1. Rules For Reposting

In general, the “tease and link” method is the preferred way of citing, quoting and spreading material in NTZ articles.


1. It is generally STRICTLY FORBIDDEN for bloggers to repost NTZ articles in their entirety. But some sites can get special WRITTEN permission to do so.

2. You are allowed to post excerpts of NTZ articles so long they are clearly accompanied by a URL to the original article.

3. You are allowed to post the first 50% of an NTZ article so long that this 50% is preceded by a clearly visible URL to the NTZ article, The 50% must also be followed by “Continue reading here” or “Read more” with a URL to the NTZ embedded as a link. Both URLs before and after must be clearly visible.

4. You are permitted to translate my articles into another language, so long you clearly provide the Title of the NTZ article and its URL at the start of the translated article.

5. Of course you can also quote NTZ articles, so long you cite the source and provide a URL to the article.

6. For translations to appear in printed publications, paperbacks, magazines, etc., you will need to get prior permission.

Thank you for your understanding.

Have fun blogging and publishing!

11 responses to “1. Rules For Reposting”

  1. SadInAmerica

    Requesting permission to post ‘Germany Passes Energy Tyranny Act – Will Force Energy Rationing’ in it’s entirety. Would also like to post other articles from your site if permitted.

    Your site is VERY interesting. Hope to hear from you soon.

    Thank you very much for your time.



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