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Again And Again: Experts And New Findings Show No Link Between European Storm Activity And CO2

DWD: For the past there is no clear evaluation showing change in the strength and intensity of storms over Germany By Dr. Sebastian Lüning and Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt (German text translated/edited by P. Gosselin) This month two major North Sea storms have hit Europe rather severely, and not surprisingly the usual climate ambulance chasers were out […]

Reality vs. Theory: Scientists Affirm 'Recent Lack Of Any Detectable Acceleration' In Sea Level Rise

Reality vs. Theory: Scientists Affirm ‘Recent Lack Of Any Detectable Acceleration’ In Sea Level Rise

Scientists: ‘Loud Divergence Between Sea Level Reality And Climate Change Theory’ Global Sea Level ‘Acceleration’ Just 0.002 mm/year² According to peer-reviewed, “consensus” climate science, anthropogenic CO2 emissions are the cause of Arctic sea ice decline.  In fact, peer-reviewed, “consensus” climate science indicates the causal relationship is so direct and so linear that it can be said with […]

New Working Paper: “Advent Of Computer Modelling Has Corrupted Climate Science”

A new working paper here by Dr. Anthonie Bastiaan Ruighaver concludes that climate science has been corrupted by computer models and that it is time to get back to how science is supposed to function. The working paper is titled: “The Power of Falsification, Developing a Greenhouse Gas Theory“. What follows are some excerpts that I’ve […]

PIK Scientists Rahmstorf & Schellnhuber Get Tangled Up - Inconvenient Pages Taken Down

PIK Scientists Rahmstorf & Schellnhuber Get Tangled Up – Inconvenient Pages Taken Down

Back in July 2017 FMDsTVChannel posted a critical video: Kritik an ZDF u. Stefan Rahmstorf (PIK) zu Wetterphänomenen & Durchschnittstemperatur (Criticism of ZDF and Stefan Rahmstorf (PIK) Concerning Weather Phenomena and Mean Temperatures). The video features PIK researcher Stefan Rahmstorf appearing on German flagship ZDF public television, which claimed “the mean temperature has risen every year […]

More Indicators Point To Global Cooling, Warns German Scientist… Cooling Of “At least 1°C”

Has Global Cooling Begun? Von Dr. Dietrich E. Koelle (German text translated/edited by P Gosselin) Now that the temperature maximum of the 1000-year cycle has been reached over the past two decades, a new global cooling phase can be expected  — as has been the case over the past 8000 years. Why would the natural […]

New Paper: Defying Models, There Has Been No Long-Term Linear Decline In Arctic Sea Ice

New Paper: Defying Models, There Has Been No Long-Term Linear Decline In Arctic Sea Ice

Uncoupled: CO2 And Sea Ice Anthropogenic CO2 emissions have risen linearly since the mid-1940s. According to climate models, anthropogenic CO2 emissions drive trends in polar sea ice.   The sea ice extent in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres should therefore gradually decline (linearly) as human emissions rise. However, neither the Arctic nor Antarctic sea ice […]

Engineering Professor Believes German ‘Energiewende’ Close To Death As Inadequacies Become Glaring

Just a few years ago, no party dared to express doubts over the Energiewende (Germany’s transition to green energies), or to question it for fear of being accused of environmental blasphemy and treason. But as the technical and economic problems of the Energiewende become ever more glaring, people and politicians are now speaking up. One […]

Advanced Weather Forecasting Models Confirm Urban Heat Island Effect...It's Very Real

Advanced Weather Forecasting Models Confirm Urban Heat Island Effect…It’s Very Real

Yesterday at Weatherbell Analytics at his Daily Update, meteorologist Joe Bastardi pointed out a topic that particularly fascinated me, and which I think is very important: the urban heat island effect (UHI). Many have been claiming for years that the urban heating has been in part responsible for the higher recorded global surface temperatures over […]

400 Scientific Papers Published In 2017 Support A Skeptical Position On Climate Alarm

A Growing Volume Of Evidence Undercuts ‘Consensus’ Science Update: For a detailed response to the YouTube video criticizing our list, see: Deconstruction Of The Critical YouTube Response To Our 400+ ‘Skeptical’ Papers Compilation   During 2017, 485 scientific papers have been published that cast doubt on the position that anthropogenic CO2 emissions function as the climate’s […]

Germany Will Miss Its Own 2020 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Targets By A Long Shot

Michael Limburg of the European Institute for Climate and Energy here reports that Germany will miss its 2020 Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions reduction targets by a long shot ,despite the “huge costs” in the form of mandatory feed-in tariffs paid by consumers. The country’s 2050 target of an 80% reduction is looking more like pie […]

European Commission Reflection Paper Puts “Climate Change” Near Bottom Of List Of Concerns!

If one were to rate the investment made by governments globally aimed at creating concern for a potential problem, then the huge investment in climate change fear by now would definitely have to be rated as “junk” quality. Never has so much seen so little return. Hundreds of billions have been invested so far with the […]

U of Canberra Expert: Doubling Atmospheric CO2 Would Increase “Heating By Less Than 0.01°C”

Recently Kenneth Richard posted a flurry of papers showing that the CO2 climate sensitivity estimate has been trending sharply downward over the years, which means CO2’s claimed effect on warming has been highly exaggerated. Now another opinion has come to light, further supporting the notion that the recent rise in CO2 in fact is having […]

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