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Last updated: March 11, 2020

I received an Associate Degree in Civil Engineering at Vermont Technical College and a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Arizona in Tucson. I currently live in Europe.

I’ve always been a skeptic of the hypothesis mankind is causing catastrophic global warming. Humans adding a few ppm of a trace gas into the atmosphere is not enough to  “drive” the climate. There other many, constantly changing natural factors at work. I’m not convinced of any one particular position, and so my non-alarmist view could change at any time. Only the tip of the iceberg is known about climate change. There’s so much that remains unknown.

Many extreme weather events back over the past centuries, and even the IPCC says there’s no data to support there’s been an increase. That’s one reason of many why I think what’s happening today is nothing unusual, hurricanes back then were just as bad or worse than they are today. The data show it.

In fact, if the media hadn’t hyped up the climate, most people wouldn’t have noticed much “climate change” at all. It’s mostly a media-politically manufactured hysteria.

I do think man’s activities are having a modest impact on the climate and environment, but more through land use and poor waste management practices. So far, however, the data show that the forces of nature (solar and oceanic cycles) totally overwhelm anything man does. Man probably has contributed a few tenths of a degree C warming over the past century, but that likely is more connected to the urban heat island effect.

Today’s environmental challenge, in my view is waste management.

Irresponsible use of capital resources

As Danish economist Prof. Bjorn Lomborg says, the focus of public policy and resources really needs to be on solving real problems that exist today like water pollution, poverty, mal-nutrition, urban squalor, education, tyranny and so on, and not become obsessed with computer-generated catastrophe scenarios that might or might not occur 100 years from now. Climate warming disaster predictions have been made for 30 years, a none have come true.

Worse, too many governments are using AGW as an excuse for their own policy debacles – claiming the problems are due to AGW, and not their own often ineptitude. Many other sectors, e.g. media, banking, insurance, academia, “environmental industry” also have been grossly abusing and hyping the science with the aim of spreading panic and profiting from it.

I’m not funded by anyone except by my own modest means. Donations are welcome.

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  1. Ike

    I worked in Tucson a couple years ago. 🙂 ´had a very good time there. I stayed in small hotel near A-Mountain.
    Reply: Go Cats go! -PG

  2. Ted Hadzi-Antich

    Thank you for linking to our video regarding EPA’s refusal to allow its own Science Advisory Board to review the greenhouse gas Endangerment Finding. We will provide updates on our website and on YouTube as the case develops.

  3. woodNfish

    Hi P. Gosselin,

    I’ve followed your comments for several years on other blogs. Nice to see you have one of your own. You have a typo:

    “I’m not funded by anyone accept by my own modest means.”

    I’m sure you meant to use “except” rather than “accept”.

  4. wordsmith

    It’s amazing to me when I hear Climate Change skeptics talk about the misinformation from those who believe it is happening, that it’s primarily caused by man, and that the consequences will be significant. What would be the motivation for so many scientists, the vast majority of scientists, far more educated and intelligent than either of us, to spread misinformation? Do you believe they’re just stupid? More so than you? Is there some economic benefit for them? Do you discount what all scientists say? Also, give me a break–an engineering degree does not in any way qualify you to be a climate expert. I work with a lot of engineers and you don’t have to be that bright to get an engineering degree, especially from some no-name university. MIT, maybe, but not the ones you attended.

    1. HL Mencken

      This first sign one has lost the argument
      is resorting to ad hominem attack.
      Why then not adhere to logical argument
      instead of labeling those who disagree
      with you as “deniers” and worse?

    2. TimiBoy

      Intellect is no qualifier. I have a Degree in Business, majoring in Logistics. I have studied Military Logistics all my life. I have an IQ around the 200 mark, and experience in Manufacturing and Distribution Management at the International level. I see systems in seconds that take you years to understand, if you ever could. I also have a delicately refined and intensely accurate bullshit meter, and I am very effective at finding the cause. Not things I brag about, but I bristle at this “they are smarter than you” bullshit, because in most cases, I am smarter than them.

