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Dipl.-Ing. Pierre L. Gosselin
Asternweg 1
49610 Quakenbrück

Tel.: (+49) 54 31 42 26
e-mail: pierre.gosselin@t-online.de

Warning: Civility and politeness are very much appreciated and welcome. But on the other hand:

Threats of any type will be promptly forwarded to the authorities and legally pursued to the fullest possible extent of the law!


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198 responses to “1. Contact”

  1. John Reynolds

    For what it is worth – access to the new website is being blocked by NASA.
    Reply: Do you mean this new NotricksZone website? For what reason? – PG

    1. John Reynolds

      The block was a catch-all citing inappropriate content.

      1. Brian G Valentine

        You’ll be pleased to know that Department of Energy, where I write from now, has not blocked the website.

        I have no doubt that people such as professional blogger Gavin Schmidt of NASA were behind a possible recommendation to block things they might consider to be, um, “denialist.”

  2. John Reynolds

    Must be a coincidence… One day after mentioning the inability to access notrickszone.com from a NASA computer – the block has been lifted?

  3. Bernd Felsche

    Here’s a fun article from the weather man to translate:


    “[Klima] Es ist immer die Summe der Einzelwerte, die zusammen einen Mittelwert bilden. Man kann ihn zum Richtwert erheben, was viele Gesellschaftsideologien ja auch tun, aber der Natur bzw. dem Wetter vorzugeben, in welchem Korridor, zwischen welchen Leitplanken die Globaltemperatur sich zukünftig zu bewegen hat, das ist an blindem Größenwahn und Hybris nicht zu überbieten. Die errechnete Weltmitteltemperatur schafft auch kein Weltklima, ein Wesen, das man zum Schutzgut erklären könnte. Der mit Standardlänge, Standardgewicht, Standardintelligenz wie Standardlebenserwartung errechnete abstrakte Mensch bleibt eine Gedankenfiktion und kann kein Maßstab sein für die sieben Milliarden Erdenbewohner. Die Gehälter der Klimaökonomen sollten auf das Globaleinkommen reduziert werden, damit sie konkret merken, welchen Unsinn sie von sich geben.”

    Dr Thüne is biting his tongue. 🙂

  4. Ike

    Don´t know if already posted. If so, then sorry for doublepost!

    Rob Maris: Skeptics Survey launched

    The survey has been set up by Rob Maris with the help of some skeptics, with grateful thanks to Peter Heller who contributed to the above mentioned discussion, and now contributed to the survey formulation.

    The survey starts with some simple questions in order to get some general information. The core of the survey is represented by subsequent questions related to statements, issues and resources in the „climatosphere”. There are ten questions, and the estimated time should be approx. 10 minutes to fill out the survey. The survey runs from today until Monday, October 11th (inclusive). Non-skeptics are asked to refrain from answering the survey: it is for “skeptics only”.

    Link to survey:

  5. Patagon

    You may be interested in this Propaganda from the Swiss Academy of Sciences (Pro-Clim). It is a shame that they lend themselves to this kind of activism

    All references to ‘skepticalscience.com’ !

    email attached:

    Dear Colleagues

    We have just published a new Climate-Press in German and French:

    Die Argumente der Klimaskeptiker (2010)

    Skepsis ist die Basis wissenschaftlicher Arbeit, denn wissenschaftliche Erkenntnisse müssen überprüfbar sein. Die Skepsis der Klimaskeptiker ist hingegen problematisch, weil diese wissenschaftliche Beweise nur selektiv anerkennen.

    Die Argumente der Klimaskeptiker sind zahlreich, aber oft widersprüchlich. In mehr oder weniger komplexer Form werden die grundlegenden Fakten der Klimaänderung in Frage gestellt. Die Argumente sind entweder bereits widerlegt worden oder bei näherem Augenschein wissenschaftlich nicht haltbar und werden dennoch immer wieder vorgebracht. Inzwischen sind auf Webseiten Antworten und ausführliche Erklärungen zu den einzelnen Streitpunkten verfügbar. Ein Blick auf die Sammlung an Argumenten zeigt, dass sich diese in Gruppen einteilen lassen. Fast alle Argumente der Klimaskeptiker folgen einem dieser Muster. Die beschriebenen Muster sollen helfen, die Hunderte von Argumenten etwas zu ordnen.

