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Der Spiegel Reports On Germany’s “Setting Sun” – The Collapse Of The Solar Industry

Countries like the USA who have been seduced by German socialists and Greens into thinking that solar energy and green energy feed-in schemes are a job creator and an engine to prosperity ought to think again. Der Spiegel reports.   Eastern Germany Hit Hard by Decline of Solar By Charles Hawley The global solar industry has […]

German Insurance Industry Fanning The Fears Of “Climate Change” – Takes Over At The IPCC To Cash In

The insurance industry is one of the primary beneficiaries of the climate change panic. The more people fear climate-related disaster, the more inclined they’ll be to buy up insurance or to pay higher premiums. No industry has a a greater interest in fanning climate panic than the insurance industry. Hat-tip: a reader. German insurance industry moves to […]

Tim McCarver Nominated For 2012 Nobel Physics Prize – McCarver’s Theory: Home Runs Correlate With CO2!

And thus he has a good shot of joining the elite ranks of Nobel Laureates along with the esteemed Al Gore and the IPCC. Hat-tip: Hot Air. If anyone needed more evidence that climate change science has become completely irrational and idiotic, here’s another glittering jewel. It’s another sign of the spreading mental disorder that is […]

The Green Wave - How Vermont Protects the Environment (Warning: Graphic Photos!)

The Green Wave – How Vermont Protects the Environment (Warning: Graphic Photos!)

Last fall I wrote about how self-anointed environmental mastermind politicians in my homestate of Vermont bulldozed public opposition, lots of trees and finally the top of Lowell Mountain to make way for “climate-saving” 450-foot industrial wind turbines. Read here and here. Here’s how environmental protection by these political environmental pimps appears so far, hat-tip: Crushed […]

Russian Lake Vostok Scientists Say “New Ice Age Is Unavoidable”

Someone forgot to tell the Russians that natural climate factors no longer count for anything, and that from the 20th century on man-made CO2 is the sole driver of the climate – now making the Earth only warmer and warmer. Lake Vostok under almost 4000 meters of ice in Antarctica. Source: US Government. The German edition […]

No Relation Found Between Cosmic Rays And Atmospheric Transmission

No Relation Found Between Cosmic Rays And Atmospheric Transmission

On Cosmic Rays and Clouds By Ed Caryl There have been several papers and articles recently about Svensmark’s theory that claim cosmic rays produce cloud nuclei, which in turn produce clouds that affect the Earth’s climate. My recent article showed the relationship between atmospheric transmission, the Earth’s albedo, and temperature. Photo by Krish Dulal. If […]

Klaus-Eckart Puls: Sea Level Rise Is Slowing Down – “There’s Going To Be No Acceleration”

Veteran meteorologist Klaus-Eckart Puls made a presentation on sea level at the 4th climate conference in Munich at the end of last year. The data are clear: sea level rise is slowing down. Here are the data Puls presents: 0:35 – Not everyone is convinced sea levels will rise quickly. Qatar just built a stadium […]

Mann’s End

Chris Horner posted a video on Facebook a few a hours ago where he reviews and brings us up to date on the efforts by the University of Virginia faculty to defy the law of the land by refusing to release taxpayer-owned documents surrounding Climategate. There must be some something really embarrassing that needs to stay […]

Radiation Balance Variables Put CO2 In The Back Seat As A Driver

Radiation Balance Variables Put CO2 In The Back Seat As A Driver

By Ed Caryl The sun supplies about 1360 watts per square meter to the Earth as seen by satellites at the top of the atmosphere. This power varies by about 1.3 watts over the 11-year solar cycle. Energy is reflected back to space by clouds and the earth’s surface. Some energy is radiated to space […]

The German Energy Blog And 50Hz Sites

The German Energy Blog And 50Hz Sites

I’d like to recommend the German Energy Blog to readers who’d like to know the latest about German energy news and issues. You may want to bookmark it. German Energy Blog Their latest article presents a resource called 50Hz: Friday last week 50Hertz Transmission GmbH, the transmission system operator (TSO) whose grid covers large parts […]

Outbreak Of Poisonous Oak Processionary Caterpillar Blamed On Climate Change (Even Though There’s No Data)

The German media are reporting on a developing outbreak of the oak processionary caterpillar now spreading over the Eastern and Southern areas of Germany. The caterpillars are pests in oak forests and they pose a health hazard because of their poisonous hairs which can cause skin irritation and asthma. Quite the nasty critter, indeed. German daily […]

Killer Offshore Windparks – 3 Dead, 80 Serious Accidents “…More Have Died”

In terms of deaths, this is worse than Fukushima. Yet, we never hear a peep from the media about the dark side of this “safe and environmentally gentle energy”. Imagine if this had happened at a nuclear power plant. “Building offshore wind parks can be a deadly occupation. Three construction workers have already drowned whilst working […]

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