Corona Diary: 2020s Germany

January 2, 2022

“Hardly any confidence left in Germany: Only 32% believe that the Covid figures provided by the government are correct,” .

It’s true. I can confirm this. Nothing here makes sense anymore. Germans were promised freedom and normalcy in exchange for two little safe “pieks”, but now instead there are permanent restrictions, fear-mongering, police brutality, division, lies, boosters and lookdowns.

2019 seems like a 100 years ago.

It’s good news people are getting uneasy about everything. The demonstrations are growing and even spreading to small towns. When government bureaucrats chase zero-risk children with syringes in their hands, parents get upset.

December 25

Yesterday late afternoon during my long Christmas eve walk I passed by the Catholic church at the town square. Mass was taking place and, because of the Pestilence restrictions, people were not allowed to congregate inside the church, and so services took place outdoors in the cold. A couple hundred people had gathered and I couldn’t help but notice that most people in attendance were wearing FFP2 masks – outdoors! – and families were keeping at a “safe distance” from each other.

Yesterday afternoon, two of our fully vaxxed nieces dropped by at our house but refused to step inside because our household has unvaccinated people in it and so it wasn’t safe in their view. They were kind enough to ask if we’d go for a walk with them the next day, sometime after lunch. But they never showed up. They were too busy meeting other vaccinated relatives, it seemed.

Later this afternoon, my brother in law and his girlfriend also strolled by and rang the front door, and also refused to enter our Amityville Horror-type home. They wanted to know if we’d like to join them for a 30-min walk – with distance of course. They said they couldn’t spend more time with us because they had plans to visit other vaccinated relatives for coffee and cake inside – an event that in Germany takes at least a couple of hours.

December 18

Today my brother in-law came over to help out with some wiring work in my carport. I hadn’t seen in quite a number of weeks, and so I wasn’t sure where he stood on Corona.

When he got out of the car I noticed he was wearing a mask – outdoors. “Oh dear,” I thought. “This does not look good.” I wasn’t wearing one.

And sure enough, my first suspicions proved right. He ripped into me because me and my daughter are not vaccinated. He didn’t care about any concerns we had about vaccine safety, and said such concerns were “egoistic” and that I ought to stop thinking of just myself.

It also didn’t phase him when I told him he might have to take 3 doses every time a new variant pops up, so probably requiring multiple shots every year, and so being constantly doped up with spike proteins and turning into a walking blood-clot time bomb.  Dismissed!

Then he said he didn’t really care if people chose not to take the jab because in the end it would be a good thing if the dumb ones died off. I’ll remember that one. He also pointed out it was irresponsible for me a my daughter to celebrate Christmas together with the rest of the vaccinated (protected) family (My wife and son are vaccinated).

And so it went on like that for the next two hours. He was just an erupting volcano the whole time. Good grief!

The same is the case with my sister in law, who is even more hysterical, if you can believe it. This is what happens when the sole source of information comes from alarmists in the uninterrupted siren media.

Annual Christmas dinner with friends

Today also planned is the Christmas dinner that our circle of friends have had every year at a restaurant. This year the unvaccinated are not allowed to enter a restaurant, and so I’m out. It’s just madness.


December 15, 2021

Dystopia: underway in Germany is an aggressive government and media-led campaign that aims to hound and marginalize unvaccinated persons until they submit to vaccination against their will. 

Dogs and unvaccinated stay outside

Though I had known unvaccinated people were being banned from entering “non-essential” shops in Germany, it was still quite a shock to me yesterday to pass by a Danish furniture shop and finding signs outside declaring “unvaccinated” people were not allowed to enter.

Just beyond the sliding glass doors was another sign, this one with an employee next to it checking for proof of vaccination. The shop was almost empty of customers.

“2G (vaccinated or recovered) applies here. Dear customers, for your protection, entrance is authorized only for vaccinated and recovered persons (with proper proof).” Photos: P. Gosselin. 

It was a kick in the gut. I suddenly realized this is what colored folks must have felt like decades ago in the Deep South, or Jews in Germany in the 1930s, or Mary and Joseph in Bethlehem 2000 years ago.

Department stores close off sections to the unvaccinated

Another example of the small-minded discrimination going on in Germany is published by Twitter user ‘Nini’ who in a video describes what she saw when she visited a department store in Bavaria, a German state with a totalitarian reputation lately:

“Oh my God, look at this,” says Nini in awe. “Such nonsense. I don’t know as well. This here means that because I’m unvaccinated, I’m not allowed to touch it. Otherwise I might infect someone.”

According to Nini, the rules permit unvaccinated customers buy shoes, but not to cross the tape to buy regular clothes. I guess shoes are “essential” goods, but warm clothes in the wintertime are not.

Read more here.

December 12, 2021

Yesterday I watched the movie Braveheart. Every unvaxxed ought to watch it.

Christmas shoppers plunge 60%

With every restriction that gets imposed comes a bit of Schadenfreude when they backfire. The latest is the exclusion of the unvaccinated from non-essential shops – just before Christmas! Now it’s becoming apparent out that the traditionally very busy Saturday downtown shopping just before Christmas is flopping in a big way now. German daily Bild reports a 40-60% reduction in customers for shops – a disaster!