      Follow the money, sweetheart, and there you have your reason. Oh, not what Greenpeace tell you, but follow it FOR YOURSELF. Do YOUR OWN research. It’s easily found and understood – unless you’re not smart enough…

    3. Lionell Griffith

      wordsmith: ” I work with a lot of engineers and you don’t have to be that bright to get an engineering degree, especially from some no-name university. MIT, maybe, but not the ones you attended.”

      An engineer is one who makes things that work. Many of the things that they make are life critical because people would die if they didn’t work. What this means is that they have to be a better scientist than the so called professional ones because they have to get it right.

      All the typical scientist has to do is spin paper after paper never having to apologies for getting it wrong. Actually, getting it wrong is used as a good excuse for still more paper spinning. If they can analyze noise and come up with a p value less that 0.05 – bang! – another paper is on the way.

      I will take one good engineer over a hudred scientists any day of the week. Largely becasue I will get difficult problems really solved and things that work. Out of the scientists, all I would get is a lot of paper and requests for still more money to buy still more papers.

    4. Steve

      Wordsmith wrote: “you don’t have to be that bright to get an engineering degree…”

      Spoken exactly like a first year dropout from engineering school. I find it interesting that most engineers I know (myself included), are skeptical of the Climate Change nonsense. Perhaps it’s because engineers have an intimate familiarity with the physical sciences and actually have to successfully apply physics…in the real world. Not some esoteric, ethereal and theoretical world. We’re grounded in reality….or the bridge falls down. And we see those skeptics in the field of Climatology demeaned, ridiculed and labeled as heretics, much like Galileo going up against the Church. It’s really quite appalling and clearly the antithesis of “science.” The Climate Cult and the nurturing of like-mindedness is almost religious-like. Keep up the great work on this site. And remember, “Science is the belief in the ignorance of the experts” – Richard Feynman

    5. guess who

      FYI: An ME degree from the university of Arizona would make Mr.Gosselin a graduate of their highly regarded College of Mines and Engineering. Their medical school is at the forefront of cutting edge cancer research and treatment.

    6. guess who

      The astronomy department as at the U. of A. is a key collaborator with both NASA and the European Space Agency, and it turns out they had a lot more to do with the recent landing of a probe on a comet than did M.I.T.

      1. jim Vincent

        Dear Wordsmith, by attacking the analytical prowess of someone on the basis of their alma mater, you have quite successfully called your own cerebral fortitude into question. But thanks for the comic relief, kid.

      2. jim Vincent

        The American Association of Universities lists the University of Arizona on its set-aside list of what it calls the “Public Ivy League” …Dear swordsmith, by attacking someone on the basis of their alma mater, you have successfully impuned your own cerebral fortitude.

    7. jim Vincent

      The American Association of Universities maintains the University of Arizona on its set-aside list of what it calls the “Public Ivy League”
      …by attacking the analytical prowess of someone on the basis of their alma mater, you have successfully called your own cerebral fortitude into question.

  5. GrandPA UP

    To Wordsmith – from a climate “realist!”

    There are many of us out here, not employed by the oil industry or any state for federal governments, with a desire to figure out what is going on under the surface. Why do so many “scientists” cave to the “alarmist” community? They need the grants. The research community has received over $70 B (as in billion) during the past 20 years and of that only $1 B has gone to the “deniers.” We know that science is not consensus. We know that the IPCC, with its various Assessment Reports, was established to suit a broad range of political agendas. The IPCC “peer” review process has always been flawed. It distorts information to suit its agenda. Why are there so many climate alarmist dupes? It is so difficult for scientists, once confronted with the truth, to say “I was wrong!”

  6. Michael Snow

    23. Dezember 2010 at 18:54
    “…an engineering degree does not in any way qualify you to be a climate expert…” and other insults.

    If a wordsmith could read, he would see that no such claim was made of being a ‘climate expert,’ quite the contrary.