    URL: http://proclimweb.scnat.ch/portal/ressources/1501.pdf

    Les arguments des climatosceptiques (2010)

    Le scepticisme est la base du travail scientifique, car les connaissances scientifiques doivent être vérifiables. Le scepticisme des climatosceptiques est en revanche problématique, parce ces derniers ne reconnaissent les démonstrations scientifiques que de façon sélective.

    Les arguments des climatosceptiques sont nombreux, mais souvent contradictoires. Ils mettent en question les faits fondamentaux des changements climatiques sous une forme plus ou moins complexe. Ces arguments ont déjà été réfutés ou ne sont pas scientifiquement défendables quand on les examine de près, mais ils sont encore toujours avancés. Entre-temps, des réponses et explications détaillées au sujet des questions controversées ont été publiées sur des sites Web. En considérant l’ensemble des arguments, on constate que ceux-ci peuvent être classés en plusieurs groupes. Presque tous les arguments des climatosceptiques correspondent à l’un de ces types. Les types décrits aident à y voir plus clair parmi les centaines d’arguments.

    URL: http://proclimweb.scnat.ch/portal/ressources/1502.pdf

    With kind regards

    The ProClim- Team

    For feedback or to unsubscribe send E- Mail to info-proclim@scnat.ch

    Forum for Climate and Global Change
    Swiss Academy of Sciences
    Schwarztorstr. 9
    3007 Bern
    Tel: +41 31 328 23 23

  6. Ike
  7. Bernd Felsche

    Germans are beginningto notice that their electricity prices are being jacked up by “renewable” energy obligations imposed by law on the generators.


    1. DirkH

      At the same time, the Greens decide to go 100% Renewable until 2030, should they manage to grab the power.


      Basically, well, maybe i won’t even leave the country. I see some interesting opportunities even amidst this planned downfall.

  8. Ike

    I found this today on süddeutsche online:


    The last paragraph is interesting:

    “Zudem dürfte es ein grundsätzliches Problem mathematischer Modelle sein, dass sie Präzision suggerieren, auch dort, wo die (laut Gebrauchsanweisung) nötigen Voraussetzungen für ihre Gültigkeit weggefallen sind. So wie in der Klimaforschung bunte Weltkarten mitunter den Eindruck erwecken, die klimatische Zukunft des Planeten lasse sich auf Jahrzehnte hinaus berechnen, können auf Prozentbruchteile bezifferte Risikoangaben einem Finanzhändler falsche Sicherheit vorgaukeln. “Modelle können wie Scheinwerfer wirken”, sagt der Berliner Hans Föllmer, sie beleuchten manches, aber anderes hüllen sie erst recht in Dunkelheit. Klaus Mainzer gab dem Münchner Auditorium daher einen klaren Rat mit auf den Weg: “Seien Sie keine Truthähne!”


  9. Ike

    Swiss scientist proves IPCC wrong!

    “[…]Metre-scale thermal contrasts significantly exceed IPCC warming projections for the next 100 years. The data presented here thus indicate a great risk of overestimating alpine habitat losses in isotherm-based model scenarios. While all but the species depending on the very coldest micro-habitats will find thermally suitable ‘escape’ habitats within short distances, there will be enhanced competition for those cooler places on a given slope in an alpine climate that is 2 K warmer. Yet, due to their topographic variability, alpine landscapes are likely to be safer places for most species than lowland terrain in a warming world.


    original I found here:

  10. Ike

    It would be interesting to know who would have won the bet! Latif turned the bet down, saying that the matter was too serious for gambling. “We are scientists, not poker players.”


    Was there any response from Ms Eilperin regarding your email and your bet?
    http://backseatdriving.blogspot.com/2009/01/sea-level-rise-id-love-to-bet-over-it.html 😉

  11. Ike
    1. DirkH

      I see he says the world is warmer than ever. So probably w/o AGW there would be -5.7 deg C outside instead of a balmy -5 deg. Thanks, AGW. Feeling warmer already.

      1. Ike


  12. Patagon

    UNEP disinformation:

    They have launched a campaign “30 ways in 30 days”

    Today the untrue claim of the Sahel desertification

    Compare it to real facts:




    Info courtesy of Proclim/Swiss Academy of Sciences

  13. Nick Mabbs

    Joe Bastardi – Accuweather says Germany in line for a big whiteout next week.

