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Temperature Charts Reveal Astounding Cluelessness Among Top Scientists On Real Global Mean Temperature!

We’ve got to keep the planet from warming 2°C since industrialization began, the AGW alarmist scientists warn us. So far we are told that manmade greenhouse gases have warmed the planet 0.8°C since about 1880, which means it must not warm more than another 1.2°C. Hoffmann’s video shows that nobody has a clue as to […]

Reaction From Germany On Watts’s Press Release: “Shocking Development, Could Have Global Relevance”

German geologist Dr. Sebastian Lüning and chemist Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt react to Anthony Watts’s press release concerning the quality of US temperature data at their blog. Unlike myelf (I expected an unsurvivable nuclear bomb to be dropped), Sebastian Lüning and Fritz Vahrenholt find the implications of the new findings to be potentially devatsting. They write (excerpt): […]

The Self-Inflicted Delusions Of Australian Shrinks – On Climate Skeptics And Conspiracies

A couple of days ago I wrote a piece about a paper by some Australian shrinks claiming that skeptics are prone to believe conspiracy theories, like the 1969 moonlanding being staged in Hollywood. But Marc Morano reminds us that there is a small problem with their assertion. Some of America’s most prominent skeptics are former […]

Anthony Watts Drops A Big Bomb – That Makes A Little Bang

It’s a definite bang, but nothing like I was expecting. Let’s just say it was a little bang out here in Europe. Anthony Watts shut down his popular WUWT website Friday because “something happened” and he needed time to prepare a “major announcement” that he was sure would “attract a broad global interest due to its controversial […]

Anthony’s Announcement….Live Ticker

21:04 It’s there! 21:03: No earthquake so far here in Germany, no bright flashes – though we are having one heck of a shower right now – hopefully lightning will not knock out the power! 21.00 CET: Still no press release. Speculation has run wild since Friday. 20:57 CET: A few more minutes. Many of […]

Australian Psychologists Now Claim Climate Science Skeptics Are The True Moon-Landing Conspiracy Theorists

Today some German warmist sites are busy touting a new paper authored by Lewandowsky et al in the journal Psychological Science: NASA faked the moon landing—therefore (climate) science is a hoax: An anatomy of the motivated rejection of science. Paper now wants us to believe that it is the Bush-followers (Tea Party followers) who believe in […]

What’s Watts Up To?

Anthony Watts, the king of skeptic climate science bloggers, made the unusual announcement yesterday that 1) blogging had been suspended until Sunday and 2) that he had something “controversial and unprecedented” to tell us. The rest of us many backbenchers and observers, always hungry for any bit of news supporting our views, are now left to speculate 2 […]

Extreme, Unusual Cold Deviation Of -20°K Now Occurring Over Antarctica

Cold temperatures are nothing unusual in Antarctic, especially in the wintertime. But one observer in the Internet here has noticed it’s been far colder than usual. Shown above is the projected 2m temperature anomaly for Antarctica for 30 July until 6 August, 2012. Source: Dr. Ryan N. Maue. The observer writes: For weeks I’ve been observing […]

Leading Sociologists And Natural Scientists Reiterate Global Climate Policy Has Been A Debacle

Der Spiegel focuses again on failed international climate policy, and explores alternative policy paths being proposed by German sociologist Nico Stehr, and 13 other international authors of the Hartwell Paper, among them Roger A. Pielke Jr. The Hartwell Paper is nothing new. It was first released in 2010 by the London School of Economics in cooperation […]

More Climate Change Alarmism – Now It’s The Vibrio Public Health Scare!

Awhile back I wrote about the climate alarmists’ latest tactic to get people scared about climate change – i.e., make it look like it’s a serious threat to public health. Hat-tip: DirkH Der Spiegel has wasted little time and has immediately pounced on the new paper appearing in Nature Climate Change, by Austin et al, […]

Summers Are Getting Cooler And Wetter, Germany’s Number 1 Daily Writes

German daily Bild, number one by circulation in Europe, plants more seeds of man-made global warming skepticism in an article today about this year’s really crappy wet and cool summer. “And just like the guy whose feet are too big for his bed, nothing seems to fit…” While Bild asks how long the Azores high pressure […]

French Study: Mediterranean Storm Activity Linked To Solar Activity, Has Nothing To Do With CO2

Sebastian Lüning recently wrote a piece on a new study by a French team of scientists.  Conclusion: Mediterranean storm activity decreases during warm periods and there appears to be a solar link. ========================================== The worst storms at the French Mediterranean coast? Always when the sun was weak and temperatures declined! By Daniel Albig and Sebastian […]

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