    As to the scientists, Richard Lindzen of MIT, a world-class expert, summed it up: “The important point, however, is that the science that they do that I respect is not about global warming. Endorsing global warming just makes their lives easier….For a much larger group of scientists, the fact that they can make ambiguous or even meaningless statements that can be spun by alarmists, and that the alarming spin leads politicians to increase funding provides little incentive to complain about the spin.”



  7. ron waite

    I was reading Joe Bastardi’s cool winter forcast and somehow got linked to this. Keep up the good work. I, also, am one of the stupid engineers–sounds like Wordsmith couldn’t make it. I am on the fence on the warming cycle but I lean towards the world is bigger than us scenario. As for scientists being holy, the newest is where the study published on autism being caused by vaccines, has been found to be fraudulent, the author being paid by a lawyer to produce the report. I feel there are many good scientists and a few bad apples.

  8. T. G. Watkins

    I’ve been reading your posts for a while and assumed you were German!
    Good boy, keep it up.

  9. Rob Leather

    Some lovely work here Pierre.

  10. BC Steve

    I see the usual ad hom combined with appeals to authority used to tell Mr. Gosselin that he should just shut up. While in general it’s reasonable to give a lot of weight to expert opinion, experts are by no means infallible nor always disinterested.

    I don’t happen to be a stock market expert. Bernie Madoff is. But I still regard myself as smart enough to tell you that you should not trust him, and ought to take his advice with a major grain of salt. How arrogant of me!

    No matter how smart the scientists, a correct theory ought to have predictive power, and the predictions of the climate alarmists have not shown that they fully understand the climate. I don’t regard the majority as being like Madoff, but just as I still can critically evaluate the advice of a financial guy like Madoff, I can also critically examine the predictions of climatologists in order to judge their credibility.

  11. cementafriend

    Just came across this web site and noted the comment by wordsmith. I would ask him does he know what a (so-called) climate scientist understands and what are their attributes. Can Mann who produced the “hockey stick” graph and does not understand statistics be classed as a climate scientist? What about Phil Jones who has “adjusted” the CRU temperature record, lost his data, does no recognise UHI and was a co-author with Wang in a paper which has been called scientific fraud in a peer-reviewed journal? What about Trenberth who has admitted in an email that the radiation window is 66W/m2 and not 40 W/m2 as in his heat balance (in which there is a missing balance of 0.9w/m2) and then in climategate emails mentions that it is a travesty that they can not find the missing heat? Quite clearly he has no idea about heat transfer.
    The AGW hypothesis concerns the trace gas CO2 absorbing radiant heat and transfering that to the atmosphere to increase the temperature. I have looked at Climate Science courses at various Universities around the world. No course I have seen teaches thermodynamics, or heat and mass transfer which are engineering subjects. From all the articles and books, I have seen, no climate scientist (including the supposed guru Sir John Houghton and even some who are sceptics) has a full understanding of these subjects. Has anyone seen a reference to the dimensionless Nusselt numbers in any article on climate? Another engineering subject, fluid dynamics, is necessary to understand atmospheric circulation such as jetstreams and currents in the ocean.
    I would suggest that only a clever person with a background in engineering can come to grips with the complexity of climate assessment. One such person was the recently deceased Dr Noor Van Andel. He was just starting to put together a theory about the formation and effect of clouds together with the theory of Miskolczi about constant optical density. Arthur Roesch at http://climategate.nl/ has mentioned that researchers in the Nederlands are following up the theory and hope soon to publish a peer reviewed article.

  12. Emission trading

    Does it really matter whether CO2 causes global warming or not? Assuming the flood of climate regulations now I have a vague feeling that nobody remembers where it come from…

  13. David Wallace Millar

    Science has been overstretched for the last couple of hundred years in its vain effort to fill the vacuum caused by the collapse of religion in the Western world in the face of ‘scientific’ facts. Please note the word “vain” in its two meanings: a) ego-centric self-importance; and, b) utterly futile; and, apply them both to understand the depth of “scientists'” failure.

    These are the same ‘scientists’ who universally accepted the adoption into the English language of the word “tsunami” to take the place of the old English word phrase, “tidal wave”. I do recall the crowing that “the influence of the moon has no relevance or effect on the creation of such waves”.