    How are the German MSM forecasters playing it ?



  14. Roger L.

    Hi Pierre,
    this headline is nice 🙂

    cheers and happy holidays – frohe Weihnachten


  15. Casper

    Hi Pierre,
    There is an another German site:

  16. Bernd Felsche

    What this? The anti-apocalypse in Focus?

    I suppose that means that we’re allowed to have a Happy New Year.

  17. DirkH

    More VAT carousel fraud with CO2 emissions trading. Europol kept busy.


  18. Bernd Felsche

    Pierre, you must be disappointed. 🙂

    RWE chief branded climate ‘dinosaur’

    Environmentalists have conferred the dubious honour of “dinosaur of the year” for backwards attitudes to green issues to energy giant RWE’s chief executive Jürgen Großmann.
    “I’m very grateful,” he wrote in a message to NABU, and asked when and where he could collect his award.
    NABU has offered the “dinosaur of the year” award since 1993 to people who, in its view, stand out for “particularly enduring stupidity” on environmental and climate policy issues.
    Oh dearie me. That one’s going to back-fire.

    NABU excretion: http://www.nabu.de/aktionenundprojekte/dinodesjahres/

    It’s strange that NABU think that RWE is responsible for CO2 emissions; when it’s RWE’s customers drawing the electricity that cause the coal, oil and gas to be burnt.

    1. DirkH

      It’s not strange at all. NABU has no economic understanding. BTW, the EU commissioners plan to break up the German energy giants and force them to split into energy generators and network owners. The plan is in its early stages and a direct attack has not been mounted yet but is expected to begin in 2011.

      1. Bernd Felsche

        Such breakups haven’t worked anywhere to the benefit of customers.

        Governments can no more force competition than they can legislate market forces. It always ends in a decrepid mess.

        1. DirkH

          Let’s say it will be another market distortion. It can be very helpful to move into the right position before the distortion impacts 😉

  19. Bernd Felsche


    In this article, Focus says that Scandinavian Airports aren’t Afraid of Ice and Snow

    SAS (Scandinavian Airline Services) UK office manager Hans Dyhrfor said that the inability of Heathrow to cope with a little snow and ice was “somewhat embarrassing”; having apparently cleared snow from the runways so as to block parked aircraft. (Understatement is a Scandinavian artform.)

    Arlanda airport (Stockholm’s main airport) crews can clear the main runway in 6 minutes using 8 special vehicles simultaneously.

    The tone of comments from Brussels is for more regulation. Presumably, to regulate the amount of snow that’s allowed to fall on airports.

    1. DirkH

      “The tone of comments from Brussels is for more regulation. Presumably, to regulate the amount of snow that’s allowed to fall on airports.”

      The transport commissar is Siim Kallas, former communist, i think a Latvian or Estnian. I think he is now a reform communist. The regulation requests (or commands – i don’t think a communist commissar requests anything) come from him.

  20. Bernd Felsche

    Just for fun: http://www.dilbert.com/fast/2011-01-03/
    Less green than I had hoped.

  21. Plain Jane

    The Plastic Ocean – hype as usual.

    Here is perhaps another “Gate” to add to your list.


    Anthony Watts blog has an article on the exaggeration of claims of plastic in the ocean. The exaggerations are so large as, in my opinion, to constitute a lie.

    Love your “Gate” list.

  22. DirkH

    Here’s another opportunity to beat Anthony. As it’s in German, and results by German researchers, we might have a few days advantage.
    Teaser: Unprecedented! Never before! Well, at least not in the last 1800 years!
    Look what Climate Change has done now! Is it good, is it bad? Well, it’s unprecedented!


  23. Bernd Felsche

    Remember the „LekkerMobil“ electric car record (scam)?

    Not so much “Kolibri” as “Kohlenbrei”.

    I’m still trying to figure out why and when “the dog ate their homework”.

    The comments on the article above showed that the 350kg battery stored 98.8 kWh; which is definitely NOT something one would or could try to load in 6 minutes; one of the claims by the makers of the battery.

