PIK Scientists Rahmstorf & Schellnhuber Get Tangled Up – Inconvenient Pages Taken Down

Back in July 2017 FMDsTVChannel posted a critical video: Kritik an ZDF u. Stefan Rahmstorf (PIK) zu Wetterphänomenen & Durchschnittstemperatur (Criticism of ZDF and Stefan Rahmstorf (PIK) Concerning Weather Phenomena and Mean Temperatures).

The video features PIK researcher Stefan Rahmstorf appearing on German flagship ZDF public television, which claimed “the mean temperature has risen every year since 2000“, and showed Rahmstorf telling ZDF viewers that “the prognoses even say that large parts of Spain and Portugal will be devastated by the year 2100″.

The producer of video took issue with these statements, reminding that mean temperature has “not risen every year since 2000” and that Rahmstorf is in fact falsely selling “his alarmist scenarios” as a forecast (prognosis). The video concludes by characterizing Rahmstorf as a liar by superimposing a Pinocchio nose at the 3:58 mark.

Although the video was viewed only some 1000 times, one of those viewers happened to be Rahmstorf himself, who one week ago was upset enough to comment, and then three days later threatened FMDsTVChannel with a slander lawsuit.

But other skeptics quickly jumped in, scoffing at Rahmstorf’s legal threats and attacked the PIK scientist’s claims. Comments left by Klima Manifest Heiligenroth reminded the alarmist Rahmstorf that in a book he co-authored together with PIK Director Hans-Joachim Schellnhuber, “DER KLIMAWANDEL”, how on page 31, 49 and 37 they themselves unwittingly confirmed there has not been any dangerous global warming in 150 years.

Schellnhuber and Rahmstorf in their DER KLIMAWANDEL book write on page 31 that the mean global temperature is 15°C.

On page 49 Rahmstorf once again repeated the global mean temperature figure of 15°C, and warned it could rise to 20°C by the year 2100:

But on page 37, they present a chart showing that the global temperature is only 14.5°C.:

This inconvenient fact was embarrassing to Rahmstorf, and so just a short time after threatening the legal action, the pdf links to pages 31, 37 and 49 mysteriously disappeared.

But thanks to the Wayback Machine, we find pdf files which were secured on July 15, 2016:


When dealing with climate science, the only truths the Potsdam professor finds appear to be the dramatic future scenarios produced by climate models, which he continuously confuses as being accurate 100-year forecasts.

Hat-tip: www.klimamanifest-von-heiligenroth.de.


4 responses to “PIK Scientists Rahmstorf & Schellnhuber Get Tangled Up – Inconvenient Pages Taken Down”

  1. John F. Hultquist

    Do they have an assistant visiting libraries with a razor and neatly cutting out the offending text?

    From stone tablets to acid-free paper, books are marvelous things.

  2. RAH

    Time and again the revisionists suffer from trying to revise their previous revision. But when they seek to erase the record of the words and numbers they have published before, they should be forever ignored because they have demonstrated they lack the integrity to be worthy of attention.

  3. yonason

    Are you aware they can block your access to Wayback docs, if they want to bother? Copy what you find that you don’t want to lose, before it disappears.

  4. Bitter&twisted

    Come on SebastianH.
    Leap to Rahmstorf’s defence.
    “Look there’s a squirrel!”

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