New Study: Shortwave Climate Forcing Increased From 2001-2018, Explaining The Warming

Yet another observational study determines changes in Earth’s reflectiveness, or planetary albedo, may be primarily responsible for 21st century climate forcing.

Earth’s radiation budget at the top of atmosphere (TOA) is predominantly controlled by internal changes in cloud cover. A declining albedo – linked to declining cloud cover – corresponds to an increase in the shortwave radiation absorbed by the Earth and thus a positive climate forcing.

More specifically, a change in Earth’s albedo of just -0.01 corresponds to an increase of +3.4 W/m² in absorbed solar radiation (Wielicki et al., 2005). Thus, even tiny variations in the planetary albedo are sufficient to trigger glaciations and deglaciations (Budyko, 1969).

A new study  indicates the planetary albedo declined at a rate of -0.002 per decade from 2001-2018, equivalent to approximately +0.7 W/m² per decade of shortwave climate forcing.

When we consider it allegedly takes 10 years and 22 ppm of CO2 increases to produce a total surface forcing of +0.2 W/m² per decade, it is obvious that the increase in absorbed solar radiation, modulated by changes in cloud albedo, has been the dominant forcing factor driving warming in recent decades.

Image Source: Lv et al., 2022

10 responses to “New Study: Shortwave Climate Forcing Increased From 2001-2018, Explaining The Warming”

  1. Richard Greene

    “A new study indicates the planetary albedo declined at a rate of -0.002 per decade from 2001-2018,”

    Two thousandths per decade
    No human could possibly measure albedo with that precision
    The study is total BS

  2. Michael Peinsipp

    And now the albedo is increasing due to Cloud Nucleation caused by the Sun’s output is decreasing and allowing Cosmic energy to hit Earth.
    In other words…the Eddy Minimum is in full swing and it is getting colder…for the next 3-5 DECADES!
    Enjoy the COLD and SNOW!

    1. posa

      Interesting data Michael. Do you have links to support the claims you posted?

      The data posted below by R Greene seems to exclude that causal links posted in the Lv study trying to explain causes of a low albedo era. An alternate Space Weather explanation could fill the gap if the data backs the claims.

  3. voza0db

    OFF-TOPIC but since for some morons “climate change also causes heart attacks… Enjoy!

    6 Morons in Germany (the Irony) decided to investigate surprise deaths!

    I’ll just post the FUNNIEST parts, but if any of my fellow wish to waste time reading the entire thing just go here

    Among the 35 cases of the University of Heidelberg, autopsies revealed other causes of death (due to pre-existing illnesses) in 10 patients (Supplementary Table 1). Hence, these were excluded from further analysis. Cardiac autopsy findings consistent with (epi-)myocarditis were found in five cases of the remaining 25 bodies found unexpectedly dead at home within 20 days following SARS-CoV-2 vaccination.

    Person 1 was found dead 12 h after the vaccination. A witness described a rattling breath shortly before discovering circulatory failure. Person 2 complained about nausea and was found dead soon thereafter. Resuscitation was started immediately but without success, respectively. The other persons were found dead at home without available information about terminal symptoms. According to the available information provided at the time of autopsies, none of the deceased persons had SARS-CoV-2 infection prior to vaccination and nasopharyngeal swabs were negative in all cases.

  4. Posa

    From the Lv study
    “The snow/ice coverage and normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) were the driving factors of the surface contribution in the snow/ice-covered and vegetated areas, respectively.”

    The report is paywalled but maybe someone can unravel this mystery

    Causes amount to
    a) Warming (snow/ ice coverage) … caused by (b)?
    b) Vegetated areas — less vegetation? Human land use causing a drier atmosphere?

    In any case, no mention of CO2 as a causal agent. Did less albedo cause Roman and Medieval Warming?

    1. Richard Greene

      Rutgers Snow Lab data show N.H. snowfall has been relatively steady since 1967, with this year setting a record recently

      Artic sea ice extent declined significantly from 2000 to 2012 and rose from 2012 to 2022

      Vegetated areas have increased since 2000, as measured by the NASA Vegetation Index

      1. posa

        Thanks Richard. The data you presented seems to refute the causal claims posted in the Lv study.

  5. soundos

    The article is very informative and interesting

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