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"New Ice Age Has Begun," Astrophysicist Warns...Due To Reduced Solar Activity

“New Ice Age Has Begun,” Astrophysicist Warns…Due To Reduced Solar Activity

Due to changing solar activity, the Earth is heading into a new Little Ice Age, according to Northumbria University astrophysicist Prof. Valentina Zharkova, Newcastle, Great Britain. “There’s nothing we can do about it.” This was reported by German online Report 24 here last week. NASA image of a blizzard. Image soutce: NASA, public domain.  “This […]

3 Physicists Use Experimental Evidence To Show CO2's Capacity To Absorb Radiation Has Saturated

3 Physicists Use Experimental Evidence To Show CO2’s Capacity To Absorb Radiation Has Saturated

Adding CO2 to the atmosphere can have no significant climatic effect when rising above the threshold of about 300 ppm. Due to saturation, higher and higher concentrations do not lead to any further absorption of radiation. If one were to paint a white surface black so as to allow it to absorb as much heat […]

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