Hydrogen Not Likely A Feasible Alternative Energy…And: A Davos Lunatic Meltdown: “Boiling Oceans”

Share this… Facebook TwitterAl Gore’s Davos meltdown, and how feasible hydrogen as an energy source really is  First here’s a look at how environmentally friendly, feasible and sustainable hydrogen really is, given that hydrogen fuel cells rely on supply of rare metals like platinum and iridium. The following video presents all the relevant numbers for […]

Elitism: German Health Minister Karl Lauterbach Views The Voting Public As A Flock Of Sheep

Share this… Facebook TwitterCreating majorities through panic…the wolf in a sheepskin gets exposed…German federal health minister Karl Lauterbach sees citizens as a flock of sheep. Some 2 days ago, madeyousmile Twitter account owner posted a video title “Employee of the Month” depicting a dog rapidly and effectively herding sheep through a gate, see video below. […]

Another New Study Indicates Polar Bears Benefit From Sea Ice Loss Due To Enhanced Prey Accessibility

Another New Study Indicates Polar Bears Benefit From Sea Ice Loss Due To Enhanced Prey Accessibility

Share this… Facebook TwitterPolar bear populations are stable to increasing with improved body condition in the 21st century.  The alarmist narrative that says polar bears are threatened by sea ice losses is strongly at odds with real-world observations. A new study assesses the body condition of polar bears in the Gulf of Boothia – an […]

Green Fascism Looms Behind Veil Of Fake Benevolence…”Much More Radical Groups”

Share this… Facebook TwitterGreens: fascism looming behind a veil of fake benevolence By Fred F. Mueller In just a few years, an alarming new trend has gone viral. The “classic” green climate warriors like Greenpeace and the WWF are rapidly being outflanked and overtaken by much more radical groups who have given themselves frightening names […]

Bicyclist Dies After Emergency Rescue Vehicle Delayed By “Last Generation” Protesters

Share this… Facebook TwitterFrom Die kalte Sonne  Background here. Sad but true, the cyclist who ended up under a concrete truck and whose rescue was delayed by a traffic jam caused by the “Last Generation” is now brain dead [the cyclist in fact died after this posting]. This is reported by the Berliner Zeitung. The […]

Radical Activists Glue Themselves To Porsche Pavilion, Demand Decarbonization Of Transport

Share this… Facebook TwitterEnviro-loonies glue themselves to a Porsche pavilion, go on climate hunger strike People gluing themselves to surfaces in order to obstruct our daily lives: This sort of thing is happening everywhere in Germany. This phenomenon is no better illustrated than by the following Twitter thread: Together with 15 other members of @ScientistRebel1 […]

Berlin Antifa Group “Goes On Hunt” For High Energy Users… Heated Pools “Immediately Collectivized”

Share this… Facebook TwitterA Berlin-based leftist Antifa group threatens any property that is excessively consuming energy will be “immediately collectivized”. In an attempt to get some control over the acute energy crisis now sweeping across Germany, the government implemented not long ago some measures to reduce gas and electricity consumption. Energy consumption restrictions For example, […]

Germany's DWD Weather Service Redefines "Heat Wave": Now 3 Consecutive Days Of Warm Weather!

Germany’s DWD Weather Service Redefines “Heat Wave”: Now 3 Consecutive Days Of Warm Weather!

Share this… Facebook TwitterLike the WHO changed the definition of a “pandemic”, the DWD has changed the definition of a “heat wave”…all to falsely generate the sense of a crisis?  Repeat a lie often enough, and in no time the masses start believing it’s true. Probably few institutions know this better than Germany’s DWD national […]

Germany Plans “Climate Lockdown”…Forbidden To Leave Doors Open…Washcloths Instead Of Showers!

Share this… Facebook TwitterThe future in Germany is lockdown after lockdown. After the COVID lockdown, Germany now moving to impose a climate lockdown, says German Editor in Chief. Germany’s Bild TV YouTube site here looks at the latest Socialist-Green government’s initiatives to combat the country’s deepening energy crisis. The latest initiatives have been drawn up […]

Weather Simulations Leading To Über-Hype. And: Germany’s Disaster Management Is In Disastrous State

Share this… Facebook TwitterOn weather catastrophes: “Those who do not want to face these central questions because they fear personal or political consequences or want to manage their own ideological agenda cling to the fairy tale of global warming being solely responsible.” – Sven Titz, NZZ The pitfalls of weather models By Die kalte Sonne […]

Climatologists Embarrassed: Increase In Global CO2 Levels Accompanied By Arctic Sea Ice Growth!

Climatologists Embarrassed: Increase In Global CO2 Levels Accompanied By Arctic Sea Ice Growth!

Share this… Facebook TwitterToday we look at the polar ice caps, which the global warming wingnuts claim is the canary in the coal mine and predicted earlier they’d melt and collapse. For example, Al Gore warned the Arctic ice would disappear by 2014. While CO2 has gone up, Arctic sea ice has RISEN over past […]

Global Warming Has Stalled Over Much Of The Last 10 Years, Arctic Never Melted Away

Global Warming Has Stalled Over Much Of The Last 10 Years, Arctic Never Melted Away

Share this… Facebook TwitterThe globe hasn’t been warming and the Arctic hasn’t been melting much for almost a decade now. Recall the climate crisis loonies warned us some 20 years ago the Arctic sea ice would disappear by the summer of 2014. Well it’s still very much there, as Joe Bastardi reminds us at his […]

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