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Technical Problems …Two More Huge German Offshore Wind Parks Cut Off From Grid!

Good thing Germany still has reliable sources of energy, such coal and nuclear power, online. Otherwise the citizens would find themselves sitting in the dark and seeing their food spoiling away in fridges and freezers. Turbines over troubled waters. Photo right: Bard More reports are out that Germany’s string of problems surrounding its ambitious installation of offshore wind […]

Major Blow To Wind Power ...Bavaria's Highest Court Upholds 10H Rule! Shoots Down Industrialization Of Idyllic Landscape

Major Blow To Wind Power …Bavaria’s Highest Court Upholds 10H Rule! Shoots Down Industrialization Of Idyllic Landscape

Environmental sanity prevails Bavaria’s highest constitutional court (Verfassungsgerichtshof) has just upheld the southern German state’s hotly contested 10 H wind turbine permitting rule which has been in effect since February 2014. The Court ruled that the requirement is indeed constitutional. Full story here. Bavaria’s highest court rescues the state’s idyllic landscape from wind turbine industrialization. Photo: […]

Success! German State Of Bavaria "Puts Brakes On" Wind Energy, Industrialization Of Rural Landscape

Success! German State Of Bavaria “Puts Brakes On” Wind Energy, Industrialization Of Rural Landscape

German Bavarian Broadcasting, Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR), has a report on wind energy in the southeastern state that is famous for its Oktoberfest, dirndls and lederhosen. It appears the brakes have been effectively applied to the scenery pollution industry. Eyesores no longer welcome in Germany. Photo: wind park in Lower Saxony, for illustration only, Philip May, […]

Spiegel Puts Spotlight On Germany’s “Green Sleaze” … Wind Industry’s “Corruption Of Greens, Environmental Groups, Local Pols…”

The latest hardcopy issue of flagship news magazine Der Spiegel reports how Germany’s green energy revolution has bitterly divided the country’s environmental movement. Enoch zu Guttenberg, one of Germany’s most prolific environmentalists has become an outspoken critic of wind energy in Germany, and believes children in the future will be able to see Germany’s idyllic landscape […]

V112 installation, Macarthur Windfarm, Australia

Green Wind Energy Giant Vestas Under Investigation For Tax Evasion …Sun Edison Under SEC Probe As Shares Collapse 96%!

What’s going with the leading renewable energy companies, which were supposed to be leading the way to a new, brighter and greener future? Tax evasion investigation clouds Vestas’s horizon. Image: Vestas German online SHZ daily here reports that Danish wind energy giant Vestas saw its Hamburg and Husum, Germany, offices raided by German tax authorities […]

German Wind Turbines “In Conflict With Health”…Physicians Recommend 3-Kilometer Minimum Distance!

NDR German public television recently broadcast a critical report on the health effects of wind turbines. According to state physician Thomas Carl Stiller, infrasound from wind turbines causes an array of ailments among a segment of the population, such as dizziness, tinnitus, headaches, fatigue, sleeplessness and difficulty concentrating. Nationally, protest groups are banding together in numbers never seen […]

Devastation Of Nature: North German Cultural Heritage Landscapes "Mutate Into Industrial Wind Complex"!

Devastation Of Nature: North German Cultural Heritage Landscapes “Mutate Into Industrial Wind Complex”!

More large-scale environmental destruction by German Greens. A photo published at the online vividly illustrates how the green energy movement has nothing to do with protecting the environment and restoring nature to how it was before industrialization began some 200 years ago. Ironically it is profoundly blighting it. The photo in a commentary by […]

German Expert: Wind Turbine Infrasound Travels 25 KM…Warns Of Health Hazards…Advises Minimum 5000 Meter Distance!

Professional engineer Bernd Töpperwien made a presentation (in German) on infrasound and its impacts on human health, specifically addressing the impacts of a wind park proposed to be built in the region he resides. Though low-frequency infrasound (<20 Hz) is not audible to the human ear, the pressure variations are felt by the inner ear, […]

“Acoustic Torture” …Austrian Chamber Of Physicians Warns Of Health Hazards From Large-Size Wind Turbines

Once dismissed as something merely imagined by people close to industrial wind turbines, health disorders caused by infrasound are emerging as being very real. Austrian site here has a press release by the Vienna Chamber of Physicians warning of health hazards from large-scale wind turbines, citing “comprehensive studies”. It calls for a minimum setback […]

German Authorities Open Investigation Into Wind Energy Corruption ..."In Part A Criminal Business"...Only A Few Profit

German Authorities Open Investigation Into Wind Energy Corruption …”In Part A Criminal Business”…Only A Few Profit

Yesterday I wrote about how wind park planners and the city councilmen who recklessly approve them may be held personally liable for damage to health that they cause, primarily through infrasound.  With locals wind parks, too often crony deals are involved and legitimate opposition gets brushed aside or squashed. The result is often a select […]

Unreliable Power: Major Technical Failure Sidelines Another Offshore Wind Park...Adding To Exploding Costs

Unreliable Power: Major Technical Failure Sidelines Another Offshore Wind Park…Adding To Exploding Costs

I’ve reported earlier on Germany’s BARD 1 offshore engineering fiasco, where technical problems continue plaguing the wind park and has yet to deliver power on shore to reach markets. Even today the situation there remains unclear. Moreover, just days I ago I reported how an expert institute confirmed that offshore wind park installations are highly […]

Offshore Wind Turbine Maintenance Cost Fiasco: “100 Times More Expensive Than A New Turbine Itself”!

A press release by Germany’s Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft reports how offshore North and Baltic Sea wind turbines need to be in operation for 25 years before they become profitable, but that they are prone to shortened lifespans due to rust from the harsh sea environment. As a result the wind turbine installations need extra and very costly maintenance […]

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