Winter Weather Slams Into Large Parts Of Europe…Madrid Spain Sees Snow!

The past winter in Germany was a mild one, as spring arrived early and lots of plants woke up from their winter slumber. But an unusual blast of wintry weather threatens crops and plants as temperatures could drop to minus 8°C by Monday morning in Germany. 

Winter is back. Image cropped from Wetteronline video here.

Online here reports snow fell overnight across many regions “in the Teutoburg Forest, Sauerland, Taunus, Eifel and Rhön. There it snowed down to an altitude of around 200 meters.” See photos.

In northern Bavaria, wetteronline here reports of “heavy snowfalls and numerous accidents on the freeways and no progress was possible on secondary roads in some regions.”

See video footage, Bavaria, here

Germany’s DWD national weather service reports that winter has arrived even in the country’s low mountain ranges as a blocking high pressure system establishes itself over the Atlantic, thus blocking the west-east path of the low pressure areas.

The low pressure systems are now moving in from the north and pumping cold Arctic air with a northerly current that has brought winter back to the low mountain ranges. In the northern areas of the Thuringian Forest and the Ore Mountain region, 20 cm of snow were expected. Yesterday Großen Arber was covered by 51 of snow.

It remains to be seen what impact this will have on spring plants and crops.

Madrid sees late April snow

Not only Germany has been hit hard by the unusual winterlike weather, Agrarheute here reports on how Spain has been “hit by a severe onset of winter” and that snow has blanketed the Madrid region. and has posed a threat to fruit crops.

2 responses to “Winter Weather Slams Into Large Parts Of Europe…Madrid Spain Sees Snow!”

  1. Javier Vinós

    Please correct your article. Madrid has seen no snow this April. Not even in the mountains. The picture shown in the linked article is from January 2021, the last time it snowed enough to accumulate in Madrid.

  2. jesus

    attention! The news of the snow in April in Madrid is from 2022

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