Millions Of Unvaccinated Germans Relegated To Bare Essentials As Leadership Descends Into Lunacy

Dystopia: underway in Germany is an aggressive government and media-led campaign that aims to hound and marginalize unvaccinated persons until they submit to vaccination against their will. 

Dogs and unvaccinated stay outside

Though I had known unvaccinated people were being banned from entering “non-essential” shops in Germany, it was still quite a shock to me yesterday to pass by a Danish furniture shop and finding signs outside declaring “unvaccinated” people were not allowed to enter.

Just beyond the sliding glass doors was another sign, this one with an employee next to it checking for proof of vaccination. The shop was almost empty of customers.

“2G (vaccinated or recovered) applies here. Dear customers, for your protection, entrance is authorized only for vaccinated and recovered persons (with proper proof).” Photos: P. Gosselin. 

It was a kick in the gut. I suddenly realized this is what colored folks must have felt like decades ago in the Deep South, or Jews in Germany in the 1930s, or Mary and Joseph in Bethlehem 2000 years ago.

Department stores close off sections to the unvaccinated

Another example of the small-minded discrimination going on in Germany is published by Twitter user ‘Nini’ who in a video describes what she saw when she visited a department store in Bavaria, a German state with a totalitarian reputation lately:

“Oh my God, look at this,” says Nini in awe. “Such nonsense. I don’t know as well. This here means that because I’m unvaccinated, I’m not allowed to touch it. Otherwise I might infect someone.”

According to the Nini, the rules permit unvaccinated customers buy shoes, but not to cross the tape to buy regular clothes. I guess shoes are “essential” goods, but warm clothes in the wintertime are not.

No more than 2 visitors

Meanwhile up north, the state of Lower Saxony (where I live) issued yesterday new Grinch rules for the Christmas holiday season.

Among the rules for Christmas:

Unvaccinated persons may meet with only two other persons from another household.”

Like at shops, the unvaccinated are carriers of disease at home, too. Now this Christmas I’ll have to decide whether to disinvite my son or my daughter. This is just the beginning of the lunacy that it about to hit.

Germany: the worst in the world

According to “Our World in Data” site here, Germany now is among the most restricted countries on the planet in terms of COVID rules.

Mandatory vaccinations, fines, jail coming

And things are set to get a lot worse here. Coming soon will be mandatory vaccinations, hefty fines if you refuse the vaccines, and jail time if you don’t cough up the fines. And this time no foreign world powers are going to storm the beaches of Normandy and march across the Rhine and free the oppressed.

But there is hope.

There are still millions of staunch unvaccinated persons who see what’s really going on, and also millions of others who were vaccinated against their free will due to bullying by their government, employer and media. There are also lots of parents who fear having to vaccinate their kids. Many other say there’s a limit to the number of shots they’ll accept – some have already reached it.

The rescue this time will come from within. You can feel it.

21 responses to “Millions Of Unvaccinated Germans Relegated To Bare Essentials As Leadership Descends Into Lunacy”

  1. John Hultquist

    I was at a medical clinic on Tuesday.
    I had to fill out a form that was given to me on a clip-board along with a pen. When I finished, I put the pen back on the counter, and my form and the clip-board were handled by a nurse. The clip-board was returned to the greeting station near its mates, to be used by another client.
    Meanwhile, we were all properly masked.

    In April of 2020 at a grocery store, we were followed by a masked stranger who would take your cart and wipe it with alcohol (disinfectant) before allowing another shopper to use it. That lasted about 3 months. Now you can wipe your cart, but need to go out of your way to get the wipe. The carts are just inside the front door – the wipes are 20 feet away.

    What you describe in Germany seems incomprehensible. In the United States there are so many different things going on, also incomprehensible, it is hard to keep up.

    We live in crazy times.

  2. mwhite

    “The Unvaxxed in 10 years”

  3. mwhite

    The Myth of “Safe and Effective”

    Dr Sam Bailey.

    1. Yonason
  4. Millions Of Unvaccinated Germans Relegated to Bare Essentials as Leadership Descends into Lunacy – Climate-

    […] Millions Of Unvaccinated Germans Relegated To Bare Essentials As Leadership Descends Into Lunacy […]

  5. Tonyb


    I hope you disinfected your pixels before sending them over the interwebs to Europe? You can’t be too careful, can you?

  6. posa

    Was there a single party in Germany that opposed mandatory vaccinations in the last election?

    It seems that most Germans support harsh treatment of the unvaccinated.

    1. Jeff


      The AfD (Alternativ für Deutschland), who have been vilified as a radical, right-wing party, yet they are to the left of where the CDU/CSU were only 15-20 years ago, BM (before Merde-Kuh).

      They have been excluded from the German Bundestag, and the CDU/CSU, despite having 10 percent more votes than the Greens, and almost (within a percentage point) as many votes as the SPD, also have no cabinet posts… Yet the Greens have two of the most important cabinet posts, and arguably the most power in the government…

      Boggles the mind. 100,000 lemmings can’t be wrong, or so they say…

      1. posa

        Do you have a link confirming that the AfD party platform opposes mandatory vaccines?

