World Leading Microbiologist Warns mRNA Vaccines May Have Opened Gates Of Immunological Hell

No scientist has been as outspoken and emphatic about the dangers of mRNA vaccines as microbiologist Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi.

Doctors for COVID Ethics here have released his latest video message to the world.

Bhakdi has issued extremely dire warnings, based on recent data from leading pathologists.

Bhakdi has been warning about the new mRNA vaccines for over a year.

In his latest video, he describes what pathologists have been finding in vaccinated patients who have died shortly after being injected with mRNA vaccines. The spike protein producing MRNA nanoparticles are attacking organs in a significant number of patients. Bhakdi even goes to say that what governments and health authorities are doing is tantamount to lining kids up against the wall.

It’s a shocking assessment, and even if just half true, it would have to go down as mass scale negligent homicide.

On photos that pathologists have released, Bhakdi comments: “You politicians, you authorities – look at these pictures! Look at the people who have died. These people have been killed because of you. I can’t stand it!”


“The proof is there! Laid out for the world”


“Your lymphocytes and the cells that are responsible for immune control of your body are dying. They are dying!”

He also warns of outbreaks of tuberculosis and cancer due to an immune system that has been damaged by the vaccines.

36 responses to “World Leading Microbiologist Warns mRNA Vaccines May Have Opened Gates Of Immunological Hell”

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  2. Tammly

    Well, it cannot be denied that the vaccines are novel and have not been through full clinical trials. It’s one hell of a gamble for anyone who gets inoculated with them.

  3. CK_

    These are funny, especially the one about “Santa Klaus”- you’ll get no presents and be happy.

    Merry X-mas everyone (despite all of the grim news)!

    1. Richard Greene

      I’ve been collecting my favorite COVID related memes from that website for the past six months, and posted my 15 favorites on one of my blogs:

      1. Yonason


        Some good ones there. Thx

  4. Hatter Eggburn

    Please do not discredit scientific skepticism of climate alarmism by going down the anti-vax road to nowhere. NTZ is probably the best site for actual science relating to observation of climate, ice and oceans, and exposing alarmist pseudoscience about the climate non-catastrophe. WUWT used to post scientific refutation of alarmist pseudoscience but nowadays 90% of their posts are political only, in fact of the few scientific articles they still post, many are reblogs from here at NTZ.

    Antivax is nonsense based on inability to grasp elementary statistics and epidemiology. When you vaccinate billions of people, many will spectacularly drop dead of hilarious diseases. By pure chance. Multiply a tiny fraction by a big number and you get hundreds of cases. Intelligent people understand that this means nothing, it’s what happens anyway every day all over the world.

    Through antivaxxer sentiment, the conservative and scientific-sceptical community is shooting itself in the foot. This risks handing an undeserved victory to the progressive-superstitious alarmist left. Please stop!

    1. Richard Greene

      Egger Hattburn

      In the VAERS database, a typical year since 1990 has had 200 or 300 vaccine deaths reported for all vaccine given in that year.
      For COVID vaccines in 2021, deaths reported is over 20,000.
      That is a huge concern.
      You can sit there and pontificate that COVID vaccines are a leading cause of “coincidences”, but 20,000+ is a big problem that needs investigation and lots of autopsies … that are not happening.

      There is no reason to believe the percentage of adverse side effects reported in 2021 (likely less than 10% are reported) has differed from all of the other prior 30 years of VAERS reports. There is obviously a side effect problem.

      I agree that WUWT that has gone downhill.
      But the coming climate crisis IS political, not science.
      Science is based on data.
      There are no data for the future climate.
      Only speculation and theories.
      For the past 60 years, predictions of the future climate have been inaccurate, so there is no reason to assume current climate forecasts are now accurate.

      Concerning the vaccines:
      They appear to be ineffective against the Omicron variant, so the debate over vaccines is now a moot point.

      People like yourself will claim things would have been worse without the COVID vaccines. That sounds reasonable, but is speculation.

      I would argue that things WERE WORSE WITH THE COVID VACCINES. Because in the US, in 2021, with COVID vaccines, more people died from COVID than in 2020, with no vaccines. And we end 2021 with COVID infections exploding — from a new Omicron epidemic of the vaccinated.

      Reality does not add up to a COVID vaccine success …
      even before we discover long term adverse side effects.

