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Colder, Wetter Than Normal September Pushes German Gas Consumption +14.5%, Winter Gas Outage Looms!

Colder, Wetter Than Normal September Pushes German Gas Consumption +14.5%, Winter Gas Outage Looms!

Sudden mid September cold snap forces Germans to turn on the heat early…consume 14.5% more gas than previous years…”wettest September since 2001″…gas shortage in winter “difficult to avoid” Germany’s heating season gets an early start as cold snap hits. (Symbol photo by P. Gosselin)  With Russia’s gas supply to Europe having practically come to a […]

There Is No Detectable Link Between Greenland's Climate And Atmospheric CO2 Changes

There Is No Detectable Link Between Greenland’s Climate And Atmospheric CO2 Changes

Greenland’s climate changes are remarkably uncorrelated with climate model expectations and changes in atmospheric CO2. When CO2 levels were in the mid-200s parts per million (11.7 to 4.5 thousand years ago) the Arctic and northern Greenland were 2-4°C warmer than now, ice margins were 80 km behind today’s, ice-free open water conditions prevailed, and Greenland […]

Cardiologist Aseem Malhotra Gives Ray Of Hope In The Face Of Widespread Corrupt Science

Climate science has a lot of similarities with the science surrounding COVID prevention and treatment. Both are awash with glaring contradictions, absurdities, corruption, censorship, propaganda, scientific bullying and coercion. But now one leading voice has courageously changed his mind and come out against the controversial vaccines. “A reanalysis of randomised control trial data from both […]

Grid Expert's Dire Warning: "All Of Europe's Power Supply At Risk"..30% Of Computers Could Be Destroyed

Grid Expert’s Dire Warning: “All Of Europe’s Power Supply At Risk”..30% Of Computers Could Be Destroyed

German Auf1 site here interviews blackout expert Robert Jungnischke on Europe’s growing threat of a unprecedented wintertime blackout. Experts are almost unanimous that a blackout will occur, the only question that remains is when and how long it will be. Power grid and blackout expert Robert Jungnischke. Image cropped here.  The gas supply bottleneck Europe […]

Gigantic Ozone Hole - 7 Times Larger Than Antarctica's - Widens Over The Tropics

Gigantic Ozone Hole – 7 Times Larger Than Antarctica’s – Widens Over The Tropics

The increasing loss of ozone (O3) from 3o°N – 30°S has steadily accelerated since the early 1980s despite the 1987 Montreal Protocol’s ban on so-called “ozone depleting substances” like chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). Once again this suggests human activity does not drive ozone losses. Twenty years after the Montreal Protocol agreement limiting or banning CFC use scientists […]

German Industry Collapse: Companies Leaving In Droves…”Can No Longer Bear Cost Explosion”!

Some industries rely on affordable energy to remain competitive on global markets. But in Germany, this lifeline of energy has become a luxury that many can no longer afford – even renowned companies who in the past had weathered two world wars and a pandemic.  After years of catastrophic energy policy mismanagement and green energies […]

Trend Change? Greenland Ice Mass Loss Has Been Decelerating Since 2012

Greenland’s Ice Mass Balance 2021/22 By Die kalte Sonne Autumn has begun. Time for the Greenland mass balance. We have digitized the Polar Portal’s graph of the accumulated surface mass balance and have come up with a value of 467 Gt. That’s 100 Gt or 27% above the 1981…2010 mean! Together with the melting of […]

Germany’s “Tenfold Increase In Gas And Electricity Prices” Is Driving Out Industry

Europe’s energy policy is creating jobs – for USA   What leaves once, will not come again. While energy prices in Europe are going through the roof, they remain moderate in the USA. This will have serious consequences for energy-intensive industries. The Wall Street Journal (paid article) is already rubbing its hands together for the US […]

How Can The Globe Be Warming When Most Of The Southern Hemisphere Isn't?

How Can The Globe Be Warming When Most Of The Southern Hemisphere Isn’t?

New research continues to document non-warming and even “robust cooling” trends for entire regions of the Southern Hemisphere in recent decades. Land surface temperature data compilations from the Southern Hemisphere (South America, Southwestern Andes, Tasmania, New Zealand, Australia) indicate that any warming during the 20th century occurred before 1980, with no obvious net warming since […]

Natural Oceanic Cycles Behind Heavy East Australia Rains, New Study Finds

East Australia got hit by lots of rain in February earlier this year, and the media of course blamed it all on manmade climate change. Now a new study by Holgate et al (2022) titled “The Impact of Interacting Climate Modes on East Australian Precipitation Moisture Sources” shows East Australia’s rains are directly tied to […]

Most Of The Pacific Ocean's Volume Has Undergone Intensifying Cooling Since 1993

Most Of The Pacific Ocean’s Volume Has Undergone Intensifying Cooling Since 1993

The Pacific Ocean is 5 to 6 km deep. New research indicates the bottom half (2 km to the bottom) of the Pacific has been robustly cooling since 1993.  A new preprint details the “surprising” Pacific cooling pattern from two ocean heat content (OHC) datasets over the 1993-2017 period. Most OHC records only extend to […]

Good News: 2022 Hurricane Season Mild. Bad News: Pressure Pattern Threatens Europe With Hell Winter

Good News: 2022 Hurricane Season Mild. Bad News: Pressure Pattern Threatens Europe With Hell Winter

First the good news (and then the bad news below) This year’s hurricane season has been unusually quiet. The USA has gotten off easy so far in terms of landfalls and damage, thus once again contradicting all the doomsday scenarios from the climate alarmists. Mid September is usually the peak of hurricane activity. But right […]

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