You have to feel bad for the poor shop owners, many who rely heavily on Christmas sales to make ends meet. I wonder if the ones with signs “unvaccinated not welcome” are taking these signs down.

Aggravation over continuous requirement for boosters growing

Friday some fully vaccinated told me that their patience is limited and would accept only so many boosters, as its dawning on them that they aren’t going to end the “pandemic”. But for the most part, most I feel will cave in rather than going through the hassle of being excluded, fined and thrown out of employment.

Bullying at the workplace

One unvaccinated friend I spoke to yesterday told me the management in her company is harassing her, applying massive pressure on her to get vaxxed. They accused her of being a misfit, saying they’d have to isolate her at work.

The pressure is immense, but there’s a hard core of resistors who I’m confident will never cave.


December 9, 2021

It’s dawning that the vaccine passport is coming, and that vaccines will be mandatory, likely by late winter. Large protests are taking place across Germany and Austria, but the establishment is acting as if they can be be ignored. Instead they’re doubling down on efforts to marginalize the protest movement.

South African variant Omicron is spreading and though it appears that the sickness it causes may be relatively mild, the media and governments are spreading more panic. The pharma industry is using it to deal more vaccines. Yesterday a clip of BioNTech CEO circulated the social media. He called on people to get their booster shot, plus 3 doses of the upcoming vaccine for the Omitron variant, likely starting in March, 2022.

Vaccinate your way out of pandemic?

Meanwhile new (vax-fanatic) Health Minister Karl Lauterbach made it clear that the vaccines are here to stay, and that they’ll be administered either willfully, or against your will. “We will continue to boost and vaccinate until we have brought the pandemic to an end.”

The problem is that there’s no end in sight. Variants are just gonna keep popping up.


November 29, 2021

2o minutes of listening to NDR Info German  radio station this morning was enough to foul up the start of the week. No wonder people are so brainwashed when they listen to that crap all day, day-after-day. The blame for the current ills is being placed on the unvaccinated, even though they are restricted from entering bars, clubs, restaurants, sporting events. Vaccinated people, however are filling stadiums and spreading the virus.

Forced vaccinations are in the pipeline. The old demons have returned. At this point, never mind whether or not the vaccines are good, you have to refuse them based on principle and bodily autonomy. Everyone is being lied to, coerced or even threatened into using them. How many are going to refuse them to the end? Over 80% of adults have already had them.

November 28, 2021 

Hostile takeover of your personal health responsibility is in the works…

Health Minister Jens Spahn told the media yesterday that if the unvaccinated (incl. unboosted) want to do more than just go to the supermarket or to the city hall in 2022, they’d better get the jab! Vaccines are going to be forced before summer – my prediction.

“Get ready for it, 2G, vaccinated or recovered, and booster vaccinated then from a point x, applies at least the whole of 2022. If you want to do anything more than visit your town hall or your supermarket, then you need to be vaccinated.”

November 25, 2021 

There are several criteria a new vaccine needs to fulfil before I’d be willing to accept it, let alone having it injected in me.

  1. It needs to make you immune to the disease for a period of years without the need for repeated boosters.
  2. It must not allow you to catch and spread the contagion.
  3. It must not seriously injure/kill anyone…only in extremely rare cases.

4. I has to undergo all the testing and trials before approval.

None of the current COVID vaccines fulfill a single of these requirements. Taking them is playing a game of Russian roulette.


November 24, 2021 

In these gloomy days of foreboding, one occasionally gets Germany a good day where glimmers of hope momentarily shine through the dark November clouds. Maybe things might turn out well in the end, but such days are getting rare. There’s a sense things will soon turn very ugly and even more vicious. The Corona situation has skidded out of control. There are really desperate people out there.

Lately there’s been a lot of talk by politicians in the media for the urgent need to make the COVID vaccines mandatory for adults – for the public safety.

Just weeks earlier bringing up such ideas quickly got you connected to the dark days of the 1930s. But now that taboo has been broken. In the media we’re hearing from politicians and “ethicists” hysterical calls to vaccinate individuals against their will – likely every 6 months – as as a promise to be final solution to the unending “pandemic”.

The frustration and panic among Germany’s leaders is so palpable. Their calls, and those of the media, to search out the culprits are getting shrill and urgent. Like in Lord of the Flies – many of the vaccinated people have worked themselves up in a frenzy, eagerly awaiting open season to be called.

The latest move against the unvaccinated:

Madness, hate and ignorance. Hanover, Germany. Unvaccinated persons are forbidden to order food or drink at the traditional outdoor Christmas markets. “Whoever wishes to consume food or drinks must first provide proof of being fully vaccinated (geimpft) or being recovered (genesen). Passing on food or drink to persons who are neither vaccinated nor recovered is not allowed.”

That’s how it all started with the Jews and gypsies in the 1930s. Following Austria, Germany is beginning to loose its bloody mind once again. All that bottled up brown just wants to come gushing out.


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