Tim McCarver Nominated For 2012 Nobel Physics Prize – McCarver’s Theory: Home Runs Correlate With CO2!

And thus he has a good shot of joining the elite ranks of Nobel Laureates along with the esteemed Al Gore and the IPCC. Hat-tip: Hot Air.

If anyone needed more evidence that climate change science has become completely irrational and idiotic, here’s another glittering jewel. It’s another sign of the spreading mental disorder that is fanned by the junk science of manmade climate change. Everything that is different today is now due to man-made climate change.

We’ve all heard the stereotype descriptions about jocks and brains. Unfortunately there are some out there who somehow find ways of setting back the debunking of such stereotypes 10 years or more. Ex-MLB player and now announcer Tim McCarver has single-handedly succeeded doing just that.

Listen to what he says concerning baseball players hitting homeruns: Click HERE.

Global warming Climate change, he theorizes on national TV, makes the air thinner and so the ball carries further when hit.

It has not been proven, but I think ultimately it will be proven that the air is thinner now. There have been climatic changes over the last 50 years in the world. I think that’s one of the reasons that balls are carrying much better now than I can remember.”

Stupid! stupid! stupid!

But wait – McCarver’s Theory may actually be true. Planes indeed today are flying further than ever per litre of jet fuel – it must must because of the “thinner air” – clear evidence that McCarver’s Theory is undeniable. The same is true for cars and trucks, which today go further than ever on a litre of fuel, again thanks to reduced air resistance from thinner air.

Furnaces are also burning more efficiently, thus indicating it must have something to do with the air. Wind speeds are faster too, thanks to thinner air making air molecules fly faster. The body of evidence is growing!

I bet if NASA, Hadley or the PIK crunched the numbers with their sophisticated models and supercomputers, McCarver’s Theory would gain a consensus among the real scientific community, Royal Academy and the National Academy of Sciences.

Concerning the homerun records, perhaps the MLB could go back and adjust the statistics. Hank Aaron could be awarded another 30 homeruns because the air back then was “thicker”, and thus take back the record he lost to Barry Bonds, who unfairly set his record in “thin air”.

Also see WUWT for more on the story.


12 responses to “Tim McCarver Nominated For 2012 Nobel Physics Prize – McCarver’s Theory: Home Runs Correlate With CO2!”

  1. Ulrich Elkmann

    It all comes down to a question of formalities. If he had a degree in the hard sciences and had published it in a peer-reviewed journal, he might at least get an IgNobel prize…

  2. mwhite

    “I bet if NASA, Hadley or the PIK crunched the numbers with their sophisticated models and supercomputers”

    Met Office 3-month Outlook
    Period: April – June 2012 Issue date: 23.03.12


    “The forecast for average UK rainfall slightly favours drier than average conditions for April May June as a whole, and also slightly favours April being the driest of the 3 months.”


    Even ‘Deep Thought’ wouldn’t be big enough.

  3. Mydogsgotnonose

    This is utter scientific stupidity: the viscosity of gases increases with the square root of absolute temperature.

  4. DirkH

    If the air becomes thinner through CAGW, how can climate change at the same time cause earthquakes? I’m confused.

    1. Bob in Castlemaine

      Dirk, climate change makes earthquakes more common because rising sea level increases sea water pressure on the ocean floor, which in turn deforms the crust? At least I think that is the proposition.
      Of course whether the miniscule component of sea level change attributable to anthorpogenic GHGs (which amounts to around one poofteenth of a bee’s diaphram) could make any measurable difference…. I guess only the “models” would be able to tell us that.

      1. Ulrich Elkmann

        It’s simple: less air pressure = less weight pressing the fires of Hell down. And volcanoes and earthquakes are related, yes? Somehow… There even was a bit to that effect in one of the 1933-45 “Wochenschau”, the weekly newsreel roundups, that cautioned against Soergel’s “Atlantropa” project (that geoengeneering project that proposed a dam across the Strait of Gilbraltar to lower the level by the Mediterranean by about 200 metres
        – the lessened water pressure would cause Aetna & Vesuvius to blow up…)

        1. Ulrich Elkmann

          Almost: it was not a newsreel but a 30-minute “docufiction”: “Ein Meer versinkt” (1936), directed by Anton Kutter, see
          (starting at about 4:00) – the regime never warmed to Soergel’s plans, although he decked out his megalomaniac schemes in the current jargon to cut some favor with them.

          1. DirkH

            Great! at 1:10: “Soergel was a pacifist. His idea was: If one manages to occupy all peoples of Europe with such a huge technological project, they will have no more energy left to entertain warfare against each other.”

            Okay, so they didn’t build Atlantropa but riddled all of Europe with wind turbines and PV panels instead…

          2. DirkH

            I watched the entire Atlantropa docu. Soergel was posessed by the same kind of idea as Technocracy Inc. in USA who wanted to power the American Technat (Canada+USA+Mexico) with hydropower – hydropower was obviously the panacea in that time, following Tesla’s and Westinghouse’s groundbreaking work with the Niagara Falls. After 1950 it made room for the new panacea of nuclear power; which later made room for wind+solar, which will make room for LENR (IMHO).

            Here’s a guy with some interesting thoughts about what became of Technocracy Inc. – he posits that the Technat became NAFTA, the energy-controlling aspects of Technocracy became the Smart Grid etc. Pretty enlightening. Our current sustainability madness goes directly back to M. King Hubbert, arch-Malthusian and cofounder of Technocracy.
            (This is a kind of know-thy-enemy comment)

            A keyword to watch out for, the Trilateral Commission.

  5. DirkH

    Oh, I have another one:

    Another Home Run For Global Warming!

  6. John Barrett

    Ah this explains the phenomena recently appeared in cricket of “reverse swing” and the doosra ball that spins from leg to offside. Such things were unheard of twenty years ago. It must be the extra C02 in the air !

  7. DirkH

    Maxwell Technologies, US maker of ultracapacitors, just dropped 40% (on friday, that is).


    Ultracapacitors have an energy density of a factor 10 less than batteries but recharge very quickly, and are sometimes used in vehicles like electric busses that make frequent stops; where recharging can happen for instance via induction. So Maxwell counts as a “green stock”.

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