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75% Of German Wind Turbines Kill 70 Bats Each In 2 Months. There Are 30,000 Wind Turbines In Germany.

75% Of German Wind Turbines Kill 70 Bats Each In 2 Months. There Are 30,000 Wind Turbines In Germany.

In ‘a call against ignorance and neglect’, researchers expose the massacre of bat populations inflicted by wind turbines in Germany. Per a new study, there were 209 bats slaughtered in a span of 2 months at 3 studied wind turbine sites in Germany. This amounts to about “70 casualties per turbine.” (These turbine fatality rates […]

Germany's Compounding Energy Woes: Even Wind Power Industry Is "Sliding Into Crisis"

Germany’s Compounding Energy Woes: Even Wind Power Industry Is “Sliding Into Crisis”

Germany’s Blackout News here reports that not only is Germany’s energy supply faltering profoundly, but so is its wind industry as well, reporting  that it is “sliding into a crisis”. Gloomy outlook also for Germany’s wind energy industry. Photo by P. Gosselin Wind energy is supposed to step in and play a key role in […]

Germany Sees Record Warm October, Helps Ease Heating Costs And Gas Shortage

How was October in Germany in 2022? An extremely warm October, 2022, with record potential is how the German Weather Service describes the month from a weather and climate perspective. October 2022 was extremely warm in Germany. It is still open, as it is a matter of tenths of a degree, whether the previous record […]

Irony: Greens Now Praying For A “Warmer” Winter To Help Germany Survive Energy Crisis

When the German Greens need an energy crisis bailout, suddenly warming is welcome. Normally the climate alarmists are convinced that a warming planet can only be bad for us, no matter where or when. They complain that the summers are too hot and we no longer get cold and snowy winters like we used to. […]

Germany’s Green Party In Die Straits, Isolates It’s hapless Leader In Run Up To Lower Saxony Elections

From most loved, to most hated…audiences are drowning out Green Party speakers at campaign rallies.  The German Greens, who are partners with the SPD socialists in Germany’s government, are sinking dramatically in the public opinion polls as it becomes clear Green Party leader and Economics Minister Robert Habeck is driving the country’s economy into the […]

Germany’s Power Supply Will Likely Be Plagued By Supply Gaps Until 2030, Institute Finds

Energy Institute: supply gaps in the electricity market possible by 2030 By Die kalte Sonne  (Translated by P. Gosselin) The study by the Institute of Energy Economics at the University of Cologne (EWI) reads differently than the very optimistic forecasts one so often reads in the media. With the expansion of renewable energies, the weather […]

Germany’s “Tenfold Increase In Gas And Electricity Prices” Is Driving Out Industry

Europe’s energy policy is creating jobs – for USA   What leaves once, will not come again. While energy prices in Europe are going through the roof, they remain moderate in the USA. This will have serious consequences for energy-intensive industries. The Wall Street Journal (paid article) is already rubbing its hands together for the US […]

Power Grid Expert: “99.9% Chance” Germany Will See Blackout… “Civil War” Unless People Prepare

A German electrical engineer, power grid expert, warns of 99.9% chance of power blackout…”civil war” if people don’t prepare…describes horror scene.  Plundering, unhindered crime, mayhem…raw survival  Online Bild TV interviewed Robert Jungnischke, an “expert on blackouts” to discuss the probability of a major blackout hitting Germany over the coming fall and winter months. The talk […]

Blackout News Friday: Germany, Europe Teeter On The Economic Brink As Energy Crisis Intensifies

The Green New Deal in Europe is quickly turning into a House of Horrors One excellent site with all the late latest energy crisis developments in Germany and Europe is Blackout News here. Here are some of the more notable headlines of the past week: Europe’s largest aluminum plant cuts production by 22% due to […]

Germany’s Spiraling Green Energy Catastrophe: “6 Million Jobs At Risk”…”A National Emergency”

Prof. of Chemistry and energy expert Fritz Vahrenholt interviewed Milena Preradovic in her Punkt.PRERADOVIC podcast. Hat-tip: EIKE Currently Germany’s energy supply is crashing to pieces as costs skyrocket. Companies are closing and consumers are reeling from double digit inflation. Mass unrest threatens this winter. Those responsible for the mess are trying to blame Russia for all […]

With Record Sunshine, Germany’s 2022 Summer Was One Of The Warmest, Driest Since 1881

By Die kalte Sonne Too warm and too dry, was the 2022 summer according to the German DWD national weather service. The DWD still calculates with the comparative period 1961-1990 and deliver these anomalies to the media headlines. A temperature of plus of 2.9 degrees compared to the multi-year average. According to preliminary calculations of […]

Germany's DWD Weather Service Redefines "Heat Wave": Now 3 Consecutive Days Of Warm Weather!

Germany’s DWD Weather Service Redefines “Heat Wave”: Now 3 Consecutive Days Of Warm Weather!

Like the WHO changed the definition of a “pandemic”, the DWD has changed the definition of a “heat wave”…all to falsely generate the sense of a crisis?  Repeat a lie often enough, and in no time the masses start believing it’s true. Probably few institutions know this better than Germany’s DWD national weather service. In […]

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