not giving blame. People in government should better understand how to apply their preferred prescription while acknowledge the shortcomings.

    1. Gapffl

      Temporary protection from what? –
      People who received the “vaccines” are as likely to get infected with the virus as non-vaccinated people, and once infected, they are as likely to transmit it to others. These products are not only unnecessary for most people, they are useless too.
      Moreover, non-vaccinated people have a chance to develop natural immunity to this virus, and this type of immunity is many times more effective and durable than the temporary, partial, and weak immunity that the shots provide.
      On top of this, people who get the Covid shots are at s serious danger of developing adverse side effects that include damage to their immune system, a wide variety of symptoms and syndromes, and the ultimate side effect – death.
      FYI, currently, the official VAERS database lists close to 1 million cases of Adverse Effects to these “vaccines”, including close to 20,000 deaths.
      Bio-Statistics and Cardiology experts who have analyzed this data concluded that VAERS, which over the years has been known to suffer from chronic under-reporting, is missing data on between 90% and 99% of the adverse cases that have actually occurred. In other words, the actual number of adverse effects to these Covid “vaccines”, including deaths, is 10 to 100 greater.
      Their article is getting censored by the publisher, and the whole thing is subject to a lawsuit they filed – Yet another unacceptable COVID-19 censorship stories:

      1. Sean

        I don’t disagree with most of what you say but COVID discriminates by age having its harshest effects on the elderly and those with co-morbitities. So vaccines likely have less risk for the aged than the virus. I don’t think that’s true for those under 25 and I don’t know where to draw the line between the 25 and 60 year olds. I believe if a risk based approach was followed with the vaccines and the mandates were eliminated we would be in a better place. I am over 65 and glad I got a vaccine and even had a booster. My kids have had vaccines in the spring but one has tested positive (and a grandchild) because they’ve not had boosters. I’m certain they will be OK. I’m also certain I will be fine when I visit them because my vaccine is current. The vaccine is for personal protection, NOT herd immunity. My children’s decision to get or not is their personal choice and it should be up to them. My grandkids are all under 10 and I would be upset if they were forced to get a vaccine.

  4. richard

    Holocaust Survivors’ Letters

    Two letters from Holocaust Survivors were sent to the European Medicines Agency and the International Criminal Court. The survivors wrote:

    “If 80 years ago it was the Jews who were demonized as spreaders of infectious diseases, today it is the unvaccinated…. Never before has immunization of the entire planet been accomplished by delivering a synthetic mRNA into the human body. It is a medical experiment to which the Nuremberg Code must be applied.”

  5. bonbon

    Have a look here :

    at 14:14 an interview with Dr. Prof. Katalin Karikó (VP of Biontech, Mainz) who explains in a very clear way what and why this damned virus hits. This is the best and clearest explanation of how such a virus spreads…

    At least 20 years of extremely difficult research, so armchair virologists, who never even tried an electron microscope, shut up!

    1. jeff

      So you wish to believe someone who has a vested interest in the clot shot as being unbiased? And there have been NO previous “vaccines” that are mRNA.

      The quote marks are because the clot shot is genetechnik, NOT a standard vaccine, like polio, smallpox, tetanus, etc.

      Shut up yourselves. But it’s OUR BODIES, OUR CHOICE (now where have I heard that before???). If your “vaccine” works so well, what do you have to worry about???

      1. bonbon

        You did not actually listen about the immune system, and what other diseases this was developed for, including Multiple Sclerosis and allergies. Another variation on the way is Toleration, to give people with hay-fever some chance.

        All Plagues actually see our bodies as food, a bit like gasoline. They do not give one whit for any kind of ghost-dance rituals.

        Being on a Corona menu is not my cup of tea.

  6. Pat Swords

    This is a stunning professional analysis of English fatality data from the last months. What is starting to get attention with this data is that it is showing that in the 10-60 age group, there is a significant increase in the fatality rate among the vaccinated compared to the unvaccinated. Plus another professional footballer collapsed on the field yesterday. However, you have to draw your own conclusions from the presentation below, which as I say is a stunning analysis by Norman Fenton and something that the ‘internet police’ might pull down shortly.


    1. Edim

      Yes, a very good analysis by Mr Fenton. He still doesn’t connect the dots though. If the tests are not accurate and there’s no gold standard, which he agrees with, there’s no evidence for any new virus/disease. The evidence is that it’s just relabeled common cold, influenza, pneumonia and many more.

    2. Edim

      More from Norman Fenton:

      The European Union’s highly misleading chart and message about vaccine effectiveness

      The European Commission has just posted this highly misleading chart and accompanying message which suggests that vaccinations drastically reduce the covid death rate.


      Read the linked article too, that “Probability and Risk” blog is good.

  7. Tom0mason

    So the next step is for the un-injected (unvaccinated in political speak) is to prominently wear a triangle (or star) on all of their clothing — humm, green for convicted criminals, red for political prisoners, purple for pacifists, pink for homosexuals, black for anti-socials and brown for gypsies? (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nazi_concentration_camp_badge#Badge_coding_system for more)

    Maybe the ‘unvaccinated’ should preempt such ideas and wear coats with all of them on (plus the infamous yellow star if jewish) just as a reminder to the public. Or make imitation unvaccination certificates, and phone apps that display such insignia around the words ‘I’m unvaccinated, you are just following orders’ (Would that be “Ich bin nicht geimpft, Sie folgen nur Befehlen”?)

  8. Tom0mason

    Ho-hum, looks like another of my comments is in the bin.

  9. CK_

    It’s even worse in Australia. There are claims that native population is being forcibly jabbed in the rural areas (out of sight out of mind):


    1. bonbon

      Someone put the idea into their heads that the devil, Satan himself, is in the jab.
      Very reminiscent of the Jesuits during the US Indian wars telling the locals that a vest would make them bullet proof, with a Ghost Dance.
      They were of course decimated.
      If COVID spreads among Aborigine they will be decimated.

      Lets be clear Satan is not mRNA, it is not in the Bible, as far as I know!

  10. bonbon

    The Plague invites all anti-vaxxers and sundry to Dinner.

    Check the Menu folks – it is in fact human bodies, seen through Plague eyes as refined gasoline – what else is a fever?

    How does that feel, while doing a Ghost Dance of individualism?

    1. bonbon

      Food for thought, far better than feeding the plaque?

  11. bonbon

    Some completely hysterical anti-vaxxers blather on without doing any checking, any homework at all, Greta-like.

    The Holocaust began with Aktion T4, secret until war broke out, targeting precise groups of ¨useless eaters¨ FOR MEDICAL RATIONING! T4 was the address of the ¨Health Ministry¨, Tiergarten 4. This is very well documented.

    Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES does any modern government risk being in such a rationing situation if hospital facilities are over run. Austria saw that approaching. Austria has been there, done that. US is right there right now.

    Why was MEDICAL RATIONING pushed – Schacht Economics – Hitler’s Finance Minister, Bank of International Settlement founder. It is called Austerity in polite company at tea. The economy was utterly bankrupt.

    Today DAVOS tells us exactly the same AUSTERITY, less is better. What they politely omit is MEDICAL RATIONING. FLOP26 – exactly the same – AUSTERITY!

    Now Nature hits hard, a reality check. The health systems must be massively beefed up. More research is urgent.

  12. bonbon

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