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'The Neglected Sun' Knocks Michael Mann's 'Climate Wars' Off Number 1 Position At Amazon!

‘The Neglected Sun’ Knocks Michael Mann’s ‘Climate Wars’ Off Number 1 Position At Amazon!

The Amazon bestseller list for climatology books has a new leader: Fritz Vahrenholt’s and Sebastian Lüning’s ‘The Neglected Sun’ … a Spiegel bestseller last year in Europe known as the Die kalte Sonne. Step aside Dr. Mann. Make way for real science. At least the readers aren’t neglecting the sun. Bill McKitten’s book has dropped to […]

German Geologist: Despite Shrillness "No Hard Evidence Of CO2, No Cause For Alarm...Key Findings Not Properly Reported"

German Geologist: Despite Shrillness “No Hard Evidence Of CO2, No Cause For Alarm…Key Findings Not Properly Reported”

What follows is more reaction to AR5 SPM – from two German experts. First I asked geologist Dr. Sebastian Lüning by e-mail for his impression of the IPCC’s summary. Lüning has published over 20 peer-reviewed papers in the field of geology and is the co-author of the IPCC critical book “The Neglected Sun“. Photo Lüning: […]

Peter Lilley On Global Warming Cultists: Accept Leader's Message Of Postponed Doom...Become Even More Fanatical

Peter Lilley On Global Warming Cultists: Accept Leader’s Message Of Postponed Doom…Become Even More Fanatical

Global warming is not a religion, it’s a cult. Peter Lilley’s commentary deserves broad attention. Here’s how he describes the global warming believers: THE global warming doomsday cult is coming to an end. … Unfortunately, when doomsday forecasts fail, cult supporters don’t immediately give up. A US social scientist infiltrated a cult whose leader predicted […]

2013 So Far Among Germany’s Coldest This Century! Glaciers In Swiss Alps Gaining In Mass!

The German national weather service (Deutsche Wetterdienst – DWD) writes in its latest press release on how 2013 is shaping up climate-wise in Germany. No warming anywhere! In fact, the recent trend looks like a strong cooling. Already regions in the German lowlands have seen frost this fall – which is early. For 2013 so […]

For Science AR5 SPM Is A Rank Obscenity … Weeks-Long Tsunami Of Criticism Over IPCC Report On The Way

I’ve been going over and compiling the German reaction to the IPCC’s Summary Report for Policymakers, which tries to dismiss 15 years of global temperature stagnation and the fact that all its models have been wrong. There’s much to sort through. If what I’ve seen so far is anything to go by, then from IPCC […]

Major Swiss Daily Chief Editor: “Never Have I Read The Words ‘Probable’ Or ‘Improbable’ So Often” …”Dosed Prophecy”

The editor-in-chief of the Basler Zeitung Markus Somm has posted a damning, stinging commentary on the recently released AR5 Summary for Policymakers (SPM). Somm first describes the AR5 SPM as a 40-page document pieced-together from 2000 pages “by climate scientists and representatives from numerous countries over four days behind closed doors in Stockholm.” Then he describes the desperate […]

Vahrenholt Sees Movement Towards More Realism, Openness In IPCC Report..."IPCC Models Are Wrong"

Vahrenholt Sees Movement Towards More Realism, Openness In IPCC Report…”IPCC Models Are Wrong”

Leading IPCC critic and co-author of CO2 skeptic book The Neglected Sun Professor Fritz Vahrenholt was interviewed yesterday on MDR German radio. We have to at least give credit to MDR for even inviting a real skeptic – indeed a rare event in German public media. The MDR moderator begins by claiming that the new IPCC report warns […]

Vahrenholt's UN IPCC-Science Critical Book 'The Neglected Sun' Soars To No. 1 At Amazon UK!

Vahrenholt’s UN IPCC-Science Critical Book ‘The Neglected Sun’ Soars To No. 1 At Amazon UK!

The UN IPCC AR5 completely neglected discussing the reason why we have climate to begin with: THE SUN. There’s a reason why they did. I’m pleased to say that Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt’s and Sebastian Lüning’s climate skeptic book “The Neglected Sun” is NUMBER 1 in several categories at! Of course, The Neglected Sun is not […]

UN IPCC Exhumes, Brings Climate Catastrophe Back From The Grave...Politicians, Activists Dancing Like It's 2007!

UN IPCC Exhumes, Brings Climate Catastrophe Back From The Grave…Politicians, Activists Dancing Like It’s 2007!

Today the German and international media, politicians and activists are all in a celebratory mood – the climate catastrophe is back after all. It’s real and approaching faster than ever. The UN just certified it! Climate activists are in a state of euphoria again – they’re out dancing in the streets – there hasn’t been such a feeling […]

IPCC AR5 Press Release: Oceans Ate “More Than 90% Of The Energy Accumulated Between 1971 And 2010”!

The IPCC has issued a press release on the release of the AR summary report for policymakers. You can find it here. We are witnessing a disgraced science, one that is desperately clinging to catastrophe and relevance. The Summary Report for Policymakers (SPM) resembles an amateur magician’s show where everybody already knows all the tricks used […]

Bastardi’s / Jung’s Initial Winter Speculation Morphs Into “A Killer 2014-Winter Forecast” – Fear Spreads Across Europe!

I had to laugh reading the French reports I mention below. A few days ago I saw the same kind of stuff in the Russian and Italian media: meteorologists and meteorological institutes forecasting a “killer 100-year 2013/14 winter“. It’s all over Europe. Where does this come from? It seems that meteorologists Joe Bastardi’s and Dominik Jung’s […]

German Daily Die Welt: "Bureaucrats Refuse To Give Up Climate Catastrophe"..."Warming Much Less Than Expected"

German Daily Die Welt: “Bureaucrats Refuse To Give Up Climate Catastrophe”…”Warming Much Less Than Expected”

Veteran journalist Ulli Kulke of the online flagship daily German Die Welt here writes a blog commentary titled: “German Politicians Want To Sex Up Climate Report“. Chart right: Global temps tending downwards since 2007 IPCC AR4. Source: Kulke writes that Germany’s political delegation steadfastly refuses to give up its cherished climate catastrophism. According to Kulke, […]

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