    Well, DUH! Scientists typically are NEVER comfortable with the vagaries of language, and gave up on its study in grade school. Great pity for those who didn’t quit such study. “Tide”, and “tidal” derive from the old English word ‘tid’, which was used to designate “an unspecified but implicitly variable period of time”. As in, “It is going to take as much time as it takes”. ‘Tide’ never did have anything to do with lunar cycles, as far as the inventors of the language goes. In fact, this example of the embrasure of such vagaries is one of the strengths of the English language. The mystery of the rising and falling of the great waters was thus easily encapsulated by the simple phrase “tidal wave” to TELL the listener that the gigantic proportion of ocean tide was about to fall upon them in one wave.

    But no! Now it’s a “tsunami”, which is Japanese for “harbour wave’, and no longer tells us anything in English.

    But! Scientists were happy that the ruination of the English language satisfied their disdain of it.

    These are the same people who embraced the whole concept of “global warming”. Do we have the right to expect anything better of them?

  14. Claudio Melfi

    I would like to ask your permission to translate and post in my blog (which I am about to start using again, after over one year gap) your posts about the 129 climate scandals.
    As I write in Portuguese and it will be read most by Brazilians, I believe it won´t work if I just link to your website, as you requested.



  15. Casper

    you should add a tab for “Tips and Notices” like Antony Watts on his WUWT

  16. Paddy

    Pierre, I hope you blog on the subject of this link: ttp://junkscience.com/2012/05/08/german-government-to-oppose-fracking/

    Is there anon in the German government who has a clue about petroleum geology and the technology involved in fracing? I pray that God enlightens the German ruling class and useflul idiot followers before they destroy their nation.

  17. DavidH

    Recent posts on Watts Up With That and Jo Nova have referred to the publishing of Die Kalte Sonne; indeed with a link to this very site. I recall reading about it at the time and more recently I had been wondering if there was any lasting impact on public opinion about AGW as a result. I posed the question on those sites and there was one response from “DirkH” to say that global warming is well down (he put it in 999th place) on the list of concerns anyway, after the Euro crisis and shutting down “evil nuclear”. Do you have any feeling for the impact of the book and the newspaper articles that accompanied its publication?

  18. Casper

    This is especially for you
    What would happen if the roof of your house was on fire:

  19. Casper

    May I ask you a few questions? How long have you been living in Germany? Do you understand and speak German? Why did you decide to live in Germany?

  20. Casper

    will you be able to translate Günter Keil’s article on Failure of Germany’s Energy Politics into English? I warn you the article is huge.

  21. KatyL

    Pierre, very interesting article on ‘Environmentalists Take Aim at ‘Senseless Internet Surfing.’ ” Is there a chance to get a full translation of the article? Thanks for any help.

  22. Disturbing Climate Change Propoganda: Big Brother Goes Green : Extraordinary Intelligence

    […] light of Germany’s new energy policy, which Pierre Gosselin, an American citizen living in Germany and open Global Warming skeptic, calls the Energy Tyranny […]

  23. lucia

    Could you email me? I’m trying to contact two people who were at Heartland. I tried to use the contact page, but the German defeated me. All I got back was a large size image of Luning.

  24. manxasthehills

    Have just discovered your site and am impressed by the depth of information. I lived in Germany for some time and still visit regularly. The Green Revolution there was years ahead of other countries. At that time I simply felt a resistance to the patronising views of the converted. Now I see things more clearly and view AGW theories and the “terrorism” threat as the main control vehicles in western society. (I live in the Isle of Man and blog regularly on these topics).

    It seems that so-called AGW is the best implement to manipulate and control us all. What will they dream up for us at Rio?

    Keep up the good work. Btw. I would be happy to assist with any translations if ever required.

  25. Steve Keohane

    I have enjoyed your input at WUWT over the years. I noticed the link for the Scafetta chart vs. HadCrut is broken. Thanks for taking the time to exercise your free speech.

