Spiegel: Pontifical Academy Of Sciences Pushing For Climate Treaty…Finds Fossil Fuels Akin To “Modern Slavery”!

Spiegel science journalist Axel Bojanowski has an online interview with the Chairman of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, Bishop Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo: The Church believes in science“.

Anyone with doubts the Vatican would abandon a neutral position on the science of climate change can now lay them to rest. Under Pope Francis the Vatican has been sending unmistakable signals that it is joining the junk-science based global warming movement, perhaps with the hopes of resurrecting the notorious system of indulgences (or a form of it) which for centuries swindled common people of their wealth and sent it to the coffers of the Roman Catholic Church.

The Church preaches that as stewards of the planet man must make responsible use of God-given resources, to use them sparingly, and that we share the fruits of our labors with the poor. Yet the Vatican never will do the same with its tens of billions in assets it has stashed away over the centuries.

In the interview Chairman Sorondo tells Bojanowski that “the Church believes in science – especially Galileo“. And on the upcoming encyclical on climate change, to be released in either June or July, Sorondo refuses to tell Spiegel what is going to be in it. “We will see.”

As to why there is even an encyclical on the climate to begin with, Sorondo tells Spiegel that it is to “provide an impulse” for the upcoming Paris Conference. The Lima Conference “disappointed the Pope”, Sorondo tells Spiegel.

On why a climate treaty is important, Chairman Sorondo spills the beans, telling Spiegel that “climate change has adverse impacts on the poorest two thirds of the world’s population who have no access to fossil energies but who have to bear the consequences of their consumption. Bartholomeos I, the Patriarch of Constantinople, compared climate change to modern slavery at the Conference of Religious Leaders in December.”

Clearly the Catholic Church is sympathetic to this extreme and preposterous position. Why would Chairman Sorondo cite it if it wasn’t. Unfortunately the Vatican fails to see that over the past 50 years fossil fuels have helped the poor far more than any Church’s redistributive plundering ever has over the last 1000 years. More often than not Church obstinate dogmatism often put the brakes on progress and as a result caused far more misery. It’s appalling that the Church fails to recognize that no God-given resource has been such a blessing to the poor as has affordable fossil fuels and that life as we know it today would be unimaginable without it.

Vatican sees Galileo as a “leading figure”

On why the Church is suddenly interested in environmental protection, Sorondo says it is so because “The Church believes in science.” A somewhat taken aback Bojanowski reacts skeptically and brings up the incident surrounding Galileo. Sorondo responds, claiming the Church never condemned Galileo: “He was only put to the test because his scientific evidence had not been convincing. Our Academy today views him as a leading figure.”

Isn’t that the way things usually turn out whenever blind consensus gets asserted and dogmatism prevail in science? For the Vatican unfortunately it took almost 400 years and man going to the moon before they became “convinced”.

Bojanowski responds forcefully, seemingly scoffing at the Chairman’s claim:

Galileo’s writings were banned by the Church, or were allowed to appear only in censored versions. He was no longer allowed to freely express himself on his theories. In court he was forced to accept what the Catholic Church regarded as true and was then subsequently punished with arrest. And his colleague Giordano Bruno had to endure much worse: Because he refused to recant his astronomical theories that opposed those of the Church, he was executed.”

Chairman Sorondo admits: “That was in any case a great injustice, and the Church acknowledged that.”

Bojanowski reminds the Chairman: “Well yeah, 400 years after the execution.”

That alone ought to drive home the dangers of religion deciding science. Can we really trust this Catholic Church and current pope on climate science?

Bojanowski also makes another important point: If the consensus of science supports a climate treaty, then why is the Vatican not playing along with the consensus on other scientific issues, like birth control? Here the Chairman is clearly in over his head.

So why is the Catholic Church taking the step of endorsing what is likely the most dubious, tampered and politicized science that civilization has seen in has seen in at least 100 years? Why is it teaming up with groups and political parties that are notorious proponents of abortion, population control, waging war, anti-Christianity and self-centered hedonism? One can only speculate.

