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U. Of Colorado Boulder Sea Level Alarmism Based On Sloppy And “Faulty” Science, Veteran German Scientists Say

German scientists Dr. Sebastian Lüning (geology) and Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt (chemistry) say recent sea level rise paper is “alarmist” and based on sloppy, “faulty” science. =============================================== Sea level rise grossly overstated by sloppy science By Frank Bosse and Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt (Text translated/edited by P. Gosselin) In mid February a frightening report made the rounds through the […]

Latest Data Show Central Europe Winters Cooling Over Past 30 Years...Germany's February Almost 3°C Below Normal!

Latest Data Show Central Europe Winters Cooling Over Past 30 Years…Germany’s February Almost 3°C Below Normal!

Germany’s 2017/18 winter (December-January-February) came in moderately above normal in terms of mean temperature (+0.7°C), according to DWD German national weather service data recorded from its 2000 measurement stations scattered across the country. But February was a completely different story. Seb thinks Central Europe is warming First, in a recent comment, warmist reader Seb claimed that […]

Europe Facing Coldest March In Years, Global Surface Temperatures Cool..."Bad Times" For Warming Alarmists

Europe Facing Coldest March In Years, Global Surface Temperatures Cool…”Bad Times” For Warming Alarmists

Here at NTZ we are glad to see that German weather and climate blogger Schneefan is back from his hiatus and this week he presents a couple of interesting posts, here and here. Cold to grip Europe for rest of month First he writes that the latest weather models and patterns are now pointing to an extended winter […]

Europe Cooling…Weather Service Data Show Falling January Mean Temperatures Over Past 30 Years

Josef Kowatsch and Stefan Kämpfe at the European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE) here have been looking at temperatures in Central Europe, foremost Germany, over the past 30 years. Heavy snow blankets Germany in January, 2018. Photo: Stefan Kämpfe The German media like to say that Germany has been warming rapidly due to global […]

Climate Activists Suffering From Factophobia… Host Of Studies Show No Drought/Forest Fire Trend

Not climate change: forest fires in the USA controlled by El Nino, arson and land use changes By Dr. Sebastian Lüning and Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt (German text translated/edited by P Gosselin) Droughts increase the risk of forest fires; that’s logical. However it is false to reflexively assign every forest fire to climate change. There have always been […]

Expert Climate Scientists Conclude From Historical Trends That Anthropogenic Factors Are Overweighted In Models

What follows is another paper to add to the list of 400 peer-reviewed papers published this year which show claims surrounding man-made global warming are in fact hyped up. ================================== By Dr. Sebastian Lüning and Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt (German text translated/edited by P Gosselin) On July 4 in the journal Atmospheric and Climate Sciences an […]

Analysis By German Scientists Concerning Hurricane Causes: More Propaganda Than Science

In the wake of Category 5 hurricanes Irma and Harvey, Dr. Sebastian Lüning and Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt presented an analysis of what’s behind the hurricane activity and literature at their well known Die kalte Sonne climate website. Their hope is to bring the hurricane discussion back to some rationality. The German media of course have […]

German DWD Weather Service Misleads Public Into Thinking May Mean Temperatures Are Rising

Obviously it’s become necessary to focus more attention on shenanigans from Germany’s DWD National Weather Service. Lately they have developed a seemingly activist habit of blaming everything on “global warming” and using dubious tactics in doing so. These tactics include putting out deceptive and misleading press releases for the media to spread to the public. The […]

Germany’s DWD Gets Caught (Again) Warming Its ‘Preliminary’ Monthly Climate Reports

Here’s more from Schneefan at his climate and weather site here where he reports on mischief by Germany’s DWD national weather service. The now climate-activist DWD has developed a habit over the past years of issuing warmed up “preliminary” monthly summary reports to describe the month’s weather. Usually these reports get issued 2 or […]

Swiss Daily, German Scientist Slam Reporting U of Exeter Antarctic Findings… “An Abuse Of Science”!

A commentary appearing here at the Swiss Baseler Zeitung (BAZ) slams a recently published British paper on moss growth in Antarctica that gave the impression the south polar continent was greening up due to climate change. The BAZ writes that the paper is an example of “how today science is manipulated and used for political purposes“. […]

Germany’s Fake Heat: Media Calling A Few Hours Of 30+°C Weather ‘A Heat Wave’!