  26. Bob Tisdale

    Pierre: Please email me regarding my soon-to-be published book about ENSO: Who Turned on the Heat?

  27. Joachim Seifert

    Lieber Pierre, bitte setze mich auf Deine Mailliste…
    vielen Dank!
    Joachim Seifert

  28. L Michael Hohmann

    Hi Pierre,




    If I put these three items together, I get the second rape of Africa, this time not by European states but by big business – as forecast by Buckminster Fuller in his “Critical “Path”.

    Best, Mike

  29. John F. Hultquist

    My comments sometimes just disappear. Then one will show up immediately. If I send the identical comment a second time, Word Press catches it and tells me so. Just now I altered a comment about Al & Tipper and sent it as a test. It also disappeared. This one might also. Just wondering about what is going on. Just me? Or do others experience this also. John

    1. DirkH

      Me too.
      Probably wordpress spam filter.

      1. jim Vincent

        The (unintended) repetition of my comments in defense of Mr. Gosselin and the university of Arizona probably happened for the same reason, whatever it is.

  30. Adrian Ocneanu


    Congratulations on your website. I am a mathematical physicist at Penn State.

    I just scooped this amazing news


    We all thought that the Doha meeting – the direct successor of the Copenhagen conference – would have no surprises.


    Climate Change panel chief says ‘not invited to COP18’

    The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) will not be attending the upcoming United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP18/CMP8) in Doha, chairman Dr Rajendra K Pachauri has said.

    “For the first time in the 18 years of COP, the IPCC will not be attending, because we have not been invited,” he told Gulf Times in Doha.

    COP18 is to be held from November 26 to December 7.


  31. Terri Jackson

    see details of new publication by Andrew Montford on “Institutional bias” in the Institute of Physics in London

  32. Rob Thomasson

    Just found your website/blog following links from Climate Sanity, now added to my ‘Climate Folder’. Especially liked the Prof. Jan-Erik Solheim from Oslo. As an astrophysics graduate (1985) and science teacher I have always been scekptical of a ‘consensus’ that needs to trash the opposition rather than apply the rules of scientific debate.

  33. bacchus

    Dear Pierre,

    I always read your blog first time in the morning.

    But I have the idea that this has escaped your vigilant eye:


    This is beyound my imagination.



  34. DirkH

    BTW Pierre, if you want to participate:
    Petition against enforced financing of German public media

  35. ColdOldMan

    It may be too late, Pierre, but you may like to get in touch with the producers of this upcoming BBC radio programme in order to put them right on a few things.


    Tom Heap is a fervent warmist of the worst kind and recently got into trouble for trying to say that the UK would soon be like Madeira as GW took hold.

    Best of luck if you can get a hearing at the Beeb.

  36. WellInformed

    No offence but I really can’t take this page seriously!

    First of all you’re advertising for “die kalte sonne”, claiming that you are non commercial and independent?
    A German bestseller? Not at all by the way. The book is just silly, and people from within the field of climate research are smiling about it. Bitter truth.

    Secondly: What you are propaganding is not at all a contribute to anything but pushing the confusion of peoples opinion on climate change. Too many people are already thinking of it as a big fraud.
    We have to overcome that point of arguing about wheter or not it is happening!

  37. John H. Harmon

    I don’t remember how I found this site. You are frequently cited by Watts and others who think science ought to replace theology regarding climate.
    I thought you were French living in Germany (UE, one big happy family) for lower taxes. Rather pleased you are a fellow American. I would like to believe (theological?) we learned our scepticism and belief in truth from our culture, history and Constitution. Perhaps as Barry said we are not really “exceptional” but I believe we are. It is not our air, but our traditions that sets us apart, for good or ill.
    Thanks for the fine work.

  38. DirkH

    German bureaucrats are inventive when it comes to finding new areas to squander German taxpayer money and managing something that shouldn’t be their business.

    We are financing solar-thermally driven desalination plants in North Africa.

    I still have to find out how much money is wasted through this.


  39. JC Smith

    P. So sorry to see that you deleted both (1) the article you posted this morning, and (2) my response to your note about “turning out the lights”.

