Dire News About COVID 19 Vax Emerging…Far Worse Than Imagined

Unusually aggressive cancers in children and people in their 20s and s 30s…possible damaged immune system cancer surveillance… 

Truly, I’m really glad I stood my ground and resisted getting sucked into taking what we today know was a risky, untested, slipshod experimental medicine.

Definitely worth watching

The following High Wire video interview hosted by Del Bigtree has oncologist and cancer researcher, Dr William Makis as a and where he sounds the alarm on the sudden rise in “turbo cancers”, where a wave of incredibly fast growing cancers allegedly is currently spreading among COVID vaccinated individuals.

Image cropped here.

Then problem appears to stem from the spike protein, which your cells are instructed to produce by the mRNA vaccine. It seems that no one knows how long these toxic spikes remain in your body and that it is in some cases profoundly disrupting the body’s natural immune system, with fatal consequences.

Since the rollout, young people are dying “suddenly and unexpectedly”, some of heart failure and others of “turbo cancer”. And every booster seems to be making it worse.

Please watch the entire video and share it. Let’s end the pandemic of vaccine adverse effects denial.


One response to “Dire News About COVID 19 Vax Emerging…Far Worse Than Imagined”

  1. Sean

    Reminds me of what happened during the AIDS epidemic where rare cancers suddenly showed up in people with the virus. Maybe it should be called VIIDS for vaccine induced immune deficiency syndrome.

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