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ZDF German Public Television Reporter: Long Island Express Storm Of 1938 “Claimed 800 Million Lives”!

Flagship ZDF German public television, Germany’s equivalent to CBS or BBC, reported on Hurricane Sandy yesterday evening on it famous “heute journal” news show. I was watching it live (which is very rare for me) and I couldn’t believe what I heard. What follows is the video link of the broadcast. Just listen here to what the ZDF […]

German Meteorological Expert Says: "No Evidence Showing Link Between Storms And Global Warming"

German Meteorological Expert Says: “No Evidence Showing Link Between Storms And Global Warming”

Yesterday evening I watched a special report on Hurricane Sandy on Phoenix public television. Meteorologist Dr. Karsten Brandt. (Photo source: Phoenix invited meteorologist Dr. Karsten Brandt as an expert. Brandt is co-managing director of He was asked by the Phoenix news achorman if we should expect more and bigger storms due to global […]

Now A Mere Jog In A Storm's Path Has Become Proof Of Manmade Climate Change..."Pope Calls For Solidarity!"

Now A Mere Jog In A Storm’s Path Has Become Proof Of Manmade Climate Change…”Pope Calls For Solidarity!”

It used to be that weather extremes were “proof of man-made warming”. But because that argument didn’t seem to sway anyone, the warmists have taken it a level higher: now even the storm’s path is proof. This is how desperate they’ve become. Thirty years ago, such people would have been committed to a nuthouse. Chart […]

Dinosaur Election – Fossil Fuel Leads To Pennsylvania “Economic Boom”

Here’s a short, very worthwhile video from Ann and Phelim McAleer on the benefits of fracking for natural gas, and the threats should Obama get re-elected. Pennsylvania’s energy boom.  

Mike's Nobel Trick Spreads...NoTricksZone First Nobel Peace Prize Climate Blog - Joins Drs. Mann & Trenberth

Mike’s Nobel Trick Spreads…NoTricksZone First Nobel Peace Prize Climate Blog – Joins Drs. Mann & Trenberth

As a resident, taxpayer and contributor to the European Union, I am truly humbled and deeply honoured as one of the first Nobel Peace Prize climate websites. As most of you know, the Nobel Peace Prize Committee in Oslo recently announced its decision to award it to the EU. That makes NoTricksZone one of the first Nobel […]

Cold And Record Snow Pound Germany, Central Europe – Climate Charlatans Tell Us It’s Global Warming!

Record snow and cold Arctic air have blasted across Central Europe this weekend. FOCUS magazine here for example writes that up to 15 cm of snow blanketed parts of Germany, wreaking havoc on travel. Hat tip DirkH. Just a week ago, Europeans were basking in near summer-like temperatures. But over the course of one week, the […]

Michael Mann Now Running Around "With A Gallon of White-Out"!

Michael Mann Now Running Around “With A Gallon of White-Out”!

Here’s a must read on the latest developments of the increasingly disgraced Michael Mann, winner co-contributor to the 2007 Nobel Peace Price. Excerpt from Mann’s (erroneous) legal complaint against National Review and the Competitive Enterprise Institute. Source: National Review here now writes Mann has a lot of corrections to make: But, behind the scenes, […]

RealClimate Scientist Stefan Rahmstorf Joins OWS, Noam Chomsky In Agreeing There’s A “Scant Chance Of Survival”

This year’s Elevate Festival is now taking place in Graz, Austria from (24 – 28 October) and features a program of discussions, lectures and screenings designed to bring attention to social, environmental and political issues. Rahmstorf joins Occupy Wall Street, Noam Chomsky and eco-genocide lawyer Polly Higgins at this year’s Elevate Festival. (Photo source: University of Copenhagen, licensed under the […]

Mike’s Nobel Trick

It seems the more Dr. Michael E. Mann opens his mouth, the more he makes himself look like a total jackass. To make things worse, even his own lawyer somehow convinced him to file a baseless lawsuit, and so will end up raking in poor Mike’s money. Today the affair has become a comedy that […]

“The Air Is Gone” From Climate Change Issue, Says Veteran German Journalist. Ohio Is To Blame Claims Warmist

The dead silence we’ve seen on the climate issue during the 2012 Presidential campaign is getting a strong reaction in Germany. Today I’m presenting 2 short views on this. One from a German skeptic, and one from a devout treehugger/climate crisis believer. Ulli Kulke of DIE WELT At his DIE WELT site, veteran journalist Ulli […]

Solar Industry Meltdown - Intersolar China 2012 Tradeshow CANCELLED Due To "Difficult Market Conditions"!

Solar Industry Meltdown – Intersolar China 2012 Tradeshow CANCELLED Due To “Difficult Market Conditions”!

Tradeshows are important business events for all branches of industry. The mood at a trade show is often a good barometer of how business is doing in a particular branch. Solar cemetery? The solar boom dies. (Photo source: US Government) If times are tough, then one can expect to hear a bit of grumbling from those […]

German Media React To 3rd Debate: “Romney Played Role Of President”…”Second Winner”…”Obama’s Worthless Victory”

A short break from climate science and policy… The last of the 2012 presidential debates is now in the history books; the German media react. Needless to say the German media are heavily biased towards Obama, and just Obama showing up is enough to declare him the winner. And they all declared him the winner today. […]

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