DWD Data Show June 2024 German Weather Was Close To Normal

No (predicted) “hellish summer” in sight. June saw near normal temperature, a bit wetter

Germany’s DWD national weather service just issued the preliminary weather results for the month of June (2024).

June in the Central European region was highly variable with periods of both cool and summery weather. The final phase of June saw the sunniest and warmest days of the year so far.

0.4°C Warmer than the mean

The preliminary results of the country’s approximately 2,000 measuring stations, the June mean temperature was 16.8°C, making the month 0.4°C warmer than the reference period 1991 to 2020. The beginning of the month saw cold, single-digit lows. On June 12th, a minimum of 1.4 °C was recorded in Meßstetten. However, late in the month temüperatures rose to summerlike levels for several days.

20% Wetter

In terms of precipitation, June was wetter than normal. a mean of around 91 liters per square meter (l/m²) fell, making the month 20% wetter than normal compared to 1991 to 2020 reference period (76 l/m²). The month began with heavy rainfall and severe flooding in parts of Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria.

June precipitation, 2023. Source: DWD.

On June 3rd alone, 137 l/m² fell in Raubling-Pfraundorf, Upper Bavaria.

The highest monthly amounts of over 250 l/m² were recorded along the Alps. Heavy rainstorms and, in some areas, supercells with large hailstorms raged across the country. June remained drier in some Eastern regions, especially in northern Brandenburg which saw less than 20 l/m².

Normal Sunshine Hours

Germany also so saw a mean of 210 hours of sunshine in June, thus slightly less than the 1991-2020 mean of 216 hours. The northeast and east saw over 250 hours while the Black Forest and the Alps reported the lowest values, with around 150 hours.

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  1. AC Osborn

    Does anyone know the quality of the “2000 measuring stations” in Germany.
    Because if they are anything like those in the UK they are not fit for purpose.

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  3. soundos

    I liked, thanks so much

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