This weekend Germany is getting its first summerlike weather (after having seen snow earlier in the month), with temperatures forecast to reach 30°C or more in some parts of Germany. And already a number of media outlets and WetterOnline, for example, have announced that a “heat wave” will roll across the country over the coming days. […]

Natural Factors, Not CO2, Driving Switzerland’s Surprising Snow (Non)Trends

Strongly fluctuating snow cover in Switzerland appears to be coupled to ocean cycles By Dr. Sebastian Lüning and Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt (German text translated/edited by P Gosselin) For those who love snow, there are supposedly dark clouds on the horizon. Snow is becoming less and less. Never in the past has snow been as seldom […]

Germany’s DWD National Weather Service Slammed For “False Statements”

At the site of the European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE) Josef Kowatsch and Stefan Kämpfe look at the frosty spells that typically occur in mid May, the so-called “Ice Saints“, which are widely reported on by the German media each year. The German DWD national weather service, once a model for meteorology and climate, […]

Pause Or Not, Climate Models Continue To Grossly Overstate Global Temperature Trends

What follows is a wrap up of an article written by skeptic climate and weather site here. It writes that for thousands of years it has been the solar and ocean cycles that have been influencing the weather worldwide and in Germany. And looking at data objectively, it is pretty clear that there is […]

German Springs Arriving Later As Wikipedia Caught Whitewashing, Disinforming!

Wikipedia and the Hamburg Forsythia Patch by Dr. Sebastian Lüning and Josef Kowatsch (Translated and rewritten by P Gosselin) At the Hamburg Binnenalster near the Lombard Bridge, one finds a particular patch of forsythia, which blossoms every year when spring arrives at the north German port city. And just days ago on March 24, 2017, […]

German Scientists Slam DWD German Weather Service Concealment Of February Cooling Trend!

By Dr. Sebastian Lüning and Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt (German excerpts translated/edited by P Gosselin) On February 27, 2017, the DWD German National Weather Service concluded in its February report: February 2017 was much too warm and with only average sunshine Offenbach, 27 February 2017– At the beginning of February 2017, it was still cold in […]

Germany/Austria January 2017 Mean Temperature Dives …Over 2.7°C Below Normal

Germany’s DWD national weather service just issued the preliminary results for the country’s January 2017 mean temperature. According the DWD’s approximately 2000 stations scattered across the country, January’s mean temperature came in 2.7°C colder than the 1981-2010 mean. Especially southern Germany was cold, as was its neighbor Austria, see below. The lowest recorded temperature in Germany […]

1977 Spiegel Warned Of Little Ice Age Soon: "Widespread Glaciation" ..."Temperature Has Fallen 0.3°C"!

1977 Spiegel Warned Of Little Ice Age Soon: “Widespread Glaciation” …”Temperature Has Fallen 0.3°C”!

Back in the 1970s, many media outlets warned of global cooling and even a possible coming ice age. For example here I wrote about how Spiegel in 1974 grimly reported of threatening global cooling and that the odds of global warming were “at best” only 1 in 10,000! Current warm period “coming to an end” […]

“Climate-Saving” Green Energies In Germany “Also Useless In November”!

The Germany-based European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE) here recently reminded readers of two things: 1) renewable energies are performing woefully and temperature trends for Germany are pretty much flat, meaning they do not even remotely resemble anything you’d expect from a rapidly warming globe. ================================================= A look at the “climate-rescuing” new energies By Helmut […]

Climate Professor Says German Climate Science Hyped By Sloppy, Politically Corrupted Media!

Climate Professor Says German Climate Science Hyped By Sloppy, Politically Corrupted Media!

German Klagermauer TV here shows a recent presentation made by veteran climatologist Prof. Dr. Werner Kirstein, in the lead up to the Marrakesh climate conference. Prof. Dr. Werner Kirstein calls climate protection a form of populism where governments hope to garner praise for their climate protection efforts. Image cropped from Klagemauer TV. Kirstein has become […]

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