        I can’t find one in English. One article states that when members were polled the majority oppose mandates, but nothing I can find says that the AfD campaigned on such a view

        1. rw

          One of their representatives gave one one of the most eloquent speeches against these restrictions that I have heard to date. I don’t recall anyone reprimanding her – so it would seem that her party agrees with her.

    2. bonbon

      Since AfD are mostly CDU recruits, because of the last bank bailout and the Euro, the spectacle of Bundestag parties refusing to even sit next to AfD representatives led to neither being in the new Coalition.
      Meanwhile the Greens have become the war party, and AfD does indeed have problems at the top.

  7. Yonason

    There may not be a real “Dr. Evil,” but there definitely appears to be an “Evil Council.” And they do not intend to conquer Covid-19, but maintain it and use it to enslave the world.ƈƈine/

    Global Warming didn’t work, so they rolled out global pandemics. If that doesn’t work, the’ll just pull some other faux crisis out of their demented brains. Rinse and repeat until they succeed, or, hopefully, they are destroyed.

    Bonus for Pierre, and anyone else fluent in German.

  8. Yonason

    PS – In my last post I didn’t check that whole blog. It seems it’s very anti-Semitic. (Not the Dr Dach or the official Dr Fuelmich (I hope), but the other one, that I thought was associated with Dr F.)

    In one of the last recordings by Dr. Zelenko, he said that this time it wasn’t about the Jews. I need to email him and ask him why he thought that, since it’s ALWAYS about us. It may start out looking like they are after everyone, but when they take off their masks, we’ll see they only have one major target. Make no mistake, everyone else is a secondary target, but unless they can rid the world of us, the rest of the world doesn’t stand a chance.

    And here I thought I might have a peaceful old age. Silly me.

    1. bonbon

      Make no mistake COVID targets everyone. Hannukka or Christmas gatherings are just fodder. It is an invisible predator – a pack of wolves would not cause a something like the Vaccine Rebellion.

      Going through the human genome we have found at least 1 deadly pandemic that nearly wiped out the entire human species. I cannot imagine how those people reacted to entire tribes dying all around.

      1. Richard Greene

        A Christmas part in Norway in late November.
        One of 110 people at the party
        had been in South Africa a few days earlier.

        81 of the 110 got Omicron COVID
        98% of then were COVID vaccinated.

        The symptoms were like an ordinary cold
        No one was hospitalized.

        COVID vaccines appear worthless for Omicron
        But Omicron is nothing to fear.

        Full story:

  9. Analitik

    The true hope is Omicron variant infections punching through vaccinations and boostings like they aren’t present or possibly even hitching a ride through ADE with the anti-bodies from the gene therapy spike protein vaccines. The high proportion of infected in the USA that are vaccinated/boosted suggests that ADE is a distinct possibility.

    Of course the politicians and authorities will need to recognise these facts to lift their bands and mandates but anger from the population will force this as people are increasingly aware of the disparity between the narrative and reality

  10. Luigi

    In Italy we use to say: “buon sangue non mente” (something like: it’s in the genes). So, Italy and Germany: two nazi countries now like then.

    Said by an Italian living in Germany

  11. bonbon

    It is high time for Berlin, Paris, Rome, D.C., London to call for a worldwide COVID campaign. This virus, which views humans as dinner, is already evolving exactly where vaccination is at only 7%, Africa.

    Either this, or watch governments shoot the economy in the foot. Omicron is only the latest variant, from Botswana.

    What we see is the result of decades of neo-liberal, laissez-faire stupor.

    Corona virus’ like laissez-faire – fresh cups at the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party!

  12. bonbon

    Like Greta and Climate, it is amazing to see the lack of homework when it comes to COVID.
    The first thing the N*zi’s did was to ration healthcare – look up Aktion T4 – useless eaters were precisely identified for eugenics.

    Today healthcare systems are creaking, workers are beyond exhaustion, and of course Berlin sees the slide towards an Aktion T4 – known in fine champagne finance circles as rationing.

    Rather than learning from the past, when austerity, known today as finance Black Zero, from Hjalmar Schacht, the Governments must take action they did not take then.
    Best example is FDR’s RFC, Reconstruction Finance Corp. , and deal with countries like Russia and China, to defeat COVID. If Geopolitics gets in the way send it to the rubber room.

  13. Fran

    The German response is surprisingly popular among some in Canada. For example, my brothers and sisters are agreed that we unvaccinated may not come to the family Christmas gathering. My brother in law’s store only employs the vaccinated. And on and on. This without vaccine mandates.

  14. Sommer

    Why are German people not familiar with the incredible work of Reiner Fuellmich and Viviane Fischer?

    The way they’ve published their interviews for all of us to see and learn is giving us all an unprecedented opportunity to realize what’s really happening.

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