New Major Film Featuring Top Climate Scientists Exposes Climate Change Hoax!



10 responses to “New Major Film Featuring Top Climate Scientists Exposes Climate Change Hoax!”

  1. Ike

    great! Thx for sharing Pierre!!!

  2. Ike

    I am stuck at 00:18:19 🙁
    [Hit the stop button and come back in a few minutes. Maybe it is buffering. Hope you can get it started. The part about Solyndra is really damning. -PG]

  3. The Boy Who Cried Warming | Global Warming Initiative | Digging in the Clay

    […] new film that’s about to upset a few people (h/t to Pierre Gosselin at NoTricksZone who has watched it and gives it a big thumbs […]

  4. Robin

    Drat. I’ve got to stop looking and get back to work. End of my lunch break. I’ll be sure to watch the rest soon.

  5. DirkH

    Very nice. What was new for me was the clear condemnation of the IPCC by Dr. Landsea. I knew he resigned from the IPCC but hadn’t seen him interviewed before.

    1. Renewable Guy

      Studies show a doubling in category 4 and 5 hurricanes by the end of the century.

      Using this additional downscaling step, the new GFDL hurricane model study is able to reproduce some important historical characteristics of very intense Atlantic hurricanes, include the wind speed distribution and the change of this distribution between active and inactive decadal periods of hurricane activity (Fig. 1 of the new study). The model also supports the notion of a decrease in the overall number of Atlantic hurricanes with projected 21st century climate warming. However, the study also projects approximately a doubling of the frequency of very intense (category 4-5) hurricanes in the Atlantic basin by the end of the 21st century, using an 18-model average climate change projection to drive higher resolution “downscaling” models. The largest increase is projected to occur north of the Main Development Region, in the western part of the basin (Fig. 7). In a related calculation, four individual climate model projections were downscaled using the same framework, and three of the four projected an increase in category 4-5 hurricanes, while one of the four models showed a decrease. Thus, not all global climate model 21st century projections imply a future increase in Atlantic category 4-5 hurricane numbers, according to our model. While the 18-model ensemble result is probably more reliable than individual model results, each of the individual model results can be viewed as at least plausible at this time.

      1. DirkH

        Somebody’s still trying to wreck his reputation by using models without any predictive skill 90 years into the future? Will the kids never learn?

        Guess a ton of money still buys all the junk science you need.

        1. Renewable Guy

          Uncertainty is an important part of model talk. If you think sea surface temperatures will not increase over the rest of the century due to increased co2 emissions, then I would invite you to show how and why. With increased sst how can the hurricane intensities not increase?

  6. Brian G Valentine

    Ich kann nicht dieses Video zugreifen, Herr Gosselin.

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