    Link to the vehicle datasheet:

    It’s no surprise that almost 100 kWh of battery is enough to cover the distance on almost level ground. The A2 1.2TDI would have used less than 18 litres of diesel fuel; the equivalent of about (288MJ) 80 kWh at the flywheel. Also no surprise that the battery life is quite finite: 2000 cycles which at best would give 120 Mm … making for a very expensive replacement of a “wear component”. ( 1 Mm = 1000 km )

  24. Bernd Felsche
  25. Green Sand

    Is this “your” Dana?

    A case study in climate science integrity

    Skeptical Science: Should we trust our science with those who admit to and correct mistakes, or with those who deny and ignore them?

    • Online news service promotes false climate change story

    * Dana Nuccitelli for Skeptical Science
    * guardian.co.uk, Tuesday 25 January 2011 16.14 GMT


  26. Green Sand

    billed as writing for John Cook’s “Sceptical Science” blog – but Nuccitelli also pops up as an employee of a large environmental consultancy group Tetra Tech


  27. Bernd Felsche

    Germans are destroying their homes by trying to save on energy costs:


    Focus magazine reports that home owners trying to save energy by minimising air leakage are creating ideal conditions for the growth of fungus which can make their homes uninhabitable.

    The problem is probably exascerbated by the increasing use of “envrionmentally-friendly” substances used in the construction and maintenance of homes. What do people think the bio-degradables bio-degrade to? Daisies and roses?

    Efforts to cover up the inevitable odours of biological dceay by using e.g. sprays and scented candles only appears to feed the processes further.

    The traditional, deliberate ventilation of homes is through doors and windows, with “un-designed” leakage through other places. Heavy insulation and sealing of gaps leaves no avenue for adequate exchange of fresh air. Ripping into the structure of an established house, in order to install an effective, heat-recovering, active, fresh-air ventilation system is way beyond the budget of many, if not most.

    Related: http://www.focus.de/immobilien/bauen/tid-21173/fogging-waende-wie-pech-und-schwefel_aid_595409.html

  28. Green Sand

    WUWT is a finalist in the 2011 “bloggies” awards!


    Support your (not so) local weatherman!

  29. Ike

    nice to read for both sides. Article is not going into extremes and stays rational.

    Neue Züricher Zeitung online:
    Die epische Diskussion über die «Hockeyschlägerkurve»


  30. Ike


    found this at spiegel online:


    Interesting is the last sentence:
    Was den Extremregen angehe, sagt Böhm, “brauchen wir aber wohl noch Hunderte derartige Versuche, um Klarheit zu haben”

    1. Brian G Valentine

      Oh, this AGW implies flood nonsense has been around for ever.

      Regrettably, it also provides the English with a means to shirk responsibility and avoid blame: UK floods have been known to be associated with their own inland water control mismanagement.

      Thanks to AGW, you and I can be blamed for that – not their incompetency to manage their own dam water

  31. DirkH

    Here’s a report about growing problems in German low voltage grids (meaning 220V), where too many solar producers and too little consumers lead to dangerous voltage increases, threatening consumer devices. This situation seems to apply mostly to thinly populated grids in the countryside, where we also find most of the small PV installations that are directly connected to the end consumer grid. The first communities have declared a ban on new PV installations.

  32. Green Sand

    Jan 2011 HADCrut3 posted at +0.195C on CRU website.


    Not sure what the Met will make of it, I am trying to fathom the changes to their site.

  33. Green Sand

    Correction +0.194C, must engage brain!

  34. Bernd Felsche


    ”Eher als “grüne” Werbe-Werkzeuge denn als echte Klimaschützer betrachtet Auto-Experte Professor Willi Diez die auf dem deutschen Markt bereits erhältlichen Elektroautos wie den Mitsubishi i-MiEV oder den Peugeot iOn. Für Firmen und Behörden als deren Hauptabnehmer seien diese Fahrzeuge unter den jetzigen Marktbedingungen und angesichts von Stückzahlen “in homöopathischen Größenordnungen” in erster Linie “eine gute PR”.”

    Translated (as poorly as ever):
    ”Automotive expert Professor Willi Diez regards the electric cars available to Germans such as the Mitsubishi i-MiEV and Peugeot iOn as tools for advertising rather than protecting the climate. They serve primarily as “good PR” for the companies and authorities who are the main buyers; in quantities of “homeopathic proportions”.”

