Germany's Unstable Power Grid...Coal Plants Will Be Needed "For A Very Long Time"

Germany’s Unstable Power Grid…Coal Plants Will Be Needed “For A Very Long Time”

When green energy ideology clashes with the laws of Engineering and physics… By KlimaNachrichten Editor Manfred Haferburg, power plant engineer, explains the problems of the German power grid in connection with the green energy transition at online site Achgut. The result is a very informative article. It is not primarily about blackouts due to a […]

Germany’s Energy Mess Intensifies: Power CEO Warns Of Further “Rising Prices”

Blackout News: “EON chief warns of a cost explosion due to transition to green energies.”  Blackout News here reports that there’s no end in sight for Germany’s self-inflicted energy crisis. Energy prices are expected to continue rising, thus posing a huge risk to industry. This is of course no surprise as Germany, driven by radical […]

E-Car Sales Stall In Germany…Trend Shows Country Will Fall Far Short Of 2030 Target

High cost, inconvenience, low range and battery issues continue to plague e-vehicles in Germany. Consumers not opting for e-cars.  Currently sales of electric vehicles in Germany have stalled and the country is not even anywhere close to being on the sales trajectory to reach its 15 million vehicles target by 2030. Currently just over 1 […]

Companies Backing Out Of ‘Climate 100’. Climate Doomsday No Longer Taken Seriously?

Green capitalism on the retreat? Blackrock and other heavyweights withdraw from Climate Action 100+ By AR Göhring According to its own statement, “Klima-Aktion 100+“  (Climate Action 100+) is an “investor-led initiative to ensure that the world’s largest greenhouse gas emitters take the necessary measures to protect the climate”. Over 170 world-renowned companies and corporations are members […]

Green Movement Is Failing...Now They're Trying To Force Citizens To Love Them

Green Movement Is Failing…Now They’re Trying To Force Citizens To Love Them

Like an abusive husband, who beats his wife to make her love him Image: Freepik  Today, especially in Germany, the socialist-green movement is failing miserably and plummeting in the polls – to record low levels. Desperate, socialist-green governments in Europe are now resorting to heavy-handed tactics to force citizens to “like” them again. Growing censorship, […]

Largescale Solar Parks Just Can’t Withstand The Harsh Elements of Nature

Planners and governments keep denying vulnerability.  Europe is still considering massive solar energy plants along sun-rich North Africa in order to produce hydrogen gas that could be piped over the European mainland, despite having concluded 10 years ago that such projects wouldn’t pay off. In the latest push, Federal Minister for Economic Affairs Robert Habeck […]

Germany Moving to Authoritarianism "Those Who Mock State, Must Have To Deal With Powerful State"

Germany Moving to Authoritarianism “Those Who Mock State, Must Have To Deal With Powerful State”

Germany’s online here reports on the totalitarianism spreading across Germany This week, high ranking ministers of Germany’s socialist/green government, with its proposed “Democracy Security Act”,  announced plans to crack down on dissent and free speech in Germany. Image: Phoenix, cropped here.  “The German federal government is moving to ban what we want to say, […]

Raw Deal: Germany’s Minister Of Agriculture Proposes Tax On Meat

Under the bottom line, the green movement is all about taxing people and restricting their choices. The rich, of course, will go unaffected.  According to online Bild here, Germany’s Federal Agriculture Minister, Cem Özdemir, (Green Party) has recently proposed a consumption tax on meat. He calls this tax “animal welfare cents”. Özdemir sent a framework […]

Commentary: “The Tone Against Alleged ‘Climate Change Deniers’ Is Becoming Harsher”

Press release: Denunciation of alleged “climate deniers” encourages disinterest in environmental protection Advisory center: “Arrogant instruction and education destroys the motivation to participate!” Hat-tip: Klimanachrichten The tone against alleged “climate change deniers” is becoming harsher. Some television programs are now trying to change viewers’ mindsets by using language to educate them – and to convince […]

Green Energies Shattering German Economy…Industrial Production Falls 7th Consecutive Month

-1.6%! That’s how much Germany’s industrial production fell in December, 2023. It’s the seventh-straight month of decline as the country’s energy woes mount. One reason is reported by the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reports today :”Germany’s Industrial Production Falls For Seventh-Straight Month” in December 2023, far worse than expected. To underscore the seriousness, 2023’s industrial […]

Germany's Energy Sources Are Running Out As Biden Stops LNG Projects

Germany’s Energy Sources Are Running Out As Biden Stops LNG Projects

Germany’s energy crisis deepens further due to Biden’s halt of U.S. LNG projects. Germany is backed into a corner after over-reliance on green energy. The site of Germany LNG terminal, Wilhelmshaven, photographed in 2012. Later expanded in 2022. Image: RaBoe. CC BY-SA 3.0 de Germany has dug itself into an energy hole Due to the […]

Wood Pellets Aren't CO2 Neutral, Emit More Than Coal... Double Of Natural Gas

Wood Pellets Aren’t CO2 Neutral, Emit More Than Coal… Double Of Natural Gas

Wood pellets are often viewed as an alternative, climate-friendly energy source, especially for heating. But an analysis shows this is not the case at all. CO2 emitted [kg]. Data source: German Ministry of the Environment Though it is claimed that the CO2 from burning biomass like trees remains in the natural carbon cycle, the  CO2-absorbing […]

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