    The fact that the article pointed out that climate change (a) included a large dose of human help, and (b) that the 50 year uptrend in temperature was still firmly in place….should be no reason to remove the article AND the respones to it.

    Ethics are an important thing in life……you should repost the article and responses.

  40. jack dini


    Thought you might appreciate this, since I reference you many times.

    Your information is quite helpful to me. Thanks.

    Jack Dini


  41. Brian from Australia


    In Australia we have bushfires not wildfires. On this page you mention brushfires. Please correct this typo.

    The article on the link is correct though. The Greens still won’t take the blame for causing bushfires. The Victorian ones in 2009 were also electricity faults but the fires spread, but the more recent ones devastated the Green’s home state. The Greens have set the economy back so far in Tasmania that the biggest money spinner is a huge privately-owned art gallery. No one in their right mind will open a factory there.

    Burning the bush in the winter to prevent bushfires is still very contentious here, and very political. The aboriginals did it for 10,000 years, but greenies hate it.

  42. Private1066

    After years of climate change language (remember acid rain in the mid 80s? Then weren’t we heading into a mini ice age, but was that before or after the hole in the ozone…) I’ve concluded that the biggest problem is that humans resent being content; as a species we seem to need to fear something. Climate change and threats ties in nicely in the west with the decline in mainstream religion. Consumerism fills the void a little, but there’s nothing better than banging around and wailing about how we are all doomed!

    Sure, lets use less, recycle and push for each nation to be independent in their energy supply – but speaking personally, this hand wringing over us destroying the planet through irreversible climate change and co2 abuse is now beyond tired. In the UK we seem to have a government intent on enslaving the race and turning the clock back to the 1700s – alas so many who believe are endorsing their own enslavement and are pushing to let their elderly parents die of cold while handing great wads of cash to industry and landowners in the name of saving the planet for their childrens future. It’s not funny; it’s a catastrophe and without blogs like this becoming mainstream, it will continue.

    Good work sir! Keep it up.

  43. Michael Snow

    If you have not seen it go to WUWT here,

    and the last comment, currently, for two picture links…Der Spiegel and Fotoshopped steam and the real thing.
    sorry not thinking, here is the whole comment:

    vladimpala says:
    April 17, 2013 at 2:55 pm

    I clicked through to enjoy a little Schadenfrikkinfreude at the EU carbon price fall, and came across an article about it in Der Speigel On-Line International, illustrated with this abhorrent photo:


    It looked like someone wanted to make the steam look like brown smoke, so they grabbed a big CONTRAST brush in Photoshop and swiped it over the clouds, leaving a glowing sky and weird color balances.

    Sure enough, here’s the original unaltered DFA photo. The clumsiness of Der Spiegel is breathtaking.


  44. Ike
    1. DirkH

      “Um zu erklären, wie irreführend Signifikanz sei, benutzt Krämer gern ein Beispiel aus der Finanzwelt: “An Börsentagen, die geteilt durch 7 den Rest 1 ergeben – also am 1., am 8., 15., am 22. und 29. eines Monats –, gibt es signifikant höhere Renditen an den deutschen Aktienmärkten.” Und schiebt direkt nach: “So ein Schwachsinn.””

      – Krämer’s example is one where he ignores the effects of options expiration days and of monthly inflows of pension plan money – which usually flows into the market on the first of the month. There are significant monthly patterns. The weakest day is asround the 20th.

      He has indeed found a replicable effect but he doesn’t know the mechanism so he thinks it is an example of statistical arbitrariness.

      My trading strategy optimizations have found that effect as well. ChiefIO has confirmed that he knows about this monthly pattern.

  45. DirkH

    Some EV battery exchange project (I read about it years ago) closes shop after burning through 850 million Euro in 6 years.

