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Russia Searching For Reliable Climate Data

Share this… Facebook TwitterThe German version of RIA Novosti reports that Russia hopes to gain more precise weather forecasts, new findings on global warming and improved exploration of new oil and gas reserves from its planned, new Arktika Satellite system. The Arktika System, which is made up of 5 satellites,  is a whole new instrument […]

Melting Canadian Snows Uncover Medieval And Roman Warm Periods

Melting Canadian Snows Uncover Medieval And Roman Warm Periods

Share this… Facebook TwitterMelting mountain snow in the Canadian Mackenzie Mountains has uncovered ancient weapons used by early hunters. In the Canadian Mackenzie Mountains scientists have found weapons up to 2400 years old, reports Tom Andrews of the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre in Yellowknife and his colleagues in a press release from the […]

Run! Seas Rising 49 Microns Per Year

Share this… Facebook TwitterMelting sea ice is causing sea levels to rise 49 micorons per year (3/16 of an inch over 100 years), according to research published in Geophysical Research Letters. Read more here: Share this… Facebook Twitter

Peak & Trade: German PIK Scientists Propose Per Capita Climate Quota

Share this… Facebook TwitterRudolf Kipp of  reports on the latest German plan to save the planet: Peak and Trade. This is my summary in English. Without a doubt the Copenhagen Climate Conference last December was a major flop. A treaty for reducing CO2 emissions could not find the support it needed. The conference was […]

Another Russian Scientist: Arctic Is Cooling

Share this… Facebook TwitterYet another Russian scientist believes the Arctic is set for cooling and thus increasing sea ice, this reported in the German version of the Russian online news RIA NOVOSTI (see links below). Scientist Vladimir Sokolov says: The warming that occurred in the Arctic has swung back to cooling and sea ice that […]

Cameron's Hypocritical Climate Crusade

Share this… Facebook TwitterRecently Hollywood director James Cameron participated in a panel discussion together with economist Tom Friedman, actress Sigourney Weaver, and MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough. Cameron called Climate Change ‘As Great As The Threat’ U.S. Faced in World War II. To me, watching some Hollywood stars give advice on saving the planet is like watching […]

The Incredible Shrinking Print Media

Share this… Facebook TwitterMany of us have made complaints about how the MSM is biased and reluctant to cover topics like Climategate and other scandals. Well take heart! People are waking up to the fact that they are being denied information and facts, and as a result they’re turning their backs on the main stream […]

Dr Pokrovsky Replies

Share this… Facebook TwitterDr Oleg Pokrovsky has kindly taken the time to provide further information on his recent remarks, which have been widely quoted. We thank him for doing so. He writes as follows and includes a link to a ppt. presentation (see below): Dear Colleagues, Thank you for discussion of my conclusions presented at recent […]

Russia: No Climate Deal in 2010

Share this… Facebook TwitterA new international agreement to replace the Kyoto environmental protocol will not be signed in 2010, the Russian presidential advisor on climate change has said. Read more: On April 16, Russian President Medvedev said: All countries, including developed and developing economies, should reach an agreement, or, if we do not agree […]

German Chancellor Gives Up On Binding Climate Treaty!

Share this… Facebook TwitterMerkel No Longer Backs World Climate Treaty That’s the headline announcing a report in the upcoming issue of Der Spiegel. German Chancellor Angela Merkel is retreating from the objective of reducing global CO2 emissions through a binding global treaty.,1518,691013,00.html.  …Merkel wants to avoid another debacle for Germany and Europe in the UN climate negotiations. According to Der […]

Worse Than We Thought

Share this… Facebook TwitterWow! Arctic sea ice is still at levels we had back in mid-February. It’s at the highest level for this date in nine years. Normally there’s about a 1 million sq. km decrease from mid Feb to late April. This year – nada! Share this… Facebook Twitter

Shoot FromThe Hip – Shot From The Hip

Share this… Facebook TwitterA few days ago I wrote a post about how Reuters wasted no time blaming the outbreak of a fungus disease in the U.S. Northwest and British Columbia on climate change: Of course this was just another example of wreckless media speculation and wishful thinking by those who simply can’t wait for the coming […]

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