To me it all reeks of Chicago-style politics. Perhaps there is a lot more rot in the Vatican than we may think – in addition to the scandals involving child molestation and shady finances. Someone seems to have gotten the goods on the Vatican, and now it’s: play along and everything will be okay, or else there’s going to be lots of trouble. Has the Vatican sold its soul?

As if it ever had one.


23 responses to “Spiegel: Pontifical Academy Of Sciences Pushing For Climate Treaty…Finds Fossil Fuels Akin To “Modern Slavery”!”

  1. Mike Heath

    Hi Pierre,

    You are good at provoking on this issue!

    I can’t help wondering why it makes you so mad. If you didn’t know about the madness of the RC church then you wouldn’t understand its history and its indulgences, but you do.

    The Reformation didn’t happen for no reason, and the counter-Reformation didn’t happen for no reason, and I am sure you know this.

    The science we know today has its root in the Reformation, not in the RC church. I am sure you know that too.

    When it comes to the big question about God, I wonder what god you are referring to? How would we know about this god? Why should we bother with what he says? Is the proof of his existence in all the bones and relics? Is it in the miracles or Lourdes and Fatima? What is it?

    You can’t be mad about someone holding to their own view of god, unless there is a true God who has authority to make the rules. I don’t really see you interact with the God of the Bible, so what God is it that makes you mad?

    1. DirkH

      “The Reformation didn’t happen for no reason, and the counter-Reformation didn’t happen for no reason, and I am sure you know this.”

      The Reformation happened because Venetians needed it to stop an army of German Landsknechte to lay waste to their slave trading business.

  2. Indur M. Goklany

    Cheap fossil fuels make slavery uneconomic. Also it’s easier to manage machines than human beings, particularly slaves. I would say there would be a greater demand for slaves but for fossil fuels.

    Cheap fossil fuels also mean that the many who are not particularly wealthy can have a cavalry at their disposal. Consider the horsepower I have at my disposal in my car,lawn mower, leaf blower, etc. Limiting fossil fuels only makes life tougher for the poor.

    1. DirkH

      You’re exactly right.

      “Bartholomeos I, the Patriarch of Constantinople, compared climate change to modern slavery at the Conference of Religious Leaders in December.”

      I can’t quite make sense of it, I even checked the Spiegel German but Pierre translated correctly. The only analogy I can think of is the trading of CO2 indulgences as compared to a slave auction.

  3. dennisambler

    “Chicago-style politics”…..with a former senator from Chicago leading the show.

  4. Steve C

    Quite entertaining in its way that they are suddenly trumpeting Galileo’s name all over the place, as though he would be supporting the modern climate scam. In fact, of course, Galileo had the trouble he did precisely because he insisted on calculating based on the observed facts, rather than how he was “supposed” to interpret things. If he were around today, I have every confidence that the great man would still be supporting the primacy of evidence over dogma, and proclaiming the whole GW scam 100% bogus.

  5. Walter H. Schneider

    What comes next, a new frenzy of selling indulgences?

    1. Jeff Todd

      Al Gore and the carbon traders have been at game for years!

  6. Aard Knox

    If the Catholic church really wants to help the poor it should reverse its opposition to birth control.
    The present state of affairs oppresses the poor while the rich are able to pretend the edict doesn’t exist.

  7. David M

    I would be interested to find out how much energy the Vatican uses..

  8. John Silver

    Hopefully this will lead to the downfall of the catholic church.
    It’s long overdue.

    1. Streetcred

      Well, they’ve just lost this one !

  9. John F. Hultquist

    Yet the Vatican never will do the same with its tens of billions in assets it has stashed away over the centuries.

