Peter Lilley On Global Warming Cultists: Accept Leader’s Message Of Postponed Doom…Become Even More Fanatical

Gore_FireGlobal warming is not a religion, it’s a cult.

Peter Lilley’s commentary deserves broad attention. Here’s how he describes the global warming believers:

THE global warming doomsday cult is coming to an end. … Unfortunately, when doomsday forecasts fail, cult supporters don’t immediately give up. A US social scientist infiltrated a cult whose leader predicted the apocalypse would arrive on 21 December, as would a flying saucer to save her followers. When neither came on the appointed day, most of her followers, far from abandoning the cult, accepted their leader’s message that doom had been postponed and became even more fanatical. So it is with most merchants of global warming doom. Their models forecast that…

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What does it take for people to be embarrassed over having acted like total fools? Here I’m not talking about the luke-warmers or sensible warmists. The IPCC alarmists are meant here.

Glad to see that Lilley’s piece is catching fire in the Internet.

10 responses to “Peter Lilley On Global Warming Cultists: Accept Leader’s Message Of Postponed Doom…Become Even More Fanatical”

  1. Bob Koss
  2. Jimbo

    Here is a more technical rebuttal of “the oceans ate my global warming.”

  3. G. Watkins

    Peter Lilley, a physicist by training is one of only 5 MPs ( all Tory) to vote against the disastrous Climate Act in 2008, the architect of which was Ed Miliband, then minister for Energy and Climate Change ably abetted by the ludicrous Bryony Worthington, now a Baroness (a Lady Lord).
    I suspect that there a number of MPs who are aware that current energy policies, based on CAGW, are disastrous and only need a further push to come out of the closet, so to speak.
    Your excellent blog along with others keeps up the pressure on the scientifically illiterates that we have the misfortune to’lead’ us.

  4. tom0mason

    Your second link –

    See more at:

    Is incorrect and gets a page404 error.

  5. Michael Snow

    We could hope that maybe Al Gore’s children or other relatives might kidnap him and have him de-programmed.

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