Incredible Shrinking Vaccine Efficacy: Federal Health Minister Concedes Severe Cases Not Prevented

First they promised it offered you immunity and stopped transmission. It didn’t. 

Then that changed to: it prevented serious cases, which also was untrue. 

Now the latest promise is: Well, it keeps you from dying of COVID at the hospital.

The string of phony promises surrounding the mRNA vaccines is long.

Do you remember? “Two weeks to flatten the curve”. But that didn’t work and so a novel vaccine got rushed out at warp speed (i.e. without any proper development quality control).

“If you get vaccinated, you won’t get COVID,” President Joe Biden claimed.

It’ll stop the virus from being transmitted, others insisted. In April 2021, Biontec’s chief even predicted that “herd immunity” would be achieved by August. But that was all bogus, too. Vaccinated people started getting sick with COVID, too.

“Well, it’s just some rare breakthrough cases,” they claimed next. Yet, here  as well the “rare breakthrough cases” became frequent. Fully vaccinated persons are reported getting COVID everywhere, often not once but twice.

So then they moved on next to the next promise: “Well, the vaccine prevents serious cases.” Lo and behold, that too has since turned out to be a complete myth. In fact, some data suggest that a disproportionately high number of COVID hospitalizations are among the vaccinated, never mind all the side effects.

The mRNA vaccines are having little or no effect on the severity of the infection, it’s becoming clear. Now this has been confirmed by Germany’s Minister of Health, Karl Lauterbach at a Parliamentary hearing in Berlin yesterday, as Stefan Homburg notes at Twitter:

When a German parliamentarian asked Lauterbach why so many vaccinated people were winding up hospitalized with COVID despite being vaccinated after being promised they would get only mild cases, the Health Minister could no longer deny it, conceding vaccinated people were indeed suffering in hospitals from severe cases. Lauterbach was left with no choice – he had to concoct a new promise: If you get vaccinated, you won’t die of serious COVID in the hospital.

“The difference is that there’s difference if you come to the hospital and get successfully treated, or if you come to a hospital and die,” Lauterbach answered. “People come to the hospitals and survive the illness because they were vaccinated. And if they weren’t vaccinated, then the course of the illness would be much more serious and more people would die.”

Of course, that promise most likely will also turn out to be totally bogus as well.

What could the next promise after that possibly be? If you get vaccinated, you’ll be able to pass through the Gates of St. Peter?

13 responses to “Incredible Shrinking Vaccine Efficacy: Federal Health Minister Concedes Severe Cases Not Prevented”

  1. Petit_Barde

    According to the Pifzer and Moderna’s third phase trials themselves (see released documents in the US since the FOIA against the FDA), there is no mRNA vaccine efficacy in excess death reduction.

    Thus, these “vaccines” do not prevent infection nor contagion,
    they do not prevent hospitalization and they do not prevent death (no all causes excess death reduction).

    Conversely, they actually prevent people from being healthy.

    They are nothing else than a complete failure, a health disaster pushed by crimimals.

    1. Richard Greene

      To be fair to vaccine manufacturers, they never claimed their vaccines prevented infections, spread or death. They claimed fewer people had covid symptoms in a mere two month trial. The absolute risk reduction rate was about 1%
      We found out later that vaccine induced antibodies “wear off” quickly, so the first two months make the vaccines better than they are over time. And that’s only if you trust the manufacturer’s test result claims.

  2. Curious George

    Reportedly Pfizer supplied CDC with some 5,000 pages of data to get an emergency approval of the vaccine. CDC plans to make this data available to the public slowly, over 70 years.

    1. Richard Greene

      Maybe it will take bureaucrats 70 years to read 5000 pages?
      They are not brianiacs.

  3. Luigi

    The vaccine was voluntary in Germany so nobody was forced to get it. Who did not want could in the worst case wait to be dismissed by his employer (in some cases there have been menaces, but nothing more). People employed in the health care system were suspended but not dismissed.
    Therefore, it was only a matter of some months and then they would have come back to work.
    Those really dismissed could ask for unemployment aid, which in Germany is very good, or go to work somewhere else (and they would not earn much less because in Germany salaries are already so crushed down that differences are ridiculous, apart form Engineers, layers who can work from home and doctors, who actually were the most under pressure because they have seen menaces to lose their licence to work).

    So the far majority of those did not want the vaccine could have avoided taking it.
    Those who got it, decided that in order to go to bars and cafes, to travel and make their holidays. They could not resist even one year without a journey somewhere out of Europe. In Italy and many other countries in Europe in Summer there was no green pass for tourists, so even travelling was actually possible ( I have been 3 times to Italy and 1 in Poland in summer 2021 and 2022 and NEVER took one single mRNA jab).

    So those who took the vaccine did it because they are fundamentally mentally limited people, who in the right historical moment could be easily convinced of the worst things, like that “Jews are rats and deserve death”. As we have seen we talk about 70% of the population, like in 1935. So here we are.

    (I’m Curious if the post will be shown)

  4. Gerald the Mole

    In the UK the pressure to get vaccinated was enormous. Morally speaking you were forced to get jabbed.

  5. JohnM

    Here in France our gracious President wanted to shit on us unvaccinated.

    For two years I could not go to the hospital for my annual heart examination as I did not have a health passport (later changed to Vaccine passport and made more strict).

    No visits to Bars, Cinema, Restaurants, Concerts, etc, until recently. As the numbers are now rising I fully expect that by December all the restrictions will re-apply.

    1. Yonason

      Some winning occurring…

      But it should never have come to that. So much injustice that no amount of judicial bandaging will ever make it right.

  6. mwhite

    “How an illusion of efficacy can be established for any treatment”

    So that’s how they did it.

    1. Yonason

      Nice find!

  7. oebele bruinsma

    Given the increasing amounts of vaccine side effects it seems to me that the vaccine is a bioweapon.

  8. voza0db

    The Miracle mRNA Toxic Spew Jabs are performing as expected…

  9. Richard Greene

    In the US and probably in Germany too, statistics are not accurate enough to know if Covid injections reduced Covid symptoms. That’s because up to half of Covid patients went to the hospital (MANHATTAN NYC HOSPITAL STUDY) for other non-respiratory reasons, and were later declared to be “Covid Patients”.
    In 2022 when Omicron is the primary “Covid” infection. Omicron rarely kills people so calling a heart patient who tests positive for Omicron too, a “Covid Patient” is very misleading.

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