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Spiegel: Pontifical Academy Of Sciences Pushing For Climate Treaty…Finds Fossil Fuels Akin To “Modern Slavery”!

Share this…FacebookTwitterSpiegel science journalist Axel Bojanowski has an online interview with the Chairman of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, Bishop Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo: The Church believes in science“. Anyone with doubts the Vatican would abandon a neutral position on the science of climate change can now lay them to rest. Under Pope Francis the Vatican […]

Meteorologist Calls Forecast Of A "Majorca Winter" For Europe "Stupidity"...Winter, Snow And Cold Grip Continent

Meteorologist Calls Forecast Of A “Majorca Winter” For Europe “Stupidity”…Winter, Snow And Cold Grip Continent

Share this…FacebookTwitterEarlier this year as the late autumn ran mild and the winter started well on the mild side  for Central Europe, meteorologists were projecting a “Majorca Winter”, after the tropical-like Spanish Island which is noted for its sunny and warm year-round weather. A sort of “barbeque winter” was all the talk. But recently winter has […]

Tim Flannery “Has Plenty Of Company In The Dunce’s Corner” …Climate Science’s Long List Of Failed Predictions

Share this…FacebookTwitterGood article at Quadrant magazine here on the background behind the many failed predictions of disaster in climate science and the strange characters behind them. Hat tip: reader Stefan. ======================== Warmists Take the Hardest Hits Anyone can be a prophet of doom…. Why can’t the global-warming catastrophe industry convince the public that the scare […]

Last Ditch Clinging Effort…Scientists Plainly Have Struck Out On Short and Mid-Term Climate Model Reliability

Share this…FacebookTwitterThe German media are reporting on findings of a study appearing in Nature coming from the Jochen Marotzke of the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology (MPI-M) in Hamburg and Piers Forster of University of Leeds, who both insist the climate models continue to be correct –  despite having been wrong for 18 years. Warming not […]

Top Swiss Avalanche Expert Werner Munter Calls IPCC Report "A Scientific Farce"..."Piss Take"!

Top Swiss Avalanche Expert Werner Munter Calls IPCC Report “A Scientific Farce”…”Piss Take”!

Share this…FacebookTwitterHe looks more like a guru, even a prophet. In Switzerland 73 year old Swiss Alps mountain guide Werner Munter is known as the “avalanche pope”. No one knows more about avalanches in the Alps and their risks than he does. Werner Munter: Image credit: Having authored some 20 books, he is credited for […]

Roger Helmer On Climate Protection: “Probably Unnecessary…Certainly Ineffectual…Ruinously Expensive”

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Former German Minister Of Economics Calls Energiewende "A Disaster"..."Careened Completely Out Of Control"

Former German Minister Of Economics Calls Energiewende “A Disaster”…”Careened Completely Out Of Control”

Share this…FacebookTwitterFormer German Economics Minister Wolfgang Clement of the socialist SPD party says Germany’s once highly ballyhooed “Energiewende” (transition to green energy) “has careened completely out of control” and has hurt the country economically. Germany’s former Economics Minister under Chancellor Gerhard Schroder calls the country’s “Energiewende” a disaster. Photo: The online Handelsblatt here reports […]

University College London Professor Of Climatology Mark Maslin Claims Mankind Now Able To Control Climate!

University College London Professor Of Climatology Mark Maslin Claims Mankind Now Able To Control Climate!

Share this…FacebookTwitterThis past weekend I wrote two posts about a recent two-part German ZDF Television documentary on climate change and its impact on the development of human history: here and here. Image Mark Maslin, cropped from ZDF At the very end of Part 2, the otherwise excellent German public television documentary abruptly descends into sheer lunacy in […]

Part 2 Of Documentary Totally Dismisses/Contradicts Michael Mann’s Claim Of A Steady Climate Since 1000 A.D.

Share this…FacebookTwitterYesterday I posted on Part 1 of German ZDF television’s Terra-X series two-part documentary on climate and human history appearing on January 11  and 18. Part 1 covered the world’s climatic changes that occurred during the last ice age and up to the time of the Roman Empire. Part 1 clearly showed that the earth’s […]

German Television Shocks…Outstanding Documentary On Historical Sudden Climate Changes Driven By Natural Factors

Share this…FacebookTwitterAs part of its Terra-X series, ZDF German television presented a two-part documentary on January 11  and 18 on climate and human history. Rather than pushing senseless alarmism, the ZDF series did an excellent job looking at the powerful natural factors that drive climate, and how they can do so abruptly. Hat-tip: Die kalte […]

German Scientist Calls For Founding And Funding Of Independent Climate Research Institute To Counter Alarmist Climate Claims

German Scientist Calls For Founding And Funding Of Independent Climate Research Institute To Counter Alarmist Climate Claims

Share this…FacebookTwitterGeologist Dr. Sebastian Lüning believes it’s high time for the skeptic side to respond more forcefully to the often hyper-exaggerated claims launched by the government funded global warming alarmists and is calling for the founding of an independent Germany-based climate research initiative. Dr Lüning co-authored together with professor Fritz Vahrenholt the leading skeptic book, Die […]

Alice Springs Automatic Weather Station Inflated Temperature By 4.5°C, Producing False “Record High”!

Share this…FacebookTwitterNot only has siting of weather stations near urban heat sources have been a real issue for weather measurement stations worldwide, but so maybe has the recently implemented automatic electronic weather measurement instrumentation. Reports are appearing that the new automatic system may be producing exaggerated temperature readings. For example this may be the case […]

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