  35. Bernd Felsche

    In a recent Australian TV interview of Lomberg, the greener-than-thou host of the show said:

    ” … because you say they’re doing nothing to fix climate change overall, but in Germany they’re changing their mix of electricity, how they get their electricity, to renewables.

    In fact if they do what they plan and get up to 35 per cent by 2020, 80 per cent by 2050, if every country did the same thing, you’d have a massive global shift, wouldn’t you?”

    (Full transcript http://www.abc.net.au/lateline/content/2011/s3153560.htm)

    That looks like a substantial misrepresentation of the energy politics of Germany’s government as they stand. It looks far more like a Greens policy statement. i.e. completely unrealistic.

  36. Bernd Felsche
  37. Green Sand

    Hi PG,

    Looks like there are a few squabbles afoot?

    “German nuclear review throws up new problems”

    “Germany’s dramatic rethink over nuclear power has thrown up new problems, as the consequences of a retreat from atomic technology emerge.”


  38. Ike
  39. Ike


    i will have to write this German, ´cause my English is not that good.


    Dieser Artikel in SPON ist ganz interessant. Einseits geht es um den Cyberwar und der neuen Gesetzgebung der USA, welches militärische Mittel legitimiert wenn US Bürger mit ihrem leben bedroht werden.

    Dann kommt dieser Absatz, der mich doch sehr an die Klimawandeldiskussion erinnert. Nur mit umgekehrten Vorzeichen:

    “Wie groß die Gefahr durch Cyber-Attacken für die Bevölkerung wirklich ist, lässt sich nur schwer beurteilen. Rhetorisch werden schwere Geschütze aufgefahren und Schreckenszenarien entworfen: Hacker-Angriffe aus dem Internet sollen kritische Infrastruktureinrichtungen lahmlegen können und Menschenleben kosten, so tönen die Alarmisten in Washington. Selbst ein virtueller Angriff auf ein Atomkraftwerk wird für möglich gehalten.

    In einer Analyse kommen zwei Politikwissenschaftler der George Mason University allerdings zu dem Schluss, dass öffentliche, nachprüfbare Informationen zu solchen Gefahren nicht vorliegen. Sie warnen deshalb vor einem Cyber-industriellen Komplex, von Unternehmen, die der Regierung maßgeschneiderte Software für den Cyberwar verkaufen und gleichzeitig den Bedarf danach kräftig ankurbeln. Ganz so, wie der militärisch-industrielle Komplex den Kalten Krieg befeuert hat. Das Fazit von Jerry Brito und Tate Watkins: Eine aufgeblasene Bedrohung könne die Regierung zu unnötigen Investitionen verleiten – und zu einer überzogenen Regulierung des Internets.”

    -> Eine aufgeblasene Bedrohung könne die Regierung zu unnötigen Investitionen verleiten!

    well, well… 😉


  40. Ulrich Elkmann

    Ike: – this comes via SPON. Hardly a viable source for balanced, considered or evenhanded information on matters of American policy, especially regarding national security. Knee-jerk anti-Americanism is a dearly held tradition over there. These scenarios are aimed at the American public, which – on both sides of the political fence – has been highly suspicious of, say, the Office for Homeland Security, viewing it as almost totally incompetent, ridiculously overgrown and potentially dangerous (that it took these people ten years to finish off bin Laden, as welcome as this news was, does not really much to correct the overall impression). In highly special cases, such as with Stuxnet last year, cyberwar might even succeed – if you are dumb enough to run nuclear technology on unchecked technology from a single manufacturer – in this case Siemens – with software that you have not written yourself. As a rule, the American scenarios have supplanted those of the Cold War, like the Bomber Gap and the Missile Gap (“We think we have to fear the worst, and have to be prepared” = Give Us Money). Technology, though, has driven the costs of these measures way down: writing code is a bit cheaper than assembling nuclear warheads. The bluster about taking military measures to protect US citizens threatened abroad is, sadly, just that: bluster, in order to show some backbone to the voters (who are the taxpayers, remember). Checking the facts reveals that Americans who get into serious trouble abroad are no better off than citizens of other states – unless they are soldiers in a war zone and there are battle-ready troops nearby.

