Climate Bet For Charity

Know Your Opponent – Climate Bet Warmist Believes In The Hockey Stick

First off, I want to thank the readers who have joined in on the CLIMATE BET whereby the winnings will be donated to a charity for children in dire need, yet to be decided. So far us 11 coolists have bet $300 in total that 2011 – 2020 will be cooler than the last decade. It seems […]

Warmist Daringly Bets $5000 That 2011-2020 Decade Will Be Even Warmer

Warmist and NTZ observer “Robhon” has daringly entered a bet for US $5000 with NTZ and NTZ  readers that the next decade 2011 – 2020 will be warmer on average than the previous 2001 – 2010 decade. Last update click here. NTZ and NTZ readers say it will be cooler, or the same. The loser of the […]

Will The New Decade Be Warmer Than The Last One?

Will The New Decade Be Warmer Than The Last One?

This blog here is not a casino for high rollers. In fact, it’s not a casino at all. Yet, one warmist reader robhon left a comment here proposing a bet which I find quite interesting. Here’s what he proposes: I’m taking bets with deniers that the decade from 2010 to 2019 will end with at least […]

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