Climate Alarmists Fretting Over European Cup 2024, Summer Festival Emissions

490,000 tonnes of CO2

It’s the European Cup soccer championships and fans across the continent and beyond are celebrating the event. But there are some party-poopers out there who worry about the impact on the climate. 

By Klimanachrichten

Soccer fans should have a guilty conscience. The mdr public broadcasting here calculates what environmental idiots the fans are. What a contrast to the 2006 World Cup!

Nevertheless, the major event is likely to be anything but sustainable: 490,000 tons of CO2 equivalent, i.e. the annual emissions of a city like Weimar, was calculated in advance by the Ökoinstitut (institute for Ecology) in a feasibility study commissioned by the German government.

There is still room for improvement through climate-friendly measures. However, the biggest factor in this climate balance is the one that can be controlled the least.

Traffic is once again the culprit.

Traffic accounts for around 350,000 tons. That is more than two thirds of the previously calculated carbon footprint. And international fans are the biggest offenders. Their arrival and departure accounts for almost three quarters of the entire balance for this very transport sector. This is despite the fact that they only make up 32% of total visitors in the study. This is in line with the figures from the first ticket sales phase (where they accounted for 35 percent of ticket applications).”

According to the Mission Climate podcast, visitors to music festivals should also feel guilty. They mainly take place in summer and are hardly surprised that the organizers actually take the number of electrical devices a band uses into account when planning.

But help is at hand. If the solar panels that supply the electricity at a festival in Hamburg don’t deliver anything, which happens regularly from sunset, there is electricity from green hydrogen. That’s a small foretaste of what’s to come – one kilowatt hour costs a whopping 3 euros. But it gets even better, even bicycles are used to generate electricity. Maybe that’s enough for a coffee machine?

4 responses to “Climate Alarmists Fretting Over European Cup 2024, Summer Festival Emissions”

  1. Petit_Barde

    When will this climate clown show stop ?
    When there will be no more money to waste in junk science.

    1. Jimfrey

      They never seem to worry about CO2 emissions from the annual Climate Jamboree when they all fly to somewhere exotic by private jet and stay in plush air-conditioned hotels.

  2. Senex

    Spraying orange all over Stonehenge was a massive own goal for Just Stop Oil.

  3. soundos

    Thanks a lot for sharing this amazing blog with us. It is very helpful for me. Please keep sharing more articles like this.

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