German Government Fears Millions Of Furnaces Going Off…Children Now Being Handed Blankets At School

Confidential government conference fears millions losing heat this winter…schools now handing out blankets for children to keep warm. 

German online daily Bild here reports on how the country’s federal government “fears a millionfold heating failure in winter”, citing sources from a confidential conference between the office of the Chancellor and the federal states.

The worries that Germans may have to freeze and go to extremes to stay warm are as real as ever, so much so that German schools have begun turning down the heat to save on fuel and handing out blankets to children so that they can keep warm in the classroom during their lessons, reports the here.

It’s the latest humiliation German children have been subjected to after 2 years of cancelled lessons, curfews and mandatory mask wearing due to the Corona “pandemic”.

“Children must not freeze in schools,” officials have declared, but that doesn’t mean the classrooms will be heated sufficiently for the eleven million or so schoolchildren in Germany. Schools are planning a room temperature of 20 degrees or less as they are being called upon to save energy individually. “In Heppenheim, too, the classroom temperature for secondary schools is 19 degrees – elementary school students are still allowed to freeze at 20 degrees,” according to

“In order to offer the little ones some protection against the frost, the Martin Buber School’s booster club has now even handed out 50 cuddly blankets – decorated with the school logo,” according to With room temperatures below 20°C, the children will certainly need them.

Moreover, Germany’s Federal Environment Agency recommends classrooms should be aired every 20 minutes to keep the air fresh and clean of viruses, thus exacerbating the situation additionally  Shock ventilation increases heating energy consumption by up to 20 percent.

“The whole situation is absurd,” reports “You want to fight Corona and save energy at the same time. Meanwhile, whether children receive the little bit of education still left that the German school system offers is of just as little interest as their physical and mental health.”

12 responses to “German Government Fears Millions Of Furnaces Going Off…Children Now Being Handed Blankets At School”

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  2. Jimfrey

    Due to the rising temperatures caused by Global Warming, there is no need any form of heating at all; unless the warming is so insignificant as to be meaningless….but then that would mean that successive western governments have squandered billions purely for ideological reasons.

  3. RoHa

    But think of what the survivng kids can tell their grandchildren!

    “When I was at school, it was so cold that we had to wrap blankets around ourselves …”

  4. John Hultquist

    Families with small children should ask for temporary (Nov. to March) residency in the USA and Canada. Justin and Joe have money for anything they want and should be able to find hotel and other rooms. Those that find work and otherwise can contribute might want to stay. Our demographics could use the boost.

    1. mikewaite

      Or they could take the train to Calais and climb into a waiting dinghy.

  5. Petit_Barde

    The wonderfull and unicornian dream of 100% renewable energy coupled with the suicidal suppression of nuclear energy generation, induced the need of more and more thermal power plants (mostly coal due to the gaz crisis) to bakup the unreliable wind and solar plants :
    – the worst power plants with respect to fine particules pollution and CO2 emissions (actually meaningless but used as a pretext) according to the climate alarmists themselves.

    The results are a complete failure :
    – explosion of the energy cost (due to the non-sense of an “non stockable good” (electric energy) spot market and the fraudulent CO2 credit market imposed to most of the UE countries),
    – increase in pollution due to more coal power plants,
    – increase in energy supply security risks (associated with unreliable wind and solar and a global energy production unable to pass winter consumption peaks),
    – explosion of enterprises shutdown, general impoverishment and endangerment of the population.

    This european, UN and WEF backed, eco-facist plan is nothing but criminal because all the actual observed consequences has been known since the beginning (some 20-30 years ago). For instance, the perpetrors of this disaster knew that this plan – if achieved – would lead to (or would be possible only with a) significant depopulation and/or massive impoverishment.

    In France, seeing this disaster (and the population growing anger), the flip-flop is at 180° :
    – they passed some years ago a law which plans to suppress 14 nuc power plants (2 already stopped) and now, the goal is to create 14 new nuc power plants.

    Now, these criminals are telling us that during the “5 to 10 next years” we will have to face an energy crisis, which they are 100% accountable of, that it’s our fault and to back their narrative, they all take part in a turtleneck sweater clown show …

    This reminds me of the infamous “2 weeks to flatten the curve” and all those charlatans sputing non-sense and making people feel guilty in the media 2.5 years ago.

  6. Gerald the Mole

    When I was at school in the UK in the late 1940’s a classroom temperature of 60 deg F was the official level. I leave you to convert it to celsius.

    1. stewartpid

      Mr Mole …. how thick was your mole fur coat …. you may have been quite comfortable at 60 F / 14.5 C

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  8. Richard Greene

    I hope they are “green” blankets made from cotton or wool.
    Not polyester blankets made from oil

  9. Gerald the Mole

    Stewartpid, good point. My standard dress in class was a woolen vest, a cotton shirt, a wool vee-necked pullover, a tweed jacket. This was also how we dressed at home. Yes we were quite comfortable.

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