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Der Spiegel: Global Warming Now Causes Sea Level Drop…Through Weather Shifts!

It wasn’t long ago a PNAS study led by Stefan Rahmstorf had come out claiming sea level rise is “accelerating”. This of course was followed by the mainstream media jumping on the global warming bandwagon and trumpeting doom and gloom would strike sooner than we ever thought, maybe even before we die. Unfortunately, the acceleration […]

IPCC Vice Chair van Ypersele Suppresses Open Scientific Inquiry – Shuts Down SEII Skeptic Forum

Prof. Claes Johnson’s blogsite here reports on how an IPCC Vice Chair recently used his UN position to suppress scientific dissent and discourse. Hat-tip: Hans Labohm.Johnson, professor of applied mathematics at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, had been asked by the Société Européenne des Ingénieurs et Industriels (European Society of Engineers and Industrialists) to […]

Nestlé CEO: Biofuels Have “Returned Hundreds Of Millions Back To Extreme Poverty”

German online daily DIE WELT reports here on how Nestlé CEO Peter Brabeck-Letmathe says that the farming of biofuels dramatically exacerbates global hunger. Nestlé is the world’s largest food conglomerate. Hat-tip: Recently a truly lame-brain study (later debunked here) was published claiming that global warming caused war. It would be advisable for the incompetent authors of […]

Citizens Mock Hysterical “The Weather Channel” Reporter!

h/t: Dirk H Note how the reporter is upset about people going out in the storm when he himself is outside right smack in it. Then again, the winds are only 50 mph (and not the 500 mph the media was telling us yesterday :)). I noticed the report is from “The Weather Channel”. Isn’t […]

German Media Reaction On Irene - e.g. Der Spiegel: NYC "Threatened With More Than $100 BIllion In Damages"

German Media Reaction On Irene – e.g. Der Spiegel: NYC “Threatened With More Than $100 BIllion In Damages”

Irene is the first hurricane to hit the US mainland in almost 3 years since Ike hit back in September 2008. So much for global warming causing more hurricanes. In fact, if no hurricanes had hit the United States this year, it would have been the longest lull between U.S. hurricane landfalls in recorded history, this according to […]

German Reaction To CERN Project: Stubbornness And Dismissiveness – To The Bitter End

Here is a sampling of the media reaction coming from Germany on CERN’s cosmic ray cloud seeding experiment. Normally the German mainstream media is quick to report on new scientific developments, especially anything indicating catastrophic global warming. But this time they have been slow and cautious. FOCUS magazine online starts with: Climate skeptics doubt that man-made […]

German Media’s Reaction To CERN Experiment Confirming Cosmic Rays And Cloud Seeding

??? =========================================== UPDATE: Oh wait! Here’s something: I need to be more patient with Germans. They have a habit of thinking about things from different angles before shooting off. That’s good of course. Will write more about the FOCUS report later today.

Global temps drop as coal consumtpion skyrockets 50%.

Global Coal Consumption Jumps Almost 50% – Yet Global Temps Drop!

A recently released BP report here shows that global coal consumption has risen over the last 10 years by almost 50%. So wouldn’t you think that all those millions of tons of emitted CO2 (food for plants) as a result would drive the global temperatures up? Have temperatures risen along with all that extra coal burning? No they […]

DWD releases its highly deceptive 100-year outlook

German Weather Service Publishes A “Spot The Errors” Diagram

Recently the German Weather Service (Deutsche Wetterdienst DWD) released its 100-year temperature prognosis chart to the public, claiming that Germans should expect more hot days in the future. German Weather Service: More hot days in the future Light blue line (before 2010): temperature record from 1881-2010 Yellow line (before 2010): 5th degree polynomial smoothing (annual mean […]

Uncooperative Green Economy – Germans Turning Their Backs On “Green Cars”

Solar panels, electric cars, windmills, biofuels – It’s all been ballyhooed as the next socio-technological revolution. One that would transform our energy supply and ensure “sustainability”, thus saving the earth from climate doom. “Go green” was the motto.All that was needed was a little help from the state. Now it looks as if even a Soviet […]

Greenpeace Copenhagen Gatecrashers Convicted – Fret They Are Being Persecuted

Here’s something you won’t find in the MSM, but thanks to NoTricksZone, a few of us out there will hear about it. (Just imagine if they had been tea-partiers).It’s official: Some of Greenpeace’s members have found guilty. Eleven activists from Britain, Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United States were found guilty today […]

Walter Russell Mead Calls The Green Jobs Initiative "Bogus - An Embarassing Mess"

Walter Russell Mead Calls The Green Jobs Initiative “Bogus – An Embarassing Mess”

I’ve been writing lately on the folly that is the Green Economy, citing a number of examples here in Germany, read here for example. Walter Russel Mead at The American Interest has a must read on how the once much ballyhooed Green Jobs Initiative stands in the USA today. It isn’t pretty. Feeding The Masses On […]

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