  46. Dirkse

    dear mr. Gosselin,
    Some thoughts struck my mind:
    A product is bought with warrenty from the manufacturer, who is responsible for the quality of the product. If the consumer modifies the product, the warrenty is lost.
    However………. electricity producers must allow for individuals dumping power on the grid without caring for the quality at all!
    The electricity producers (power stations) are forced to this practice by law: pure communism.
    What would make sense is that anyone should be free to generate it’s own power (not subsidized of course) Excess power may be stored in a buffer and the grid managent (not the individual) then may decide to extract power from the buffer to the grid.
    Again: these practises are unsuitable for a free enterprice society.

    1. DirkH

      The German FIT law for renewables was subject of a lawsuit at the EU court of justice, as it clearly violates the EU’s founding principle of freedom of exchange of goods and services. The court ruled that it does indeed violate the principle but would be tolerated anyway because of the importance of saving the planet from Global Warming.

      So you see, the science of CO2AGW is crucial for the power grab of the Eurocrats and all the rent seeking cronyism it enables.

  47. Joseph Yates

    “I’ve always been a skeptic of the AGW hypothesis, and view myself as a mere spectator in the climate change debate and arena.”

    So what you are telling us is that you have no expertize in climate science and that anyone reading your articles should take your general lack of expertize on the subject into serious consideration, and that seeing as you have always been a “skeptic”, there is not likely to be ANY scientific publication that could ever sway your opinion in the opposite direction. And seeing as how you have decided to run this little blog in opposition to mainstream science, how is it that we are to believe that you are a “mere spectator”, and not someone with some kind of vested interested in the outcome of the issue? Color me curious. 🙂

    1. DirkH

      “as you have always been a “skeptic”, there is not likely to be ANY scientific publication that could ever sway your opinion in the opposite direction.”

      You mischaracterize the word skeptic. Even some CO2AGW scientists are on the record as saying “every scientist must be a skeptic first”. Of course the opinion of a skeptic is not set in stone. If we find observational evidence of a tropospheric hotspot or of the hypothesized positive water vapor feedback, that would be an important vindication of the CO2AGW models.

      I have not heard of any recent attempts, though, to even look for these hypothesized phenomena in nature. To me it looks like the CO2AGW scientists are not interested in observations but content with writing about their latest computer simulation.

    2. TimiBoy

      I’m lucky enough to know a very experienced and VERY highly achieved Environmental Scientist. Name and gender will remain unknown. Person said to me – I quote:

      “I know CO2 isn’t a risk, but supporting the mantra will enable the achievement of my Political Goals.”

      Person is a stated Communist, and a State funded Environmental Scientist, quite prepared to “modify” output to achieve continued funding and Communism. Some people should NEVER get drunk, they don’t know who might be listening.

      1. DirkH

        No surprise here.

  48. sandy

    In answer to questions asked near the beginning of this blog that said, “What would be the motivation for so many scientists, the vast majority of scientists, far more educated and intelligent than either of us, to spread misinformation?

    You obviously haven’t heard of Agenda 21 and you need to? If you had heard of Agenda 21 you would know that ‘they’ need a ‘sustainability’ platform to hang it on. First throw around a lot of money to entice and push an emporers new clothes attitude so.. in the 70’s the cry is the tempretures dropping; we’ll all be ruined and it is all man’s fault. Then the tempreture stopped dropping and so the cry is the tempretures raising;’ we’ll all be ruined and it’s all mans fault and now bother the tempreture isn’t warming and without batting an eye it is climate change. Whew, lucky and if that fails I suppose we can always go back to the tempretures cooling or warming or cooling or changing. As long as we have a climate (because climates are always variable) they can march forward with the Agenda. And you will lose the right to private property, gain global indoctrination, whoops er global education and you will have an increasing number of unelected governments ruling you and culling you and more. Check out Agenda 21 particularly if you like a good thriller.

  49. Lex

    I think it would be time to expand that “129 climate scandal” article to around 200 now 😉

  50. Stephen Wilde

    Hello Pierre.

    I’ve just set up a new website devoted to natural climate change and in
    particular my New Climate Model which can be found here:


    If you were able to give it some publicity I’d be grateful.

    Best wishes,

    Stephen Wilde.

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