Expert’s Prediction Of “Summer of Hell” For Central Europe Hasn’t Materialized Yet

Summer-of-Hell Check


We are almost 1/3 of the way through the meteorological summer. Time to remember the prediction made by suspect biologist Marc Benecke in spring 2024. He had predicted “a summer of hell with almost complete certainty”. We reported. As early as March 2024, some meteorologists raised concerns about this forecast.

Shortly after Benecke gave his lecture, Kachelmannwetter created a video explaining the weather conditions needed for a warm or even hot summer. This is done very calmly and the video is correspondingly cautious with forecasts. However, it is well explained that summers in our latitudes have been getting warmer for years. Germany is indeed in for a warm week, but this could end at the weekend if a cold front pushes through from the north-west.

It is not possible to reliably predict how July and August will turn out. According to Wetterkontor, June 2024 has so far been slightly too cold in Germany compared to the statistical average.

(Image: Screenshot

7 responses to “Expert’s Prediction Of “Summer of Hell” For Central Europe Hasn’t Materialized Yet”

  1. John Hultquist

    “.. with almost complete certainty …”

    Predicting weather out to about 60 hours has gotten fairly good. Beyond a week is a crap shoot. The more precise the prediction (“summer of hell”), the more likely it is to be wrong. Observations beat models every time.

    {In the USA, summer is thought to begin in the 3rd week of June; the astronomical seasons.}

  2. b.nice

    WT*… those are negative C temperatures overnight.. in SUMMER.

    Why are these idiots worried about a bit of warming !!!

    Are they as stupid as Canadians ?

    1. b.nice

      ps.. where I am .. It rarely drops below freezing, even overnight in winter..

      Wonderful climate. !

      Sorry, I’m totally puzzled what gets into people heads !!!

  3. Gunnar Sunde

    I think u misunderstand:
    Figures like -0,5C are not freezing night temperatures, they are showing how much temps are below statistical average.

    1. b.nice

      Ok that makes more sense.

      But still.. The Canadian are totally loony !

  4. An Expert’s Forecast Of Central Europe’s ‘Summer Of Hell’ Already Off-Track –

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  5. drumphish

    Not one day in the 90 degree Fahrenheit scale all spring and early summer.

    Not a normal warm weather pattern so far this year, a few days in the low eighties. Below normal temperatures so far and adequate precipitation, optimal growth conditions.

    It’s the Hunga Tonga weather modification climate change syndrome.

    Mother Nature is in charge, no humans necessary.

    So there you go.

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