Bicyclist Dies After Emergency Rescue Vehicle Delayed By “Last Generation” Protesters

Share this… Facebook TwitterFrom Die kalte Sonne  Background here. Sad but true, the cyclist who ended up under a concrete truck and whose rescue was delayed by a traffic jam caused by the “Last Generation” is now brain dead [the cyclist in fact died after this posting]. This is reported by the Berliner Zeitung. The […]

Belief Of Steady 5300 Year Climate Unravels: Ötzi Got Exposed “Again and Again”

Share this… Facebook TwitterChanging Holocene climate…was never steady Researchers say the 5300 year old Ötzi corpse didn’t remain covered by ice 5300 years long, but in fact was exposed again and again! Figure 1. Orthophoto of the findspot in the Tisenjoch (1) and other locations mentioned in the text (2: Kesselwandferner, 3: Weißseespitze, 4: Hintereisferner, […]

Germany Sees Record Warm October, Helps Ease Heating Costs And Gas Shortage

Share this… Facebook TwitterHow was October in Germany in 2022? An extremely warm October, 2022, with record potential is how the German Weather Service describes the month from a weather and climate perspective. October 2022 was extremely warm in Germany. It is still open, as it is a matter of tenths of a degree, whether […]

Tokyo Mean October Mean Temperature Has Been Falling For Decades

Tokyo Mean October Mean Temperature Has Been Falling For Decades

Share this… Facebook TwitterCharts produced by Kirye This October, according to the (untampered) data from the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA), the mean temperature in Tokyo came in at 17.2°C, making it it one of the coolest over the past decades: Data source: JMA.  More significant, however, is the trend over the past 33 years – it’s […]

Study: Incidence Of Acute Cardiac Involvement After mRNA Booster “800 Times Higher”

Share this… Facebook Twitter“Alarming: 1 in 35 booster patients has lab values indicating acute heart damage.” That’s the headline of an article by at  The finding is based on results by a Swiss observational study by Prof. Christian Eugen Mueller published here. 1 of 35 individuals showed laboratory values indicative of acute cardiac injury […]

German Energy-Driven Food Inflation Skyrockets 20.3% In October, Year-On-Year!

German Energy-Driven Food Inflation Skyrockets 20.3% In October, Year-On-Year!

Share this… Facebook TwitterAs German energy prices and inflation skyrocket, in large part due to the country’s green energies folly, food inflation at supermarkets reached an all-time high in October 2022.  Milk 67% higher in one year Hat-tip: Germany’s Consumer Price Index for October reached the highest level than at any time since data […]

Nature Geoscience: "Eastern Antarctic Peninsula Ice Sheet HAS GROWN Over Last 20 Years"

Nature Geoscience: “Eastern Antarctic Peninsula Ice Sheet HAS GROWN Over Last 20 Years”

Share this… Facebook TwitterThe German Klimaschau here presents a new video, this one featuring a new study on the Antarctic Ice Shelf published in Nature Geoscience: Ice sheet “has grown” According to a University of Cambridge press release dated May 13, 2022, “The eastern Antarctic Peninsula Ice Sheet has grown in area over the last […]

Modelers/ Forecasters Can't Even Agree On Europe's Upcoming Winter

Modelers/ Forecasters Can’t Even Agree On Europe’s Upcoming Winter

Share this… Facebook TwitterAmid the current natural gas shortages, the German government is hoping for a warmer winter so that people don’t wind up freezing to death. Yet, on the other hand, the government warns that warm winters mean a climate disaster is putting our civilization at risk! This year’s there’s much interest in forecasting […]

Polish Leader Calls German Energy Policy “A Curse, Fiasco”…2/3 Of Restaurants Face Bankruptcy!

Share this… Facebook TwitterIt’s Blackout News Friday. Polish leader calls Germany’s energy policy “a curse” and “a fiasco” as the country’s economy continues to crumble in the wake of its energy policy debacle.  German Chancellor Olaf Scholz gets criticized by Polish leader Mateusz Jakub Morawiecki. Image: Krystian Maj, CC BY 3.0 PL, via Wikimedia Commons […]

Destruction Of German Heritage...430 Year Old Family Craft Bakery Succumbs To "Green Revolution"

Destruction Of German Heritage…430 Year Old Family Craft Bakery Succumbs To “Green Revolution”

Share this… Facebook TwitterGermany’s economic and heritage destruction has reached an all new level, thanks to the Green Revolution Traditional family companies, in business for generations, are now being forced to close up due to energy scarcity and high prices, mostly brought on by the “Green Revolution” madness. 430 years of tradition in Germany gets […]

Incredible Shrinking Vaccine Efficacy: Federal Health Minister Concedes Severe Cases Not Prevented

Share this… Facebook TwitterFirst they promised it offered you immunity and stopped transmission. It didn’t.  Then that changed to: it prevented serious cases, which also was untrue.  Now the latest promise is: Well, it keeps you from dying of COVID at the hospital. The string of phony promises surrounding the mRNA vaccines is long. Do […]

Potsdam Climate Institute Scientists Criticized: “Scouring For Most Alarmist Stories”

Share this… Facebook TwitterClimate researcher Björn Stevens, director of the Max Planck Institute (MPI) for Meteorology in Hamburg, criticizes his Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) colleagues, calling them “alarmist” By Die kalte Sonne Björn Stevens is the director of the Max Planck Institute (MPI) for Meteorology in Hamburg and an expert on clouds. […]

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