Cameron's Hypocritical Climate Crusade

Recently Hollywood director James Cameron participated in a panel discussion together with economist Tom Friedman, actress Sigourney Weaver, and MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough. Cameron called Climate Change ‘As Great As The Threat’ U.S. Faced in World War II. To me, watching some Hollywood stars give advice on saving the planet is like watching lumberjacks talk about how to do heart surgery. In both cases the result is the same: the patient dies.

Cameron’s humble abode

Climate protection starts at home. According to more than one source. Cameron’s humbe abode has 8,272 square feet and boasts 6 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, pool, tennis court and inner courtyard fit for Hollywood royalty – perfect to sit around in with like-minded stars and worry about the “dying planet”, all the while the private jet sits on the tarmac getting refuelled and the chauffeured limousine waits outside. (scroll down)

Making everyone miserable

Perhaps Cameron’s arrogance, hypocrisy and insistence the rest of the working masses sacrifice more while he continues to live high on the hog has something to do with a character disorder.  According to Wikipedia collaborator and author Orson Scott Card calls Cameron, who has been married five times, selfish and cruel. He said working with him was “hell on wheels”.  Card added, “He was very nice to me because I could afford to walk away. But he made everyone around him miserable, and his unkindness did nothing to improve the film in any way”.

Cameron’s real estate visions: community of a half dozen estates

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