      1. Yonason

        I’ve read that in the European equivalent of VAERS the number was 30,000, for a total of 50K deaths. That’s more than twice the mortality of D-Day for both sides.

      2. Phil Salmon

        Concerning the vaccines:
        They appear to be ineffective against the Omicron variant

        No they are effective especially after booster, as shown by normal scientific-statistical analysis. Early days yet, more data will follow, freely available in the open literature.

        People like yourself will claim things would have been worse without the COVID vaccines. That sounds reasonable, but is speculation.

        No it’s not speculation, vaccine efficacy is proved scientifically and in the open literature. Stats have to be done properly, adjusting for instance for the massive effect of age. Thus the antivaxxer trick of comparing covid outcomes of vaccinated pensioners with unvaccinated teenagers. In science you really do need to look at the small print.

        1. Yonason


          The antibodies are applying selective pressure on the virus, and the “variants of concern” are the result. It’s similar to how antibiotics select for variants resistant to them.

          The booster shots for COVID are stimulating your body to produce more of the Abs to which the “escaped variant” aren’t susceptible.

          Doing what not only didn’t work before, but which caused the problem I’m the first place, is not a recipe for success!

          If an inoculation doesn’t block infection and transmission, it is not a vaccine, and only makes matters progressively worse because leaky “vaccines״ make diseases worse. It’s textbook stuff that a number of experts were warning about even before the “clot shots” were rolled out.

          Here Fauci acknowledges the fact that the shots are ineffective, but then spins some nonsense distractions about what it means. The first part is the important part.

          The data is in. The “vaccines” are worse than useless. Denying patients early and effective treatment is murder.

    2. Yonason

      Get G.Heartburn

      It’s just a variant of the same scam, by the same corrupt elitist scum.

      Terrorize people into accepting substandard living conditions and being ruled by megalomaniacs.

  5. Newminster

    I’m struggling to understand why this guy is right and most of the rest of the medical establishment is wrong.
    Anyone (preferably other than a rabid anti-vaxxer) care to explain?

    1. Richard Greene

      We have no idea who is right.
      Because long term adverse side effects are not known yet.

      We do know the consensus claiming the vaccines are
      “Safe and effective” are promoting a lie.
      No vaccines in history ever caused
      so many adverse side effects.
      And few vaccines lose effectiveness so quickly.

    2. Yonason
    3. rw

      The Great Barrington Declaration now has almost a million signatures (I’m not sure how many are MD’s, but it began with 1800 last year). Unfortunately, you’re confusing numbers with decibel level – certain political types (like Collins and Fauci at NIH) are well-connected, able to commandeer society’s megaphones, so as to give the appearance of a general consensus. (BTW, where have we seen this before?)

      Remember that the Declaration was just a reassertion of epidemiological common sense – and if we had followed that, we would have gotten covid under control by now and would not be facing a global disaster brought on by reckless use of an untested technology.

  6. Richard Greene

    my first reason for not getting COVID vaxxed was not trusting a vaccine developed in record time, rather than the usual 5 to 15 years, with a 98% to 99% failure rate !

    My second reason was the worst short term side effects of any vaccine in history — worse than every other vaccine in the past 30 years combined, per the VAERS data base.

    My third reason was that effectiveness wore off so quickly, perhaps 10 percentage points a month, or faster.

    My fourth reason was unknown long term adverse side effects.
    It was my judgement that I did not want spike proteins inside my body, so would never volunteer to get a vaccine that created them — especially having no idea how long they would remain in my body.
    With boosters, every 6 to 9 months I suspect the spike proteins will ALWAYS be there, and that seems like a very bad idea.

    My fifth reason is that the vaccines are ineffective with Omicron, which seems no worse than a cold for almost all victims.

    I believe my choices to avoid COVID were better, and much safer, than vaccines: The first three supplements I’ve been taking for over 20 years to boost my immune system, while I started taking quercetin this year.
    (1) Vitamin C
    (2) Vitamin D
    (3) Zinc
    (5) Quercetin
    (4) Social distancing and
    (5) Minimizing stress by ignoring COVID “fear porn”

    1. Yonason

      To your list I would only add N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine, especially if you were tricked into taking any of the shots, as per Dr Zelenko.

  7. oebele bruinsma

    In other words a new self-inflicted AIDS pandemic. It is beyond comprehension…..

