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Using A Reference Period Outdated 30 Years, Germany’s DWD Weather Service Turns Cooling Into Warming

By Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt Die kalte Sonne (Text translated, edited by P. Gosselin) Globally, the deviation of the global mean temperature of the satellite-based measurements from the mean of period 1991-2020 rose slightly in December to 0.21 degrees Celsius. The mean temperature increase since satellite measurements began was 0.14 degrees Celsius per decade. The year […]

Germany Drought Ends. 2021 Was "An Average Weather Year," Reports German DWD Weather Service...0.2°C Cooler

Germany Drought Ends. 2021 Was “An Average Weather Year,” Reports German DWD Weather Service…0.2°C Cooler

Germany 2021 – “an average weather year” Despite drought-ending wet periods, Germany saw “an average weather year” in 2021, says the German DWD National Weather Service. Photo: P. Gosselin “Quite average” Offenbach, Germany, 30 December 2021 – The weather year 2021 was quite average in Germany overall, says. Tobias Fuchs, Climate Director of the German […]

Germany’s New Government Plans To Use 10% Of Country’s Land Area For Wind Turbines

Germany’s coalition agreement and the 2% target for wind energy By Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt (Text translated/edited by P. Gosselin) After the phase-out of nuclear energy at the end of 2023, the coalition agreement aims to bring forward the phase-out of coal, “Ideally, this already would be achieved by 2030“. To this end, renewable energies are […]

"Slow Disaster Playing Out" As Germany Moves To Shut Down 8.5 GW Of Baseload Nuclear Capacity

“Slow Disaster Playing Out” As Germany Moves To Shut Down 8.5 GW Of Baseload Nuclear Capacity

At FaceBook, Dane Peter Bardland presents a chart and commentary on Germany’s upcoming rapid nuclear power phaseout. By the end of 2022, the government will have shut down another 6 plants with a total (baseload) capacity of 8.54 gigawatts! Chart: Presented by Peter Bardland Yesterday we commented here that Germany will in fact be shutting […]

Weather Lulls: Germany Forced To Burn 20% More Coal, The Very Energy Source That’s To Be Phased Out

The energy source that Germany moves to shut down, rescued the country from widespread blackouts in 2021. Blackout News reports that more of Germany’s power is being produced by coal and nuclear fuels.  In 2021, due to unfavorable weather conditions, wind and solar energy production plummeted in 2021 compared to 2020. “Germany’s power mix is […]

Corona Diary: 2020s Germany

Corona Diary: 2020s Germany

January 2, 2022 “Hardly any confidence left in Germany: Only 32% believe that the Covid figures provided by the government are correct,” . It’s true. I can confirm this. Nothing here makes sense anymore. Germans were promised freedom and normalcy in exchange for two little safe “pieks”, but now instead there are permanent restrictions, […]

Climate Issue Hardly Matters Anymore…. Austria, Germany, Europe Race Towards Medical Tyranny

The climate issue has become the least of my worries lately. I’ve found over the last couple weeks that blogging about climate is feeling more and more like a trivial use of time. What’s really worrying is the exploding medical tyranny in Europe, which is spreading like an Australian bushfire on a windy day. The […]

Robert Koch Institute Latest Data: One Third Of Recent Age 60+ COVID Deaths In Germany Were Fully Vaccinated!

Robert Koch Institute Latest Data: One Third Of Recent Age 60+ COVID Deaths In Germany Were Fully Vaccinated!

Russian state German language RT news site here looks at just how effective the COVID vaccines have been in Germany over the last 4 weeks, citing data from official institutes, and finds the German government is misleading the public.  Alarming number of COVID deaths in Germany are fully vaccinated persons. Cropped from RT here. False […]

Major Blow To YouTube Germany Censorship...Court Orders Reinstatement Of Removed Corona-Critical Videos

Major Blow To YouTube Germany Censorship…Court Orders Reinstatement Of Removed Corona-Critical Videos

Outrage over YouTube censor of Corona and government-critical videos made by dozens of leading German actors. “YouTube is no Truth Commission”…court rules against social media giant. Original image cropped from allesaufdentisch.  Dozens of prominent German actors have banded together as part of the “allesaufdentisch” (everything on the table) freedom of expression campaign to demand a […]

Austria: 20% Hospitalized "Fully Vaccinated". Germany: 3 In Nursing Home "Had To Be Resuscitated" After 3rd Jab

Austria: 20% Hospitalized “Fully Vaccinated”. Germany: 3 In Nursing Home “Had To Be Resuscitated” After 3rd Jab

It’s becoming increasingly clear that the vaccines against COVID are falling far short of what they were promised to be. Oberhausen-Germany: “Three seniors had to be resuscitated” after 3rd jab Germany has started administering third shots to the elderly and already reports of signs of dangerous side effects are emerging. In a nursing home in […]

Wet July 2021 Silences Drought-Obsessed Media…Germany July Precipitation Sees No Trend Change Since 1950

From Die kalte Sonne The German Weather Service (DWD) published its weather summary for July 2021: July 2021 was significantly too wet, slightly too warm and lacked sunshine. […] In July, an average of about 110 liters per square meter (l/m²) fell nationwide and thus almost 40 percent more precipitation than the average of the […]

New Study On Heavy Rainfall: “General Long-Term Trend For Whole Germany Consistently Not Evident”

Leibnitz scientists find no significant trends for the whole of Germany in terms of heavy rainfall We hear the message all the time from the German mainstream media and climate alarmists: Weather extremes are becoming more and more frequent, as the recent flood shows. But a recent paper titled “Frequency Trend Analysis of Heavy Rainfall […]

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