Meteorologist Calls Forecast Of A “Majorca Winter” For Europe “Stupidity”…Winter, Snow And Cold Grip Continent

Earlier this year as the late autumn ran mild and the winter started well on the mild side  for Central Europe, meteorologists were projecting a “Majorca Winter”, after the tropical-like Spanish Island which is noted for its sunny and warm year-round weather. A sort of “barbeque winter” was all the talk.

But recently winter has tightened its grip over the continent, with snow and cold taking hold. Today Swiss meteorologist Jörg Kachelmann released his latest Youtube video calling that forecast nonsense.

Once again snow and winter refuse being relegated to a “thing of the past”.

The flamboyant Kachelmann, who is notoriously critical of seasonal forecasts, tells viewers the source of the current winter weather is a stubborn low centered over North central Europe that is pumping cold, unsettled air from the North Sea down over the mainland. Kachelmann sees the pattern sticking around for minimum 7 to 10 days, possibly longer.

Once you get away from the North Sea it really is winter everywhere and it’s going to stay that way for the next several days, with below normal temperatures; a longer winter phase – and so it was clear from the start with this nonsense of a Majorca winter with only very brief periods of cold and snow and so on; it was all stupidity – there’s going to be more snow…”

The NCEP forecast until mid February sees more of the same:

Europe Feb 7 - 15 2015Winter extending to Spain. Image cropped here.

The above longer term forecast may change, of course. However the weather models runs have been pretty coming up with the same result for that last couple of days, and so don’t start dreaming of spring weather just yet.

Now is as a good a time as any to book a ski holiday in the mountains.


5 responses to “Meteorologist Calls Forecast Of A “Majorca Winter” For Europe “Stupidity”…Winter, Snow And Cold Grip Continent”

  1. John F. Hultquist

    Kachelmann sees the pattern sticking around for minimum 7 to 10 days, possibly longer.

    Interestingly the eastern half of North America (north of Florida) has gotten very cold and seems to want to stay that way for the next 2 weeks. Snow is going to push eastward across the Ohio Valley and into Pennsylvania.

    1. John F. Hultquist

      The predictions made on Jan 15 for the month of Feb show an Equal Chance (EC) of temps being Above, Normal, & Below normal. I guess that means they had no idea. Now, the 2 week map shows the eastern part Below Normal. They don’t show Canada but eastern Canada is cold also.

      I don’t find the maps very informative and so instead I go here:

      Pick a region, then a variable, then a time or loop.

    2. DirkH
  2. D Matteson

    No “Majorca Winter” here in southwest New Hampshire,USA just 13 miles from Pierre’s home state of Vermont. It’s now -1F and will be dropping to -15F by Monday.
    My pure carbon heat source, anthracite coal, is keeping us very comfortable and thanks to the frequent snow storms (about every 3 days) we are enjoying our favorite outdoor activities of snowshoeing and cross country skiing.

  3. dafranzl

    … and bring all those warmist-idiots like Schellnhuber, Lativ aso. to us for snowremoval and help them children building snowman/woman , whom they promised, they will know snow only from fairytales

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