    Do you suppose the American Bishops overcame this tendency and encouraged the parish priests to mess with the kiddies, get re-assigned, … repeat. Then the Bish could alert a few lawyers and pay out huge sums. When funds run out the diocese declares bankruptcy, the Bish retires, and the now much poorer parishes go on.
    Okay, maybe not, but do you have a better idea? {No response necessary – I read to the part about lack of a soul.}

    The Pope & Church have many that are concerned about redistribution policy. Follow that line and you have your explanation for the current stupendously stupid climate actions.

  10. beththeserf

    Name of the Rose.

    The rustling of cardinal silk and
    whisperings in the corridors of power,
    the reach of far-flung authority, of
    indulgences penned by industrious scribes
    inside the stone-walled hive, while
    on the slopes outside,peasants scrabble
    for scraps from the priests’ table.

    Beth the serf – freed from slavery by
    Ol’ King Coal. )

  11. handjive

    Which doomsday scenario shall be the one?

    “Constitutional debate continues over whether public schools should include biblical Armageddon alongside global warming in end-of-world curriculum.”

    1. Ed Caryl

      Do you know the location of Ar Maggedon? It’s Meggido in northern Isreal, a crossroads town that has been a battlefield for tens of thousands of years because it guards a pass between east and west, the Jordan Valley on the east and the coast on the west. The other road runs north and south, connecting Lebanon with Jerusalem. Here is a question for extra credit: what armies will meet there next?

      1. Streetcred

        Isis and Israeli.

        1. DirkH

          Streetcred, the only meeting ISIS and Israel have in that area is when ISIS brings their wounded to be treated in Israeli field hospitals. Go look for it, it was even in the system media last year.

  12. Thomas Englert

    “tens of billions”? More like trillions.

  13. Kurt in Switzerland

    The new religion is Gaia Worship.
    Its prophets are Climate Scientists.
    Its angels are Climate Activists.
    Sustainability is the new piety.
    The UN is the HQ.

    Ablutions are paid to the UN’s Green Climate Fund.
    Eternal bliss is attained when one has paid offsets for his entire life.

    Fossil fuels are the devil’s elixir.
    Fossil fuel extraction is the devil’s work.
    Humans are a scourge to the planet.

    Kurt in Switzerland

  14. beththeserf

    In the corridors of the United Nations’
    General Assembly, a favored few, silk
    shirts, Armani suits,ponder discretely
    subtle extension of their global governance
    by treaties and indulgences,
    twenty thousand Millennium Goals transcribed
    by twenty thousand employees
    within the glass-walled hive.
    Cui bono?

    Beth the serf.

  15. Mervyn

    In the 1980s, when David Yallop wrote his book, “In God’s Name”, he exposed the rampant corruption in the Vatican, and its corrupt officials. Few people initially considered its contents to be true. It was deemed blasphemous.

    Yet David Yallop’s revelations, based on impeccable sources, were subsequently proven true. Action by international and various national law enforcement agencies soon demonstrated the truth.

    So here we are in 2015, and it seems not much has changed in the Vatican. Moral corruption goes right to the very top of the Catholic Church.

  16. D J

    Bruno was not executed over his scientific beliefs.

    “But the truth is that Bruno’s scientific theories weren’t what got him killed. Sure, his refusal to recant his belief in a plurality of worlds contributed to his sentence. But it’s important to note that the Catholic Church didn’t even have an official position on the heliocentric universe in 1600, and support for it was not considered heresy during Bruno’s trial.

    On top of that, his support for Copernican cosmology was the least heretical position he propagated. His opinions on theology were far more pyrotechnic. For example, Bruno had the balls to suggest that Satan was destined to be saved and redeemed by God. He didn’t think Jesus was the son of God, but rather “an unusually skilled magician.” He even publicly disputed Mary’s virginity. The Church could let astronomical theories slide, but calling the Mother of God out on her sex life? There’s no doubt that these were the ideas that landed Bruno on the stake.”

    As for Francis I, his Argentinian heritage, and the Peronist view, explains a lot about him. We are saddled with that history in the Papacy now.

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