My Corona Diaries: 2020s Germany

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November 29, 2021

2o minutes of listening to the NDR Info radio station this morning was enough to foul up the start of the week. No wonder people are so brainwashed when they listen to that all day, day-after-day. The blame for the current ills is being placed on the unvaccinated, even though they are restricted from entering bars, clubs, restaurants, sporting events. Vaccinated people, however are filling stadiums and spreading the virus.

Forced vaccinations are in the pipeline. The old demons have returned. At this point, never mind whether or not the vaccines are good, you have to refuse them based on principle and bodily autonomy. Everyone is being lied to, coerced or even threatened into using them. How many are going to refuse them to the end? Over 80% of adults have already had them.

November 28, 2021 

Hostile takeover of your personal health responsibility in the works…

Health Minister Jens Spahn told the media yesterday that if the unvaccinated (incl. unboosted) want to do more than just go to the supermarket or to the city hall in 2022, they’d better get the jab! Vaccines are going to be forced before summer – my prediction.

“Get ready for it, 2G, vaccinated or recovered, and booster vaccinated then from a point x, applies at least the whole of 2022. If you want to do anything more than visit your town hall or your supermarket, then you need to be vaccinated.”

November 25, 2021 

There are several criteria a new vaccine needs to fulfil before I’d be willing to accept it, let alone having it injected in me.

  1. It needs to make you immune to the disease for a period of years without the need for repeated boosters.
  2. It must not allow you to catch and spread the contagion.
  3. It must not seriously injure/kill anyone…only in extremely rare cases.

4. I has to undergo all the testing and trials before approval.

None of the current COVID vaccines fulfill a single of these requirements. Taking them is playing a game of Russian roulette.


November 24, 2021 

In these gloomy days of foreboding, one occasionally gets Germany a good day where glimmers of hope momentarily shine through the dark November clouds. Maybe things might turn out well in the end, but such days are getting rare. There’s a sense things will soon turn very ugly and even more vicious. The Corona situation has skidded out of control. There are really desperate people out there.

Lately there’s been a lot of talk by politicians in the media for the urgent need to make the COVID vaccines mandatory for adults – for the public safety.

Just weeks earlier bringing up such ideas quickly got you connected to the dark days of the 1930s. But now that taboo has been broken. In the media we’re hearing from politicians and “ethicists” hysterical calls to vaccinate individuals against their will – likely every 6 months – as as a promise to be final solution to the unending “pandemic”.

The frustration and panic among Germany’s leaders is so palpable. Their calls, and those of the media, to search out the culprits are getting shrill and urgent. Like in Lord of the Flies – many of the vaccinated people have worked themselves up in a frenzy, eagerly awaiting open season to be called.

The latest move against the unvaccinated:

Madness, hate and ignorance. Hanover, Germany. Unvaccinated persons are forbidden to order food or drink at the traditional outdoor Christmas markets. “Whoever wishes to consume food or drinks must first provide proof of being fully vaccinated (geimpft) or being recovered (genesen). Passing on food or drink to persons who are neither vaccinated nor recovered is not allowed.”

That’s how it all started with the Jews and gypsies in the 1930s. Following Austria, Germany is beginning to loose its bloody mind once again. All that bottled up brown just wants to come gushing out.


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