"A Cleverly Staged Hoax." ...Former German TV Meteorologist Slams "Climate Hysteria"

“A Cleverly Staged Hoax.” …Former German TV Meteorologist Slams “Climate Hysteria”

Share this… Facebook Twitter German meteorologist Thomas Globig. Screenshot AUF1 While the system media conjure up the allegedly impending climate catastrophe from morning to night, Austrian alternative media AUF1 reveals the system behind the propaganda. Hat-tip: PI here Five top-class studio guests discuss the question: “Deindustrialization, car bans, CO2 dictatorship: Where is the climate hysteria […]

German Professor: Part Of Warming Last 150 Years Due To Measurement Station Siting Changes

Share this… Facebook TwitterUrban regions a good 2°C warmer than rural regions Among other factors, German professor Fritz Vahrenholt looks at the urban heat island effect. ============================================== By Fritz Vahrenholt In August 2023, the deviation of the global temperature from the 30-year average of the satellite-based measurements of the University of Alabama (UAH) continued to […]

No One Talks About It: Solar System “Climate Change”… Happening Beyond Planet Earth

Share this… Facebook TwitterMysteriously, warming is happening across the solar system. The one common factor is at the center of it all: the sun.  The solar system’s powerful sun. Artist’s image of a solar storm hitting Mars, stripping ions from the planet’s upper atmosphere. Image: NASA, public domain.  Because man is burning fossil fuels, our […]

Yes, The “World’s Dumbest Energy Policy” Is In Fact Getting A Whole Lot Dumber

Share this… Facebook TwitterThe “world’s dumbest energy policy” is getting a lot dumber: German power production plummets 11.4% in first half of 2023 Since Germany shut down its remaining nuclear power plants earlier this year, it’s no surprise the country’s electricity generation has slumped and is now more heavily dependent on foreign imports. Tichy’s Einblick […]

Manmade Climate Change Remains Unproven, Dutch, German Scientists Say

Share this… Facebook TwitterAnything but certain… By AR Göhring, EIKE Source: https://www.mdpi.com/2225-1154/11/9/179 A highly topical peer-reviewed study in the scientific magazine “climate” proves on the basis of measured data that the “man-made” climate change claimed by the media and politicians is anything but certain. 37 international scientists from different institutions statistically examined public data on […]

Pacific Typhoon Frequency Trending Down, Contradicting Earlier Climate Predictions

Pacific Typhoon Frequency Trending Down, Contradicting Earlier Climate Predictions

Share this… Facebook TwitterTyphoon Update:  The number of Pacific typhoons have decreased over the past 7  decades. That’s the trend according to the latest data from the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA).   Today we look at the data from the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) for the number of typhoons formed in the Pacific in the month of […]

It’s The Asphalt, Stupid! New Study Suggests Global Warming Mostly An Urban Problem

Share this… Facebook TwitterA new study published in the scientific peer-reviewed journal, Climate, by 37 researchers from 18 countries suggests that current estimates of global warming are contaminated by urban warming biases. Press release from CERES Science, hat-tip: Klimanachrichten The study also suggests that the solar activity estimates considered in the most recent reports by the […]

Despite Extreme Heat Claims, Germany’s Summer Not Even Warm Enough For Public Swimming Pools

Share this… Facebook TwitterThe preliminary German DWD national weather service results of the data for Germany this summer (June, July, August) are in. As expected, the summer was warmer than normal, but nothing really unusual. Fudging the anomalies The DWD reports, however, the temperature of the  2023 summer in Germany “was significantly above the multi-year […]

Germany Falling Way Short Of Meeting E-Vehicle Targets…”Major Problem With The Trend”

Share this… Facebook Twitter New, internal combustion engine (ICE) cars are planned to be eliminated from German streets by 2030, when Germans will have to purchase electric vehicles when buying a new car. That’s what the government plans. But today Germany’s Blackout News site reports that there’s “a major problem with the trend of new […]

Canada Forest Fires Trend Has Gone Down Since 2000, Data Defy Alarmist Claims

Share this… Facebook TwitterArson likely at play…images for shock journalists  By Klimanachrichten Unusual weather situations are always the hour of attribution researchers these days. Canada is suffering from forest fires again this year. The reason is the persistent drought. According to a study, climate change has doubled the likelihood of forest fires in Canada: Extreme […]

Germany's Ministry Of Economic Projects Gas, Electricity Prices To Rise To Painful Levels

Germany’s Ministry Of Economic Projects Gas, Electricity Prices To Rise To Painful Levels

Share this… Facebook Twitter Germany’s so-called Energiewende is leading to lots of economic pain as energy prices are projected to keep rising until 2040. Some 20 years ago, the German Greens and Socialists, who were in power, promised green energies, primarily from wind and sun, would be cheap, plentiful and clean in the future. In […]

German Scientists: Global Warming A “Corrupt”, Fear-Mongering Scheme “Headed By Super-Rich”

Share this… Facebook TwitterGermans Prof. Dr. Klaus-Dieter Döhler, a natural scientist and environmentalist, and Josef Kowatsch, a nature conservationist, have published an essay at EIKE alleging “scientific corruption and waste of taxes” Germany in the corrupt business model that is “climate science.”  Reality is not cooperating with the models. (Source). What follows is a shortened […]

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