My Household Electricity And Gas Prices Rise 87% And 178% Respectively!

Green energies making life in Germany unaffordable…we’ll have no heat and lights and be happy

We’ve all heard about the excruciatingly high energy prices Germans are forced to pay in the wake of the Energiewende (transition to green energies).

Yet, due to the fact that my own household had made a contract in 2021 that locked the heating gas and electricity prices for 2 years, our rates had stayed reasonably low. But that contract expires on April 1st, 2023, and last week we got the long awaited letter announcing the new prices from our gas and electric utility.

87% jump

Let’s start with electricity. Over the past 2 years we’ve been paying 21.77 euro-cents per kilowatt hour. Compared to other households that is a very low price:

Excerpt of the letter announcing our new electricity prices. 

But beginning April 2nd, the price will skyrocket, almost doubling, to 40.63 euro-cents a kilowatt-hour. That’s an 87% jump! Hate to imagine what that would mean for an energy-intensive company.

Gas explosion

Next we look at the new natural gas prices, which are important if we want to keep warm. Below we see that old price was 5.6 euro-cents a kilowatt-hour, which expires on April 2nd, 2023.

Excerpt of the letter announcing new heating gas prices. 

On April 2nd, the new price jumps to a whopping 14.66 euro-cents per kilowatt-hour, a hefty 162% price increase! The EU likes to blame Putin for the high gas prices, but we all know what the real reason is:

Monthly that’s going to translate into some bills that are going to take some getting used to.

But my household is still one of the few lucky ones. Some 10 years ago we had installed 12.5 kilowatt capacity solar panels (10,000 kwh production annually), which more than offsets the higher electricity prices.

Burning wood to keep warm

And late last fall we installed a wood burning stove, which will keep the heating costs down, as we have a cheap supply of firewood. Most other fellow citizens are less fortunate, though, because they don’t have those kinds of options, especially those who rent apartments. Many double-income families are struggling and see little hope for the future.

Unfortunately the price hikes don’t end there. High energy prices have caused the price of everything to surge…especially food.

Germany’s Energiewende is all pain and no gain.

16 responses to “My Household Electricity And Gas Prices Rise 8716 And 17816 Respectively!”

  1. John F. Hultquist

    In central Washington State where hydroelectric power is the main source of electrons, my supplier did not raise rates for 2023. There was a rate change the previous year.
    For 2022 and 2023 the rates schedule:
    Facility Charge: $25.50 / month
    Energy charge: $0.0982 / kwh

    The county east of me (owns and operates several dams) has rates about 1/2 of mine.

  2. Scissor

    If you’d like, I’m sure Biden could have your transmission lines blown up.

  3. Graeme No.3

    When people are desperate they want change. The present politicians and the Brussells bureaucrats had better be careful and not think that everyone is under control.

  4. posa

    Sky high rates for Green Tech is may prove to be highly educational for a Germany that votes 90%+ for “zero carbon footprint”… nothing else seems to work reaching these dullards.

    PS. Wood stoves REALLY ARE highly polluting, especially when used en masse. I wouldn’t be bragging Phillip.

  5. Peter

    And it is not just Germany. In the Netherlands, people also pay hefty for their gas and electricity. Households pay 10 ~ 20% of their incomes on just gas and electricity.

  6. John F. Hultquist

    From less clean to quite clean:
    Open fireplaces
    Wood stoves
    Catalytic combustor wood

  7. RoHa

    But what about all that cheap gas you were going to get from Russia?

    Oh, yes.

    Um… Have you tried renewables? Wind? Solar?

  8. Luigi

    only 40ct/kwh?
    I pay over 51 in Munich (from 34 in 2022), so +50%. But they announced a reduction to around 40starting from June 2023.

  9. German Household Electricity And Gas Prices Rise 87% And 178% Respectively! - Europe Reloaded

    […] Source […]

  10. Richard Greene

    My natural gas price is up 33% per unit measured here in SE Michigan, USA, comparing January 2023 to January 2022. This year I lowered the thermostat to 68 degrees F., from 70 degrees F. for the prior 36 years in the same home. My gas bill for January 2023 was still higher than January 2022, even with a lower temperature in the home. I feel better that I don’t live in Germany!

    Our electricity prices have not changed much because our DTE Energy uses 58% coal, so electric vehicles charged here are 58% coal cars.

  11. bonbon

    It is pretty clear to everyone that Germany’s Energiewende is Made in the USA.
    International industrial NordStream terrorism, as Sy Hersh shows recently was the last resort when the Greens failed.
    As NATO founder Ismay said, it is to Keep the USA in, the Russians out, and Germany down.
    Germany is down and out, a full knockout, on the ropes.
    Meanwhile the Rage Against the War Machine rallies are gathering steam all across Germany, the USA and the South. So POTUS Biden lies today to Kiev.
    Desperation reeking!

  12. My Household Electricity And Gas Prices Rise 87% And 178% Respectively! - Climate-

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  13. Hatter Eggburn

    Here in Belgium before the Ukraine proxy war our monthly energy bill was 176 euros. Now it’s 690. That’s a 392% increase. Thanks Joe Biden and your attack dog Victoria Nulend!

  14. Rehoboth

    Wonderful post

  15. int rnd

    The price is hwfty. Sweden is cheaper. But I’d blame on Putin. He was playing a long wargame, and die Grünen are part of that.

    Eliminate the green movement, and you’ll fix a lot of self inflicted woubds.

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