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Fridays For Future Just Another Pathological Mind Job …Abusive Power Over Children

Share this… Facebook TwitterLest anyone has wondered why the climate movement has shifted its focus over to children, it is because too many adults just refused to buy into the climate-Armageddon hoax. It’s a fact: Children are very easy to manipulate and deceive. Children – and adults with stunted intellectual development – are much easier […]

Expert Psychiatrist: Greta Being “Misused For Interests” …Parents’ Promotion Of Troubled Child “Ethically Problematic”

Share this… Facebook TwitterAn expert psychoanalyst appeared on German television to provide his view on Greta’s high-octane anger, see (German) video below: At her speech at the UN, Greta’s voice was filled with worry and acute anger. When asked about the source of the intense emotions, German psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and book author Hans-Joachim Maaz commented: […]

German Portrait Of The Thunberg-Ernman Family: Acutely Dysfunctional, "An Infinitely Sad Family History"

German Portrait Of The Thunberg-Ernman Family: Acutely Dysfunctional, “An Infinitely Sad Family History”

Share this… Facebook TwitterAt the German libertarian site achgut.com here, guest writer Ulrike Stockmann writes a portrait of climate activist Greta Thunberg’s family. The title: “The Thunberg-Ernmans: An infinitely sad family history“. Ulrike Stockmann writes a portrait of the Ernman-Thunberg family. Image: achgut.com Stockmann portrait is based on the published book by Greta Thunberg’s mother, […]

"Punitive Political Psychiatry" Coming To Germany? Leading Journal Defines Climate Science Dissent A Psychological Disorder

“Punitive Political Psychiatry” Coming To Germany? Leading Journal Defines Climate Science Dissent A Psychological Disorder

Share this… Facebook TwitterGermany may be soon re-introducing a dark period where political opponents are simply declared mentally ill by the state and forcibly hospitalized for “treatment”. Image: One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, 1975 A case for psychotherapy In a recent paper dubbed “The Denial of the Apocalypse – Dealing with the Climate Crisis […]

“Climate Protection” Obsession Moves From Depression To Insanity…”Need To Eat Humans, Babies!”

Share this… Facebook Twitter(UPDATE: 5 October 2019) It was a well executed hoax. https://cliscep.com/2019/10/04/aoc-trolled-by-swiftian-satire/ (Note: A number of US Democrats and activists support late-term, partial birth abortions, so it’s not unreasonable to think this was real). UPDATE 4 Oct 2019: https://www.climatedepot.com/2019/10/04/watch-aoc-duped-by-climate-trolls-unbelievable-plea-to-eat-the-babies/ ============================== There’s little doubt among the many cooler skeptic heads that the global climate […]

“No Climate Emergency” …MIT Climate Expert, 500 Prominent Global Experts Write In Letter To UN

Share this… Facebook TwitterNormally the UN General Assembly is no place for hysterical activists to blow off their anger, aggression, threats  and doomsday fantasies. In a letter to Secretary General Guterres, 500 scientists are now requesting that the UN end the hysteria and return to rational dialogue. =============================================================== There is no climate crisis An open […]

Germany On Economic Suicide Watch... Merkel Government Postpones Climate Death Leap ..."Collective Psychosis"

Germany On Economic Suicide Watch… Merkel Government Postpones Climate Death Leap …”Collective Psychosis”

Share this… Facebook TwitterGood news: Germany’s “climate rescue” plan is light years away from FFF demands, thus postponing economic suicide leap, Bad news: plan means considerable hardship for German consumers and economy. Haunted by visions of a climate collapse, German government yet decides to postpone its economic death leap, instead proposes highly watered down climate-rescue […]

Thunbergs' Climate Alarmism Deemed Fanaticism -- "Strangely Courted by Western Elites" -- German Psychiatrist Writes

Thunbergs’ Climate Alarmism Deemed Fanaticism — “Strangely Courted by Western Elites” — German Psychiatrist Writes

Share this… Facebook TwitterA German psychiatrist has read the Thunbergs’ book, observed climate movement and finds it’s all about fanaticism: “utopian character of demands”…”inability to engage in dialogue and compromise”. Image: S. Fischer Verlag Prof. Dr. med. Dipl.-Psych. Wolfgang Meins, neuropsychologist and professor of psychiatry, penned an article recently published at German libertarian site Achgut.com […]

Germany’s Zugspitze Sees Snow Depth Spiral Upward To Highest Level in 38 Years – In Late Spring!

Share this… Facebook TwitterMay normally is a month that sees rapid snow melt in Alps. But this year May was an unusually cold month across Central Europe and parts of the Alps saw heavy snow accumulation. A week ago, on May 25, BR public broadcasting reported here how May snow levels at Germany’s tallest peak, […]

Australia Election Results Show Citizens Fed Up With Infantile “Vote For Us, Or Die!” Campaigns And Threats

Share this… Facebook TwitterHysteria and insults get refuted Australia’s election results are in, and once again major media are in state of shock. The New York Times here for example called it a “stunning win” and claimed it was “propelled by a populist wave” that resembled “the force that has upended politics in the United […]

French Doctor Calls "Instrumentalization" Of Greta Thunberg "Irresponsible", "Moral Error" ...Revealing "Neuropsychiatric State To Media Should Be A Crime"

French Doctor Calls “Instrumentalization” Of Greta Thunberg “Irresponsible”, “Moral Error” …Revealing “Neuropsychiatric State To Media Should Be A Crime”

Share this… Facebook TwitterLaurent Alexandre: “Greta Thunberg instrumentalized by militant extremists“ In a stinging commentary at Le Figaro here, Dr. Laurent Alexandre, surgeon-urologist, a graduate of Sciences Po, HEC and ENA, and co-founder of the Doctissimo website, asserts that teenage Nobel Prize nominee Greta Thunberg is being shamelessly exploited and “is playing into the hands […]

"How Trolls Troll" ...Nutrition Expert Posts Video On "Trolling" And How To Deal With Them

“How Trolls Troll” …Nutrition Expert Posts Video On “Trolling” And How To Deal With Them

Share this… Facebook TwitterMany of you are aware that I’m also a big skeptic of the western dietary guidelines we’ve been handed down by the government over the past decades. Claiming a vast consensus among nutritionists and physicians, government insisted the high carb, low fat diet was the healthiest. Well we all know how that […]

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