    1. Yonason
  8. William Astley

    The problem is the US institutions the FDA and CDC are not independent of the companies that make drugs and vaccines. The FDA/CDC actions are not in the best interest of the US population.

    The FDA let Pfizer hide stuff. This was not a mistake. This is institutional failure/rot.

    Probably the most serious, planned study deficiency (to enable side effects to be hidden) was not using standard modern biological science to analysis the vaccine patient’s blood sample before and after vaccination to look for changes in biomarkers.

    Pfizer did not check for biomarker changes in the study blood samples taken before and after the vaccinations. Why? Why did the FDA almost not monitor the Pfizer vaccine tests?

    Biomarker changes would have provided proof and quantify any sinister microbiological changes that should not happen in the vaccine test subjects.

    The FDA would then have if they were doing their job when biomarker changes would have been found.

    If the FDA was on site to monitor the vaccine tests… The FDA would have ordered that those patients that had indication of heart inflammation in their biomarkers to have a high resolution MRI and then to look for heart damage and change. The problem is not science.

    This is a critical review of the Pfizer test data from the Pfizer covid test and their published report.

    1. Richard Greene

      It’s an old leftist strategy:

      If you don’t look for problems,
      then you won’t find problems.

      Also applies to election fraud !

  9. Patricia

    To: Newminster…….Have you carried out any research yourself?
    I’m asking the question because of your opening sentence: “I’m struggling to understand…..” suggests this is the only time you’ve heard this type of ‘warning’. However,there are many others whom you ought to listen to both in UK and elsewhere. Dr Mike Yeadon, Professor Dolores Cahill, Dr Judy Mikovits, Dr Sam Bailey, Dr Vernon Coleman are just five. There are many others. Your reference to ‘rabid antivaxxer is both ignorant and offensive.Individuals have choices relating to what they choose and permit to be put into their bodies. This is neither RABID nor ANTI.

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  11. Fran

    How many boosters will it take before the vaccinated masses start to get suspicious? It is surprising that so many who question the “safety” of our very good water system (the bottled water crowd) believe everything they are told about vaccines.

  12. James Walter

    What about Novavax and Valniva? Here is what Novavax says about theirs: Engineered from the genetic sequence of COVID-19, we used our recombinant nanoparticle technology to generate antigen derived from the coronavirus spike protein. In combination with our proprietary Matrix-M™ adjuvant, NVX-CoV2373 has demonstrated in preclinical studies that it binds efficiently with human receptors targeted by the virus, a critical aspect for effective vaccine protection.

    In April 2020, we announced that NVX-CoV2373 is highly immunogenic in animal models measuring spike protein–specific antibodies, which are antibodies that block the binding of the spike protein to the receptor and wild-type virus neutralizing antibodies. High levels of spike protein–specific antibodies with ACE-2 human receptor–binding, domain-blocking activity and SARS-CoV-2 wild-type virus neutralizing antibodies were observed after a single immunization. In addition, the already high microneutralization titers seen after one dose increased 8-fold with a second dose. High titer microneutralizing antibodies are generally accepted evidence that a vaccine is likely to be protective in humans. The NVX-CoV2373 development plan combines a Phase 1/Phase 2 approach to allow rapid advancement during the current coronavirus pandemic.

  13. Yonason

    “High titer microneutralizing antibodies are generally accepted evidence that a vaccine is likely to be protective…” – from link you provided

    That’s a disingenuous way of saying that “microneutralizing antibodies are generally considered a Correlate Of Immunity.” That is, they are a sign that other more important immunological processes may have occurred that convey the real immunity. But since those are much harder to measure, the Abs we can measure are indicative that the whole process might have worked as desired. But when you ONLY have the m.n. Abs, which do not themselves convey any immunity (Moderna, Phizer,…), then it’s not just misleading to leave your reader with the impression that they do. It’s a bald faced lie. The same would be true even if the highly toxic spike was directly injected, since this would also not result in the critically important upstream responses that m.n. Abs can’t be a correlate for, since they never occurred.

    Thanks, James, for showing me I can’t trust Novavax, either.

  14. John

    It may well be that this is true, but the source is blacklisted. Wikipedia says; In 2020 and 2021 Bhakdi became a prominent source of misinformation about the COVID-19 pandemic, claiming that the pandemic was “fake” and that COVID-19 vaccines were going to decimate the world’s population.

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