    1. DirkH

      “writing code is a bit cheaper than assembling nuclear warheads. ”

      I’m a programmer and i’m not entirely sure about that… 😉 You should have seen some of the bloated project organisations i have seen… My capitalist heart bleeds when i think of it…

  41. Barry Woods

    One Indian state’s extra planned coal powered stations more tha the UK’s ENTIRE electrity generation – and they get carbon credits!!!

    An impecable source (The Guardian)


    “A single Indian state is to build a new fleet of coal-power stations that could make it one of the world’s top 20 emitters of carbon emissions – on a par with countries such as Spain or Poland.

    In an echo of the Chinese economy in the 1990s which depended on the exploitation of vast reserves of coal, India last year approved plans for 173 coal-fired power stations expected to provide an extra 80-100 gigawatts (GW) of electricity capacity within a few years. Many are expected to be fuelled by cheap coal imported from Australia, Indonesia and southern Africa, but applications to mine more than 600m tonnes of coal in India have been lodged.”

    You can follow me on ‘twitter’



    FYI: See WUWT about the battle over sea level rise.

    Seems that Stefan Rahmstorf and Martin Vermeer are playing games in the peer reviewed literature on sea level rise. Final sentence from the post:
    “To reach the multimeter levels projected for 2100 by RV (Stefan Rahmstorf and Martin Vermeer) requires large positive accelerations that are one to two orders of magnitude greater than those yet observed in sea-level data.”


  43. Roger L.
  44. Green Sand

    Hi PG, have you seen this? Maybe you have, but it slipped under my radar.

    “Bayer threatens to leave Germany over high electricity costs!”

    “German chemical giant Bayer has warned that it may be forced to leave the country because of a rise in energy prices. The firm is already looking at increasing its foothold in emerging economies such as China.”

    “Bayer employs 35,000 people in Germany, but CEO Marijn Dekkers told the German weekly business magazine Wirtschaftswoche that energy prices posed a genuine threat to the company’s manufacturing operations in the country.”


  45. Green Sand
  46. MostlyHarmless

    I’ve just published my post on recent sea-level rise in Australia, as promised. I got bogged down in charts for all the 15 stations involved, but then hit on a simpler presentation. Any comments from you as an experienced blogger would be appreciated.


  47. Bernd Felsche

    Here’s a link to an article I just posted on my blog:

    German Motoring Club Against Reason
    In this ADAC article (in German), the club calls for tight restrictions on particulate emissions from gasoline-engined cars, to bring them in line with the extremely-tight restrictions imposed in diesel-engined cars. They want soot filters.

    … more at my blog.

    Pierre: Feel free to re-use/comment.

  48. Bernd Felsche

    Quick one via EIKE


    University Study: German Energy Policy Unaffordable
    For Germany to provide all of its electricity from “green” sources would cost every household an extra 165 Euros per month; and if 100% of all energy is required from “renewables”, it can be an extra 800 Euros/month.

  49. Bernd Felsche

    Another episode of “Entweder Broder …”

    Has a go at the Greens … about “e-mobility” … “plans” (delusions) of making batteries in Berlin and Broder asks: “How will you dispose of them?”

    They speak to a physicist (Detlef Richard) who points out that ther’s not enough lithium to go around to make batteries for everything and he can’t understand why billions are being spent in the insane pursuit.

    They visit Vauban/Freiburg .. a place built for and settled by well-to-do “environmentalists” who believe that they are doing the right thing. “Germans are capable of anything.”

    Then they deal with the compulsion to install a solar system on a roof in Marburg when building or renovating, if it’s technically feasible. Broder mentions the annual subsidy for solar being 10 billion Euros.

    and much, much more.

  50. Ike


    did you heard or read about this event:

    Internationale Online-Klimakonferenz KLIMA 2011

    Die Kick-Off-Veranstaltung findet dieses Mal am Campus Bergedorf der HAW Hamburg statt. Namhafte Klimaforscher und Katastrophenschützer sind zu Gast. Bundesentwicklungsminister Dirk Niebel ist der diesjähriger Schirmherr der internationalen Klimakonferenz KLIMA 2011. Die sechstägige Onlinekonferenz zu „Klimawandel und Katastrophenschutzvorsorge“ läuft in diesem Jahr vom 7. bis zum 12. November. Anmeldungsschluss zu der Kick-Off-Veranstaltung KLIMA 2011 ist der 31. Oktober.



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